Kenya: My Beloved Country

Happy New Year........It's even hard to say happy new year anymore, It's even harder to believe that the voting card that most of us possess is the one that has lead our country to be divided the way it is. On the same point, our beloved neighbors are the one's torching our houses, where are we headed to my dear Kenyan's?

It pains me most is when I see young children in the newspaper, who have no idea what is going on, why they have to end up in a open air field and the most painful part is they don't even have anything to eat just because they belong to a certain ethnic group.

It's true we live in unfair world but why should we let leader's who do not have an idea of being a refugee, insecurity or lack of sleep because you do not know when you will be attacked control our destiny?

We have done a lot together as a community, we have helped each other as colleagues, we have been students in the same schools, we have played the same games, celebrated and cried for the same cause why are we now turning against each other? Who cares what tribe you come from? Why are we letting our leaders divide us? Whoever did or did not do whatever it is, why should they drag us to their mess? Don't we all believe in civil society?

My Dear Kenyans, Lets pass this the end of the day, the politicians will gain what they want and we will have to live our lives, what are we gaining fighting against ourselves? Nothing, ABSOLUTELY nothing.....yet we keep dragging ourselves in their mess.

May peace prevail and we keep singing our national anthem "...... MAY WE DWELL IN UNITY, PEACE AND LIBERTY........."

Thank You Kenyans

Thank you Kenyans who voted, supported or advocated for change in Kenya, regardless of what is going on we have shown that we are ready for change and thats what will go down in the books.

We have gotten rid of the most corrupt individuals from the parliament, we have voted for change and we will continue to monitor our politicians to make sure they deliver what they promised during campaigns.

With that in mind, lets now stop the looting, none of the leading leaders own these businesses, lets not be swayed by tribal politics, at the end of the day Kibaki or Raila sleeps in peace with guards watching, why do we want to hurt our neighbors, rob and destroy our place of employment, what are we going to do when its all over? we are the ones who will suffer. Advocate for peace and keep those updates coming via email seems thats the only way we can get information out


Biwott & Mwiraria Visa Saga

Its with much welcome we do acknowledge the declaration by the British Embassy that Biwott, Mwiraria and the Charterhouse bank brothers that they are not wanted in the U.K. however, my worry is does this solve anything regarding corruption?

Maybe it does, maybe it will force them to write checks and withdraw all the money they have stashed in united kingdom and transfer somewhere else or bring it back to Kenya. What is really needed for U.K Government is to provide more information regarding financial status of the said individuals there. It is believed that they do hold bank accounts that have millions of shillings that could do wonders if returned to the country.

I sincerely hope that this is just the beginning of good things to come. For so long our country has been robbed by these politicians and they protected their wealth far away from our beloved land, they have continued to immense power around them and therefore have become untouchable by law or man, they have become the "New Law" brandishing new titles like "powerful politician" .



vote corruption out

Time has come, its now less than 8 days before we get rid of all corrupt officials, this might be hard because they are using their money (the same cash that they stole from electorates) to campaign hard. It's so sad to see how much some of these politicians are dishing out in cash form to entice the voter.

Well, i believe time has come, the voter is more educated and knows what he/she wants. I know there are big things to come and for me to celebrate on this forum, i believe most of the MP's who served either in the 8th or 9th parliament will not make it. If possible am hopping for new blood, lets get new MP's out there and let them learn how to run and manage the parliament as well as the authority that has been placed on them.

So pass the word around, VOTE CORRUPTION OUT........ its not about leadership its about what they will do with authority


Raila: Myths Vs Facts

Thanks to you Kenyanomics, for your educative and informative thoughts regarding Raila Odinga (click here to read), well someone else has left a comment, wish they were not anonymous and thought i should share with you. This PERSON gives Raila a C - (minus) on leadership and an F on his parliamentary seat. below is a copy of his thoughts

MYTH:Raila Fans are DIE HARDS - It does not matter what he says, does or wants. They will still be behind him faithfully.
FACT: Maybe his longtime fans but this is yet to be seen.
MYTH:Raila loves Gadgets - This means that the IT and as Country looks forward for to achieve the 2030 vision, he is poised as the best candidate to deliver.
FACT: Loving gadgets doesn't translate automatically the country moving forward, it goes beyond this.
MYTH: Raila has sacrificed - For over 20 years Raila has sacrificed his life, time and desires so that we can achieve the freedom we have today, be it press freedom or freedom of association since MOI and CO. tried to take this away.
Raila is ambitious - well i do not know what else to add here
FACT: A lot of people have sacrificed but we can't reward all of them with the Presidency.
MYTH:Raila would be a good representative abroad - well am not sure about this but he seems to be well connected and knows people who might help the country economically.
FACT: That will depend entirely on his record in governance and style, so far in his parliamentary seat he gets an F and in his ministry of energy he get a C-.


Time for Old Politician to Retire

Why do some people retire from civil service or private sector to join politics? Is it because they have acquired wealth and feel like they can take a chance on politics, is it for social status or a calling?

Well, thats hard to tell but one thing that is for sure is that some of these politicians need to be at home enjoying their retirement and days of hard work. Some of these politicians have been in politics for over 30 years and they have nothing to offer to the country, their ideas and goals do not seem to match that of current world. They might have adviser's but if your adviser is as old as you are what new information are you bringing to the table.

Just like in civil service and private sector, these politicians should retire humbly like what Nyachae has proposed to do at the end of the 9th Parliament term, retire and enjoy time with their grand kids. What happened to the days the elders taught the young one's how to "run the show"? Are our politicians that power hungry or money thirsty? Well, if its money thirsty, how much is enough? People like Biwott and Karume have acquired unmentionable amount of money in the last 30 years and yet they are still fighting to get back to parliament. Well they need to retire: Some of them include:-

  1. Njenga Karume
  2. Nick Biwott
  3. G. G. Kariuki - 1937
  4. John Michuki - 1931
  5. Tobias Ogur - 1937
  6. William Ole Ntimama - 1930
  7. Abdi Sasura - 1928
  8. David Mwiraria - 1938
ETC....ETC....ETC, were it not for development record that Kibaki has had for the last 5 years, he would have been on the list, Am also wondering if people like Saitoti, Raila, etc should retire after 10th parliament term is over


My two cents on PANU nominations

So its official thats its Raila vs Kibaki, that battle has been taken care of. What about the PANU MP's? Seems like majority of MP's especially those from the Central Province had hopped that the president will be on their party thus making it easier for them to rig their way in through nominations which means automatic re-election.

Thats why they are all around town now trying to figure out how the nominations will be handled. They are not the only one who are seeking mandate and i believe they should not be the only one who should be discussing this issue, every candidate who has declared interest and is a member of the affiliate parties should be invited to the meeting. The sitting MP's are not special and they should stop making decisions that only favor them.

If they come to me and I hope they do, this is what i would say:-

  1. Carry your own cross:- ODM is a threat, do a survey and see what you have done for the country or your constituency then decide to support a member of the affiliate party
  2. Development record pays:- You already have a name out there why are you fighting small battles, by now it should come automatic that people love you regardless of party
  3. Its our Country:- Whatever you decide on nominations process we do not care, we are a smarter and educated country and this time around we know what we want
So, with that i hope they will get their act straight and stop thinking that Kenyans care about party politics, we are beyond that.... we are for individuals who can take us places for the next five years


Kibaki and PNU ( Party of National Unity)

Finaly, Kibaki has decamped the party that brought him to power to join Party of National Unity (PNU). With him being the only presidential candidate, it is unclear whether PNU will sponsor any parliamentary or civic seats in forthcoming elections. Basing on information being gathered now, seems like Kibaki might be the only elected leader in the party for others have to fight for their own to get elected to parliament.

To some extent, this is beneficial to many first time politicians for now they can join a party of their own choice and campaign hard without the fear of the electorate voting on a three piece suit.

Even though managing multiple parties will be difficult thanks to the experience from ODM-K (that one of Raila and Kalonzo) and NARC ( when all of them were RAINBOW COALITION), at least the voters will have a better view of the individuals rather than political parties that have for the longest harbored thugs and corrupt officials and have given them a guarantee back to parliament.

I believe that most politicians especially those who were pushing for NARC-Kenya will have a hard time trying to convince the voters that Kibaki is with them, for central, Eastern and Rift Valley Provinces, Kibaki's decision to join a non-partisan party will boost unknown politicians to the limelight for all they have to do is campaign for themselves and in doing so, push for Kibaki Votes.

In real sense, Kibaki will be getting more campaign done by the civic and parliamentary candidates, he might not have to campaign as hard in some regions due to the overwhelming support he is already receiving. Money Wise, best placed, since will have like 16 candidates in almost every constituency campaigning for him, what else could you ask for if you were Kibaki?


Young Women Aspirants being threatened

Well, you might heard about the Meru incident where a lady aspirant was attacked couple of days ago, well, this is not the only incident. It seems it is now happening almost everyday to Women aspiring candidates from parliament to civic level

Couple of weeks ago, a Kenyan Lady Celebrity whom I will not name for security reasons and an Aspiring Civic candidate in Nairobi were attacked where they were robbed and threatened that the aspiring candidate should quit.

Also, Still in Nairobi another lady aspirant was attacked even though she is taking it as just another robbery, questions are up in the air since it seemed that the attackers knew her well and knew her intentions of trying to have a meet the people tour in coming days.

Seems like male counterparts are afraid especially of these young and upcoming ladies who believe in equality and competitive politics.

I wonder what the Police are doing on such crimes!! Its a shame if these crimes are being orchestrated by aspiring men, Well politics is a dirty game but do not inflict pain/suffering to gain competitive edge


Understanding Raila Odinga

Well, last couple of days have been talking with friends about Raila possible potential as a president and there are few important information I gathered from these people and would like to share.

  1. Raila Fans are DIE HARDS - It does not matter what he says, does or wants. They will still be behind him faithfully
  2. Raila loves Gadgets - This means that the IT and as Country looks forward for to achieve the 2030 vision, he is poised as the best candidate to deliver
  3. Raila has sacrificed - For over 20 years Raila has sacrificed his life, time and desires so that we can achieve the freedom we have today, be it press freedom or freedom of association since MOI and CO. tried to take this away.
  4. Raila is ambitious - well i do not know what else to add here
  5. Raila would be a good representative abroad - well am not sure about this but he seems to be well connected and knows people who might help the country economically. Even if he does not make for president i would love to see him placed in a position that he can be able to tap funds from abroad.
What do you think?


RAILA: Still Far From Presidency

First of all let me congratulate Raila Odinga on his nomination as the Presidential Candidate on ODM ticket. It has been a tough year for him trying to get Kalonzo of his back and he finally did what he does best.....start another party.

I have nothing against Raila and actually I do appreciate all he did for Kenyans during the second liberation for democracy. Very few individuals would have undergone what he went through and still dine in the same table as he did with President Moi. However, he still lacks leadership tactics and am still afraid of what would happen if he was the president. His Russia schooling do not scare me much but his failure to accept defeat or challenge makes me wonder what would happen if he was the president.

At times i think he would be better than Moi, sometimes i think he would be worse. I am afraid that he would control every aspect of the government and manipulate the civil servants such that it will be Raila country and anyone who objects would surely suffer.

Also, his style of leadership and what they are proposing with other ODM "pentagon leaders" leaves me to wonder whether our country has that kind of money to pay couple vice presidents and a prime minister if we still want to achieve the 2030 vision. His "Government" seems to forget that there is a budget to be met, but with people like Ruto being proposed as the prime minister ( remember the YK92 and inflation that followed?)...then who cares about the money being circulated. Also, the choice of Musalia Mudavadi as the running mate makes me question the legibility of that government. Musalia Mudavadi was Minister for Finance during Moi Era and yet there is nothing we can talk of him apart from more corruption saga's.

Well, am not like Moi, I haven't decided who will get my support for presidency and am still weighing these politicians. Maybe the 1,000 plus bloggers who visit this blog a month will help me decide.....and maybe i will make it public

Kenya Police still Corrupt: Its not news

Transparency International (T.I.) should by now know that the Kenyan Police should be put on the category of their own when it comes to corruption.

Earlier in the week, i read about a Lady ( a passenger in a matatu) who was shot by traffic police in Umoja Estate after the matatu driver refused to add another Kshs 20/= to the police officer.

It is a shame that a young lady died this way, in the hands of the police who are supposed to be safeguarding her. We might say that this is a special case but all in all, police are still intimidating citizens for failure to pay bribes, some have been jailed for crimes that they never committed just because they could not bribe their way out.

When government say's its fighting corruption what are they exactly doing? They might fight the big fish but the little ones are the ones that are doing more damage....or is KACC just after those who criticize the government?

90 MP's means 90 new millionaires!

I am still shocked by the news of having new 90 Waheshimiwa's. Well with the way the country is going maybe this is one of the schemes of achieving that 2030 vision, maybe this is poverty eradication because 9o MP's will come with more people being employed, that means 90 more drivers, 180 more body guards, about 360 house helps etc...... but the question is who will pay the 90 MP's?

I guess the tax payers will have to foot the bill, well the current MP's have awarded themselves more salaries and thats not it....they (the MP's ) are already making plans to allocate themselves a perfect golden handshake assuming they don't make it to office after 5 years.

Well i support some constituencies being split to serve the citizens better but i just don't see how 40 more MP's will benefit the country. The current Member of Parliament have done nothing that is worth talking about, actually tell me 5 things that the current parliament have passed and you will see that parliament is just a place where people just chill. be continued


ODM-K Will not withstand time

With all the conferences they might hold to show unity among ODM-K presidential candidates the party will not with hold, the only reason some politicians are in it right now is because it is the only party that can battle with Mr Kibaki, so basically its ODM-K vs Mwai Kibaki.

It is good to be ambitious and have goals to achieve but seems like all ODM leaders want to be is the president, the power sharing deal that they are talking about will bring nothing but problems for Kenyans if we let it happen. If right now they can not agree on one thing who makes you believe the "president" and "prime minister" not forgetting the four "vice presidents" will get along? The whole idea of having a ceremonial government can not work when we need to be streamlining the government expense. Anyway, where do they have four vice presidents? what will be their roles? With this in mind and having seen how the leaders are operating leaves me to wonder if they can actually sit down and draft a government budget.

One reason why ODM-K will not make it after the general elections is the fact that the leaders not only are they power hungry but these are dis satisfied individuals who will go to any limits to satisfy their own ego. Apart from Raila, who helped fight for second liberation, the rest were deeply in KANU and fought against introduction of multi party politics. They did that so that they can keep their lucrative government appointed positions.

I can assure you that soon we will have ODM-Halisi and et al, also look at the back ground of all ODM front liners, most of them were involved in corrupt deals when they were in KANU, they are just looking for escape routes.

Kenyan Should Demand for Independent candidates

Since 1996 we have been singing the minimum reform song, danced to no reform no elections and last couple years we actually voted for orange and banana all in hope of the government of the day will give Kenyans the reforms they have been seeking since 1963... the year we got the independence.

Well since minimum reforms or "Katiba Mpya" seems will never see the light of the day, its time we pushed for independent candidates to run for political seats. It is now clearer than ever that party nominates those people whom it wants to, its like a cartel of politicians or Mafia's trying to control who will get in parliament and who will not.

The current wrangles with the major political parties clearly do show that leadership is important to ones nomination. You can panga mlolongo all day hoping that the right candidate gets nominated but the real decision comes from the top leaders who as a matter of fact will have their friends fast on line rather that the candidate who has won the nominations.

This will be one of the ways that the young upcoming politicians will be denied a chance to proceed. The seasoned politicians (should i call them the corrupt ones) will make sure that they get the nominations from party of their choice and then the others will be let to scramble for the more favorable parties.

Thats why there seems to be people who are always elected back to parliament.

With Independent candidates running, young and upcoming politicians who have support from the ground can make it without having to worry which party one will be vying with.


Sad Images from Kenya!

Whats happening in Kenya, from tribal clashes to Mungiki and now another suicide bomb blast? Why on an election year, when we are ready to vote and get new leaders in to run the country for the next five years. Its just sad that when Kenyans are supposed to be enjoying their freedom we are in hiding for fear of everything...including the police who are supposed to protect you. I support the initiative they are doing to flush out Mungiki but do they have to use the excessive force.

Well check out more pictures from one of my favorite blogs African Press in Norway


Mungiki Again? Lets PRAY

.....Mungiki again!!! Am sick, tired and also scared for my fellow country men, brothers and sisters when we all have to undergo the mental torture of Mungiki and its satanic acts. I still do not understand how a human being can actually chop off another humans head and as they say drink the human blood as part of religion. I know its even harder for those of us who want to condemn this act but can not do so for fear of their own lives, fear of their afraid too but someone has to say something.

Am angry at politicians who are pointing fingers at each other instead of finding a solution of how this can come to an end.

Above all this, there is The Almighty God (and his son JESUS), and he does not sleep! He is watching and knows everything. He can stop anything, he is more powerful than an army of men, so, Lets all PRAY and remind him of our fears and seek his protection. What Government can not do GOD can do it. Lets PRAY KENYANS!!!!


Mungiki Terror

I have one question! How comes politicians from central province are not condemning Mungiki? Even worse even after the police raided Kosovo slums in the last two days not even the area Member of Parliament has gone out there to console the residents who have been left shaken. The whole Mungiki thing is a nuisance and has made many families lack that basic need (security) that we all need. Its even made worse by the fact that some people are suffering because of these people living in their neighborhood. look at the pictures in standard newspaper and see for your self

The member of parliaments from Nairobi and Central Province should tell us now what their stand is. According to Standard Newspaper, Kigumo MP, Hon Kihara Mwangi, has already been threatened by Mungiki Members because of him being outspoken about their deeds. All MP's should now take heed and support the citizens who can not even go out publicly speaking about Mungiki in any form for fear of being executed.

When Mungiki hit the streets terrorizing women for wearing mini skirts and trousers no one took much interest on them, then they went to control the matatu and bus terminals still no one said much about them, are we going to keep quiet now and wait for them to control us?


Scandals: What did the government know

KACC man justice Ringera has spoken. He has advised you all to forget about ever recovering any money that was looted from the government since in Kenya there is a "statute of Limitations" which says that funds can be recovered within three years incase of theft and six years for fraud cases.

This means that anything that happened under Daniel Moi's watch can never be recovered. If thats is the case why has the government continued to follow up on Kamlesh Pattni knowing that the law does not guarantee that the funds will be returned?

Also, the timing of Ringera's story raises question since we already know that most of the people who have been adversely mentioned in corrupt cases are either senior government officials, political parties/ individual financiers and their family members. This leaves one to wonder whether he is protecting some people just incase the government changes hands. Also, his announcement raises question on how the government will then dispose all those cases that they are holding from NSSF scandal, BIMA insurance, etc etc.
If thats the case, and the government knows of limitations can't they reverse the rules to apprehend the corrupt people? Is that the case why most corruption cases takes years before they are brought for mention in a case of law? does that explain why AG office delays KACC prosecutions?

There is more to this, I believe its a cover-up.


William Kabogo is still the performer

Beginning of this year i did write an article on William Kabogo Gitau (click here to read), I mentioned what he had done for his constituents and that depended on what i have personally heard from people of Juja Constituency and read on MZALENDO.COM. It seems like he is the only MP who in the last five years have been involved in all controversies but at the same time has kept his word that he would support his constituents and improve their living standard.

As Mr Kabogo claimed in parliament that there were some people who are out there to finish him politically, let them know that he has a track record that can never be touched. Some of the old politicians like Michuki, are afraid of this young man ability to talk and inspire the youth. He is the talk of the youth in his constituency.

With all that is going on about him being in Mungiki, I would say like he did....there are some people who want to tarnish his good name.... As much as I am advocating for government to crack down on Mungiki supporters, I think the government already has vendetta on some people who are innocent.

NB: I am not from Juja constituency but have been following the MP's track record. I support him for what he has done for his constituents. Feel free to email me


Mungiki and Politicians

Its becoming like a habit now that every election year, people loose their lives due to some politicians instigating on violence hopping to cause a lower voters turn out so it might be easy for them to make it to parliament.

It is so sad that some youths are just paid or are ill advised to go cause havoc in exchange get paid some money just enough probably to buy drugs and alcohol for a day. Our society has now bred ruthless killers and the government needs to put more pressure especially to its MP's who are known to support these groups.

Politicians are also to blame, for years they have supported Mungiki and other groups of the kind and have used them during their campaign time. Thats why its no wonder a Minister in the government can request for amnesty and dialogue with these killers. If a human being can actually slaughter another man just for the purpose of showing supremacy what kind of talk or discussion would you hold with such a person?

Mungiki problem is within and we believe that the government is aware of its leaders and can do something about it. All we care as citizens at this time is peace. Its disheartening to hear, read or even know that someone has been beheaded.


Does Kibaki need Narc - Kenya?

So What happened to the Flower, Our beloved Narc - Kenya? The only party for some reason showed some class and it leaders to some extent showed unity and working for a common goal. Did the flower wither?

Current wrangles are nothing but a true picture of how our politicians are power hungry. How they want to be leaders of the party that seems to enjoy support of majority of Kenyans. Since these politicians already made Kenyans to be the "Paying spectators of their political game", then may the best person win and we will then see why they all want to be leaders of a party.

Who lied to the current breed of politicians that if they are leaders of the party they will be guaranteed to be elected? This elections will be different, Voters are more educated and aggressive in terms of wanting to know what the aspiring leader will do for the society.

This brings me to the next question. Is Kibaki really going to use Narc - Kenya as the vehicle to his second term as a president? Its only in Kenya that the president does not even know what party he will use come elections. What these politicians are failing to see is that if Kibaki decided to use Democratic Party, the party that he formed over 15 years ago, then Narc - Kenya will be as dead as original Narc and all those fighting for positions in Narc - Kenya will be left wondering what to do next.

Its sad that in an election year, there is no party that we can say has manifesto that unites the people. As we are waiting for minimum reforms I wish they could allow independent candidates to run without having to go through the party wrangles. I believe there are good leaders out there but never get a chance to make it to parliament due to fraud schemes that these parties use to nominate whom they want to be the contender.

Politicians to blame for Mungiki

Why is Mungiki a problem now? Couple of years ago when every one was complaining about Mungiki, none of the senior government officials seemed to care much. They just though that this was a group of idlers who hang out at bus stops and had nothing to do with them. But years have now passed and this group of "unemployed" men who just hanged out at bus stops are now the terror of our country.

For how long shall Kenyans live in fear? if its not the police harassing you then its the thugs and if you get lucky to by pass the two then there is Mungiki. Its sad to know that politicians whom are well known to us have continuously supported Mungiki in their endevours.

With all these going on, how comes none of the politicians who have been aligned to Mungiki in the past have not come out to condemn the killings that are going on. Why should we trust them (politicians) that they have our country in their mind when all they seem to care right now is if they will make it back to parliament to make more millions.

It is also sad to read of the guy who was beheaded in Kiambu for trying to fight Mungiki. If the government wants to root out Mungiki disease then they should start by arresting MP's and senior government officials who have enjoyed support from this young men. Come to think about it, isn't Waruinge (former Mungiki leader now turned pastor) in the Kibaki Narc-K team?


Artur Margaryan Vs Kenya

Its the Artur's again, this time around its as serious as the first time that they were on press. If its true that he has the evidence in hard copy of senior government officials promising money to him to assassinate other politicians, then he himself should be sought and charged for conspiracy to commit murder.

The Government on the other had needs to release the Kiruki Commission of Inquiry report to the public. I believe that the commission might have never gotten the whole story since seems like the government was kind of interfering with the investigations, however, it will be necessary for us to know what they found out.

If what Artur is claiming is true, then even the girlfriend Wangui Mwai needs to be questioned by law enforcement. It sad that just because of who she is no one can dare touch her, question her or even try to seek information from her regarding Artur.

So if its true that the government had hired foreigners to come and commit such crimes, how many other local people does it have to do just that...kill, kidnap etc.

With that in mind, does it explain why of late there has been cold blood murders where people just walk in to someones house, shoot to kill, then walk out without stealing even a single penny? Does that mean that some people in government are coordinating this kind of illegal activities?


Land Clashes: Government needed

Its sad that at this time when majority of politicians are strategically aligning themselves so that they can win the forthcoming elections there are some citizens who are struggling just to make it to see another day.

Mt. Elgon area has been disastrous for too long and Government should come up with a lasting solution. What worries most is that it seems like its an organized army that is doing all this. If this issue is not addressed soon, the situation might get out of hand and spread to other areas of the country. I believe the government can afford to put more security measures in terms of personnel in this area, they need more than just the regular police force, We have an Army that is rarely used and this is the kind of the job they should be assigned to. If the Militia's are the ones fighting regular unarmed citizens, it would only be wise to put military that is better trained to handle the situation.

If its true that the militia are kidnapping young boys and women, don't you think this should be the first thing the government should be "hot" on? Mt. Elgon might sound far for most people and probably thats why they have not been given all the attention, let it be clear that those people there are Kenyan's too, they are human beings and need security from the government. If they let this to continue we might be looking at another Rwanda or Zaire, I agree with Bishop Mwana Nzeki that Internal Security Minister needs to be fired. If the clashes have been going on for more than five months what has he been doing? check out this clip from Red cross dated february 21st 2007

The Situation

The Mt. Elgon crisis continues to claim more lives. The current death toll is 89, of which 59 died directly from the clashes and another 30 from health and other complications arising from the conflict. In addition, over 104 people are currently nursing wounds sustained since the onset of the crisis. Over 1,122 houses have been razed to the ground leaving 32,361 people displaced. The spill over effect has seen the affected people running to the neighbouring districts of Bungoma and partly Busia. As the crisis is still ongoing more people continue to be displaced, while others continue to lose their lives and property. (click here to read rest of the story from relief web)


Project Uhuru 2.0

This Blog advocates for Youth to take leadership and now since Uhuru is still seeking for Presidency for the second time should the youth give him a chance. Mr Uhuru background is clean compared to other presidential candidates but he has failed massively when it comes to Management of a party that was left under his watch that has now come out crumbling.

I do feel like Mr Uhuru was one of those people that get excited about being appointed for a position and he failed to understand what was needed for him since he had been used to be spoon fed and advised on all matters by Daniel Moi. For him to have taken the position he had and misuse it one wonders what would have happened had he been elected the president.

I do believe he has learned from his mistakes and probably given another chance he would still be in Kanu and never would have joined ODM-K. His latest attacks on Daniel Moi for forsaking him and of his support for Kibaki leaves one to wonder why he is winning and he had known Moi's stand from the beginning.

One thing i have never understood Uhuru Kenyatta's of why he joined ODM-K and yet they are the same people who rejected him when he was appointed by the president Moi to go for the top seat. The same people who denied him that chance are the same people he is campaigning for, poor young man seems like he has no stand of his own and at times looks like he is just following the masses to always to a dead end.

Mr Uhuru, you are one of the strongest candidates, believe you are one and stop following the masses. You would have been just fine in Kanu, You would have recruited the youth, you would have built that party up from scratch and repair and fix it where it had been tarnished by Moi and your Dad, but again you failed. You have failed the youth, the same people who believed in you when they were calling you "project" we were calling you "Kamwana" we had seen the potential of new leadership.

For now, can we really take a chance and deploy Project Uhuru 2.0?


Raila and the Hummer

Raila's Hummer(Like Nothing Else) seems to have brought him what he wanted most...some airtime.... and he has surely gotten that. With the steadmand group opinion polls placing him above Kalonzo, he surely does feel like the battle has been won.

Knowing Raila, he will use the publicity he is getting now to really push Kalonzo out of the way. Seems like he (Raila) has mastered a way that he is always "fresh" when it comes to news and there is no single day that passes without him being on the paper, to me he is more of what Daniel Moi did to the country, always making sure we keep informed of his whereabouts or is it that the media like him more?

But that does not mean thats its end of Kalonzo, since the opinion polls have placed him as the man to beat Kibaki. Since both of them are power hungry lets wait and see what will turn out, Raila has been chasing the presidency for some time now and I do not see him coming close to letting Kalonzo get the nominations easily.

Sometimes i do wonder if Kalonzo should have remained in the Government. Maybe he would have had a better chance of being a VP and eventually going for the big office for if he misses the nominations this time around that would be end of him chasing for accommodation at statehouse


Amos Wako and Corruption

How comes Mr. Wako dismisses all corruption cases that are either high profiled or those accused are presidents men? For the last 15 years or so, none of the high profiled politicians have been successfully been charged in the court of law without Amos Wako interfering.

How can we fight corruption when the AG is stopping such legal proceeding from going on. It just makes no sense for Kenya Anti Corruption Commission to go on with their work if their investigations can not be used against some of the powerful people.

Its no surprise that Wako has been retained by two presidents for his knowledge on covering up corruption cases. They are so many that one wonders why Wako has always got to interfere with high profile cases.

Again, this election year lets do the right thing, get new leaders in and away with the old and those who have overstayed in the offices.


Esther Wahome for Kasarani

Is this Good News or what!!! Good news are flowing from Kenya. What we have been campaigning for is fresh blood and young people to come up and vie for these seats. Kasarani Constituency, which is home to many has finally added one precious person to its list of contenders.

Esther Wahome of Kuna Dawa fame is making it happen and she has taken the next step and will be a contender for the forth coming elections. This is good news to all young people not because of her celebrity status but its time we got young people to power and definitely take our country to another level.

From my understanding and reviews that i have read on line, Esther Wahome is a Go Getter and will be able to run her campaign if given a chance. Maybe this is the ministry she needs to be in, Kasarani is diverse and have some poor areas of Mathare that seem to have been forgotten. Also, the living conditions of some areas are as pathetic as it can ever be and seems like every other MP that has come in always gets in parliament and they do not participate in developments again. Its my sincere hope that she will be able to deliver for the people of Kasarani........More power to you Girl, go get it.......we the young people are with you.

In the same constituency there is a 25 year old lady,
Wambui Mathai, she is a graduate of USIU and Will be vying for a Civic Seat. She is energized and believes that this is the year of change.

"Wamboh" as she is popularly known seem to understand the campaign on the ground having been one of the advisor's for the late Katama Mkangi.

Also she has been actively involved to see that the youths get to vote this coming elections.

Its a challenge for this two young ladies to be in the playing field of the big and mighty but this is the year of change. They will do it....... Hope all you Kasarani people out there take this opportunity seriously, lets get the ladies......

Its Girl Power in Kasarani, Its our hope that they will make it through and bring the much waited change in the constituency. This blog will continue supporting all young people running for the forth coming elections. If you are you can email me at


ODM Kenya true colors

Are you wondering like me whether ODM-Kenya politicians are sincere or just want to take Kenyans for a ride? Are you among the most of us who want "MAISHA BORA"?

Well, so much has been said about ODM-Kenya and seems like even the strongest supporters of the party now realize that ODM-Kenya is just another vehicle that is being used by some of the most corrupt leaders to swing them to power.

Well ODM-K has already started promising "positions" for its financiers and supporters. I just wonder what positions are available for grab. According to African Press Norway (APN), Gilbert Deya has confirmed that he will be appointed High Commissioner in London!!!

Dont give up yet, the presidential hopeful are leaning more towards a federal government, a government that will have a president, prime minister and two deputy vice presidents just does not make sense since if asked, the government should try to streamline on the cabinet and adding three or four more senior posts is not only straining to a developing economy but also grounds of civil calamity assuming the three leaders do not get a long. Thats why ODM-Kenya is being labeled "Power Hungry"

Also ODM-Kenya seems to have the most "influential" corrupt individuals that the country has ever witnessed, maybe the best in the world.....they have looted us and still come back with a straight face asking for our votes..... Most of them are the same people who were in Original Kanu and never wanted anything to do with multi party politics. People of the William Ruto kind should not even be allowed to address the crowd, i just wonder what people see in them.
The same group has people who have been adversely mentioned in corruption, election fraud, tribal clashes, etc. the list is just too long. What worries me most is the fact that some leaders refused to go to London because one of their own aka Mr. Ruto, was denied visa to Britain thus they acted in solidarity. Considering Mr. Ruto was denied visa (if thats true) because of his name being involved in so many corruption deals, then what the are telling us is that they condone corruption.

So Whats ODM- K all about? Making sure that few people and their friends get senior government employment?


Kenyan Bloggers are they a threat?

.....and the struggle continues....... I believe some politicians and powerful businessmen who have over the years enjoyed the fact that they are "Untouchable" by any media house due to the power, money and connections they have are now in fear and hate the mention of the word BLOG.

The way information has been passed down especially the Nation Media Scandal, is way too fast and the sad part to it according to the politicians and the "powerful" people is that its targeting majority of people who influence on making decisions. Their fear is that as technology is becoming more and more available to young people who in turn are using it to better their life and those of the ones they love. By so doing, the role of KBC, when it comes to government matters and that of Nation newspaper has been practically reduced. Kenyans now tend to read or hear information that will benefit and not one sided story.

Now this brings me to the scary part if Blogs are that dangerous is it true they might shutdown some websites from being visited in Kenya? Well, about a week ago, a fellow blogger who has a blog hosted at Wordpress told me that he could not access his site nor the wordpress site for about a day or two......whats scary about this is that the NMG Scandal is hosted at wordpress, was this a trial to see if they can block some internet sites or pretty much pre-approve what Kenyans can access on line?

With that in mind, are bloggers a threat?


Support for Stephen Muiruri

After reading today's Kumekucha Blog, am saddened that police and kenyan government is still harassing people yet claiming there is freedom of expression. As Kumekucha, explains in the article, we Bloggers have become a power to be recognized and government is aware of that especially with forthcoming elections. Lets support Mr Muiruri....

Thanks Kumekucha for the information


Did we forget Matiba and the rest

Its now 17 years since Matiba and Charles Rubia started the fire for multi-party politics. Matiba, Rubia and the rest sacrificed alot and are still suffering now from the torture they went through under Moi's regime.

But we are a nation that is so forgetful, a nation that dwell more on current politics while forgetting where we came from. I am now wondering when the current government or politicians will ever honor hero's like Matiba and Rubia who sacrificed all that they had for the benefit of the nation.

Do we have to wait for 50 years to recognize modern day hero's just like we remembered Field Marshall Kimathi with a statue a few weeks ago?

What about having a corner with just a name, not a statue, in the middle of the city to recognize such hero's like Matiba and the rest.

You will be surprised that most of the people who are now yelling they want to be president or go back to parliament are the same people who opposed Matiba with his vision of a democratic country.

I just hope that these kind of people would be recognized by the government and accorded with benefits for suffering and giving all their time so that we can be "liberalized"


Do Kenyans forget about corrupt leaders?

It now seems like to be corrupt is one way of claiming fame, am not hating on anybody but want to see Kenyans look at the facts then decide for them selves if am wrong or not.

This weekend was supposed to be "bonding" weekend for ODM-Kenya officials but some leaders pulled out when it became clear that Pastor "Miracle Babies" Deya was behind the financing of the meeting. He himself has not denied the fact that he was the major financier and he was doing that because he is an advocate/ staunch supporter of ODM-K. There is nothing wrong with one associating with which ever party they choose but as seems like ODM has too many of them corrupt people that he would have perfectly blended in.

Talk of Ruto, he is a young man but has dubious past. At this time, we keep advocating for young leaders and he perfectly fits that category but should we trust him? This is the man who with Daniel Moi, when he was president, formed Youth for Kanu 92 that was not only the torture arm of KANU but also the sole reason why Kenyan economy is the way it is. When he was leader of YK92 he managed to mobilize youth, paid them handsomely with money that they used to carry in briefcases together with Jirongo. Seems like we have forgotten this fact, that we cant trust our country's economy in his hands, he will just order money to be printed to bankroll his activities without understanding the economics and monetary logistics when it comes to having to much money in circulation. Would i be wrong that he used Moi to acquire the wealth and when he realized that Moi cant help him anymore he went on his own?

Have we forgotten that some of the leaders now also in ODM were mentioned in Kiliku report that they gave material support for ethnic cleansing? Are this the kind of people we want to give mandate over us, hand them power again so that we can be tortured, killed or even become landless just because we do not agree with their ideologies or because we are from a certain tribe or ethnic group?

Not that i trust the current administration but lets look deeper and see whether the same people who were in KANU are the same people now claiming to be fighting for the rights of KENYANS yet they did not see that when they were in power. What we need in Kenya is brand new leadership, lets start afresh and deal with problems of having new leaders in power rather than having all those politicians back for another term then we live in fear again.


Why Majimbo will never work for Kenya

Majibo (federal) government can never work for Kenya, this is based on the politics of the land and how the nation has been for the last 44 years. The Nationalist government has its down fall but it has kept Kenya politically stable. Federalism suits large countries or those with competing racial or religious identity problems and is widely prescribed for ethnically divided societies in Africa. As of now, any introduction of federalist kind of government is going to push for tribal politics and you know what that will lead to, tribal animosity and a repeat of Molo, Burn Forest and Coast in the 1990's.

In real sense, ordinary Mwananchi has nothing to gain from such setting of government, if the current leaders can not agree among themselves what will happen when one leader has a region and does not get along with the other one? Will not the citizen suffer?

Also, if we are trying to cut the cost of administration, Federal government is expensive since each region will require to have its own administration. At the moment i do not believe the country has that kind of money to establish such kind of government.

Lastly, those leaders who are pushing for Majimbo are looking for a way to be leaders of their own region. They are also trying to secure the region for their own personal gain and not for the community, in most cases they want to create family dynasty. I might be wrong but look around and see who is pushing for such administration and what they seem to gain.


ODM-K leaders not going to London

Kalonzo Musyoka, Uhuru Kenyatta, William Ruto and Julia Ojiambo faxed a statement to newsrooms announcing that they will not attend the London trip.

This is because they believe that the meeting has been "hijacked" by some named element.

With them not going, the only person left is Raila Odinga and Balala. Could this be a new coalition within ODM-K? Kalonzo, Uhuru and Ruto against Raila?

I would not be suprised to see LDP and Kanu (ya uhuru) merging again and becoming a force just before elections. Since the "bonding" mission has failed, (or is it some leaders in ODM-K cannot be cleared by British Immigration due to their corrupt background) does that mean that ODM-K is almost dead?

Safaricom MPESA taking Kenya to another level

On this blog i tend to be more political but at this time let me take a step back and talk about safaricom's Mpesa. As much as we have no idea who owns a 5% of the company and also much anticipated IPO sometime this year, this company is going to empower regular citizens who have no access to banks due to high fees that they do charge.

Safaricom and Celtel have realy been trying to win customers but what safaricom has now done will definitely put some banks that have been upcoming on the check. Also the whole idea that a cell phone can transfer money will also open other avenues of e-business that is still considered luxury shopping in this part of the world.

I can also for see safaricom taking place of western union and pushing POSTA both the banking part of it and money transfer business unit further out of the market. Also banks that have benefited from small scale traders might feel the effect of this giant entering the money market.

This is what technology can do for you, empower people directly and indirectly. I hope this will make the government understand that technology does not hurt economy but upgrades the people living in that society. I hope that with new MPESA, people will be able to venture to e-commerce and serve markets and people who would have never had or ever will touch a computer.

When i read Bankelele article regarding money transfer sometime back i could have never though that it will be that soon that majority of Kenyans will start benefiting from the idea of phone banking. I just hope that Safaricom will look into option of sending money on line to a cell phone then i can forget (and so many Kenyans abroad) about that trip to Western Union or Money Gram


ODM-Kenya : The Power Sharing plan

ODM-K leaders are to jet out of the country so that they can discuss the power sharing plan or should we say "bond". As a Concerned citizen, i feel that What ODM is doing behind closed doors is not only unfair to its supporters but to all Kenyans in general. What kind of government will they have if they have to go out of the country to "bond", or is it to structure what position one would get when they come to power?

So how will they decide who gets the most powerful post and who does not? Why do they have to do this and is it necessary? Does this mean they do not trust each other they have to come up with a power sharing plan even before they get nominated? So what happens to those who are not running for presidency yet are fully qualified to be leaders in the already assigned positions? Does this mean that Kenyans Will suffer in the hands of few people who want it all?

This brings up the next question of leadership, we all know Raila and his party hopping in search of presidency, to me i feel he wants nothing less than being a president or have a special prime minister post created just for him. If thats the case, then we need to know for i believe as much as Kenyans want change, very few of us are comfortable with a prime minister position. This is based on the fact that if they (Members of Parliament and Politicians) can never get along what would happen when the president tries to "fire" the prime minister because they have fallen apart? This is a disaster to Kenya and will fight to oppose it to the last drop and i know am not alone.

It would be great for ODM-K to let us know what kind of development, government structure or power sharing scheme they are talking about. After all, Kenya is not for just the selected few people who have the opportunity to mislead others for their own personal gains. We need to know so that we can judge for ourself if "Machungwa" is the right party for us or is just another Vehicle for never satisfied leaders.


Ngilu Tells It All

Earlier on had blogged about Mrs. Ngilu being a flip flopper and the trend seems to be continuing. Her current attack on the government that she is part of makes one wonder whether she has been there trying to Imagine that Baba Jimmy's government is all that but now she has seen the light.

This time Mrs. Ngilu brought to light what most Kenyans have been talking about regarding the current government in her own words she said that the government was comprised of "arrogant and corrupt and back-stabbing members".
As much as she is part of the government and she sounds like she is unhappy about being among the few people left in original NARC party, she does have a point about her colleagues and as much as they are demanding that she steps down for being outspoken, they should try and see whether what Mrs Ngilu said has some truth in it.

If its being Corrupt, Kibaki government promised that they will fight corruption but anglo leasing happened under their watch. Just like Moi's government, Kibaki found a way to push this matter through the legal system so that his friends that are accused of being corrupt can go home free. He might have fought the "small scale" corruption deals but the monster ones are still deeply rooted and he knows about this.

Mrs Ngilu said that the current cabinet members are just arrogant. This was interesting to hear coming from a person who is in the same cabinet with this arrogant ministers. Do we have to list the, we all know who they are. Some of them have taken the task of controlling the government as their own businesses and do not want to be answerable to anyone, so the claim that there is another "kitchen cabinet" within the Kibaki government is not shocking, we have already seen the signs that some decisions are made by MP's then rubber stamped by the president.

She might have said this at the wrong time when announcing her presidential ambitions but she should not apologize. She might be a loner in this male dominated field but she should be strong, not for her but for people who believe what she said was true. Most of us agree with her that we were disappointed by the president appointing Prof Ndungu and rejected Mrs Jecinter Mwatela who had been the acting CBK governer since suspension of Mr Mullei in March last year.


Is this the end of ODM-K?

Is there anything like merger of Kanu and LDP? Is not LDP a baby of Kanu under Raila? Did not they leave Uhuru in Kanu when Daniel Moi opted for Uhuru instead of Raila, had Daniel Moi opted for Raila would there have been ODM? Would there have been NARC?

So this is another end of ODM-K, Some reports are already out regarding Raila being the choice as presidential candidate (if you have not read yet read KUMEKUCHA). If this turns out to be true and he does not pick Kalonzo as the running mate then i do see the problem. The fact that they have already started discussing power sharing plan shows that some of the senior leaders have already started to pulling out of the deal.

Since most of the ODM members seem to be after one position, presidential and parliament, what will happen to then if they do not get the party nominations? Do you think that they will sit on the sidelines and wait for another five years to get back to parliament? ODM Members are some of the most corrupt/ unsatisfied / power hungry leaders in the country. They will do anything to make sure they get to parliament
under all costs.

Give it a couple of days now and see whats going to happen, all i can ask Kenyans is to vote wisely, vote for individual and not for the party, if all kenyans do this then most ODM leaders are in trouble for they are in the party hopping kenyans will vote as a block for the ORANGE


ODM- K leaders Just Power Hungry

I am a supporter of change in Kenya, and would give anything to see that we are moving forward in the right direction. Yesterdays announcement by ODM-K presidential candidates that they have come up with a power sharing plan assuming they wing the elections for all 6 hopeful presidential candidates is not only a stab on Kenyans but also an eye opener on what these politicians want with our beloved country.

Kenya's politics has now become like a Championship game for the elite and only few members are allowed to play all of us have been made to be spectators with no option of ever joining the game apart from just cheer from sidelines. We need to stand up and VOTE for leaders who have Kenya at heart rather than those who are there just for monetary gain, seems thats the only reason 6 people will come up with a plan to make sure when one of them gets in the office then "ALL OF THEN CAN EAT".

For ODM-Kenya, a party that i had thought had different agenda, has let many people down as much as we are fighting for constitutional reforms, we also want manageable government that is not made up of friends and family members but by people who are devoted to be public servants.

What i do see in ODM-K down the line is MAJIMBO, which will not only divide Kenyan's in the name of every region to have its own president but also will push tribal animosity and lack of development. We are not ready for a federal kind of government until in the next 30 years or so, we need to develop first as a nation before we can support our Majimbo. so Watch out for Akina RAILA, MUSALIA, UHURU, KALONZO ET AL


Insecurity in Nairobi and Surounding areas

Police have now become victims of escalating cold blood murders in Kenya and now the government is offering reward prizes to the citizens to turn in guns. This might be a difficult task to convince an ordinary mwananchi who knows of police brutality when one is trying to pass information to them.

At the same time we cannot dispute the rumor that the current insecurity is politically motivated, this being an election year most government officials will be leaving their jobs and are afraid some people might have more information than required so what they are doing is eliminating them before the time is over and information is passed on. So is current insecurity a result of corruption and inefficiency of the police force to fight the crime underground up? If the police force was not corrupt, and they treated all information they receive from the public with dignity rather than humiliation will things be different know?

This are just some of the questions we ask ourselves on daily basis, there need to be another form of reporting criminal activities to police rather than just calling and then being traced back by CID for further investigations. Also, Police should do their homework and treat everyone equally, so if the Mheshimiwa is the crook, then he should be treated like regular Kamau or Njoroge.

May God protect our country, for the leaders have failed, failed to provide the basic needs.


Kibaki should speak of insecurity

2007 being an election year there is so much at stake and government should be more upfront on advising Kenyans on what is going on. Every single day there seems to be major bank robbery, car jerking and cold murders yet their is nothing coming out of the president yet he swore to protect the country. Mr. Kibaki should at least show some concern that he is aware of what is going on in the country.

More emphasis should be put on the witness protection program that was signed to law early this year so that citizens can freely pass information to the police. This is easily said than done for no one trusts the Police, how can you trust them and when you go to report a crime you become a suspect, chances are you will be tortured, framed and locked in. There is need to have total reform for Kenya Police to be effective.

My Condolences to the families of Prof Bwayo of University of Nairobi, Mr. Rageru a businessman in Kiserian and the lady who could not get of her safety belt fast enough. May God give you peace during this difficult time


William Kabogo Gitau: The Performer

Regardless of what you might say about William Kabogo, he is a real hustler and envy of many politicians upcoming and current. He is the only one who single handed managed to win an election that no one even thought he could make it to parliament when the "strong and mighty" were being counted.
Having conversed with several people from Juja, Mr.Kabogo seems to be winning new voters on a daily basis, unlike many politicians who disappear in the big city to show up only during campaign year, Mr. Kabogo has been not only actively contributing towards his constituency development but also has been seen around when not busy on his chopper.
You can read some of the comments from Mzalendo that can justify that he might be among the few MP's who might not have to campaign as hard.

From the beginning, Mr. Kabogo operated his campaign on ground level, not sending emissaries to handle business for him. He is a one man show, a believer and a performer. There are many other MP's who have his kind of money but still don't do as much as he does.
Regardless of what you think of Kabogo, when it comes to doing what his people mandated him to do, he has accomplished and hope other MP's can follow track.....or is it because he is young?


Githongo's audio tape

finally there is a tape floating on the internet for Mr. Githongo (click here) and anglo leasing deal, this is the tape that wako dismissed for being inaudible



Mr.Mwai Kibaki, should be ashamed of not being able to fight corruption and his silence on the issue is nothing but a show of guilt he has considering John Githongo the main guy who gave the dossier on the scandal is a personal friend.

For AG Wako and KACC director Mr. Ringera to dismiss the case based on the audio tape that was provided being in audible is not only a slap in the face for Kenyans but an eye opener that the government supports corrupt leaders if they do support it. Mr Githongo's dossier (click here to read)could not have been more specific and detailed than it was and it is sad that someone went out of his way not only to go against his family friends but also to risk his own life yet all that he did for the country is now in vain.

If Kibaki wants to fight corruption like he had claimed in the beginning then this should be the case that he should see that real JUSTICE is done to his personal friends rather than using the AG and KACC to cover up for him. Plus to make the matter worse Ringera and Wako are also mentioned from the beginning that they were trying to cover up for "Big Guy".


Kamlesh Pattni and Politics

Mr. "Paul" Kamlesh Pattni desire to enter into politics and sponsor candidates in all 210 constituencies makes me wonder whether he is real and "Anajivunia Kuwa Mkenya".

Mr. Pattni is a fundraiser and i believe he can manage to bankroll for his party the amount needed for campaign but what worries me most is the kenyan economy after this years elections. In 1992, Mr. Pattni helped raise funds for the KANU Party and President Moi and we all know what happened to the economy after money was printed out.

Maybe this is a good opportunity for Kenya to get the money Kamlesh Pattni ripped then out through Goldberg International Company that he owned. But God is Great, Kamlesh finally saw the light and i understand that he is a consistent preacher at Nairobi International Casino and maybe he has changed his ways. Am not a preacher man, since Kamlesh is a converted christian don't you think he owes Kenyans apology?

Electoral Comission of Kenya: Still far from democracy

Mwai Kibaki appointing the ECK members acted within the laws of the land and regardless of what we would say; The Kenyan constitution section 41 states that "There shall be an Electoral Commission which shall consist of a chairman, and not less than four and not more than 21 members appointed by the President". Now this is where the problem comes in, how can a president who is a participant of the said elections appoint people who are going to oversee the said elections without favour of who provided them with the job.

I do support minimum reforms before elections and most of the things i would like to see in the new constition will be trimming of presidential powers. The president can appoint the Electoral comissioners but they should pass through parliament for approval before they are confirmed for the job. Talk about separation of powers,doctrine of separation of powers is based on the constitutional dictum that "one shall not be judge in ones own case" or that "one must not be party, prosecutor and arbiter at the same time." This is what Kibaki has done, as much as the law allows him with no question to appoint the ECK comissioners he should have been adviced that the same said laws were the same ones he was against back in 1997 and 1992 if he was sincere about kenyan constitution.

Another part that i believe that the president current and past have consistently abused in Section 24 of the Constitution gives the President absolute powers with respect to constitution and abolition of, appointment to and termination of appointment from key public offices. The offices of the Attorney General, Chief Justice, Head of Civil Service, Chief of General Staff, Commissioner of Police, Members of the Public Service Commission and Judges would fall under this category. In order to assure the independence of these offices, i or majority of kenyans would want to see that presidential appointments and termination of appointment from any of the offices be subjected to confirmation by the majority of the members of the National Assembly. This will assure that no one awards a friend the "perfect job" and firing them whenever they feel like their friendship has soured.

As much as we see that we have progressed, Kenya is still far from democracy that we have been fighting for since Nyayo era, and i do not see any of the current leaders changing the constitution when they are in the office seems like they are using it to protect themselves from being voted out. The opposition namely KANU and ODM argument that they should be given equal slots on the appointment of the 19 members of the Electoral Comission will definately be more of a problem rather than solution. Most of the current politician seems like they care more of making it back to parliament rather than those of national interest and thats why i keep arguing that Kenyans suprise them come election date


Kenya-RE Managers still walking free

Its sad to see that nothing has been done to Kenya-RE managers even after their scandal was exposed to the government. Sources say that the MD Mr Githaka and Amos Kimunya who happens to be the minister in charge of finance ministry happen to be good friends and their friendship extend to the state house no wonder he has all the protection and has not been charged yet.
Why does government spend so much time investigating something that has been paper trailed by the newspaper and if they have to get the information right....why not use the leads that have been provided. To my understanding some of the employees who came to know of this and passed on the information to others right now their jobs are in jeopardy. If the government is serious about fighting corruption then it should ease on employees at Kenya-RE and support them for giving out information rather than trying to seek who talked to the media.


Fr Kaiser

just browsing todays gazetti and saw this article of father kaiser on Daily Nation. Its sad that six years the government has not been able to solve his death. Just like Many Whistle blowers, Fr Kaiser was eliminated to silence him, i dont know why they have to go with the suicide theory, there is no way he could have killed himself, this is the same story line the government had on Ouko.

Kibaki's government should put more effort in trying to solve Kaiser's murder. Time may have passed but i do believe that his spirit as well as that of Robert Ouko do still haunt their murders, may they rest in peace


Witness Protection Program: is this a new begining?

Kibaki has just signed a bill to protect whistle blowers mostly on corruption in Kenya. My only worry for this is how effective it will work. We all know what happens when one person is pinpointed as having "leaked" of a certain corrupt government official.

This is a great step forward to fight corruption but on the other hand how effective will the program be? is this a way of government wanting to know who knows what then action be taken on them (whistle blowers)? What about if the person who information has been leaked is a senior member of the government how do you protect the whistle blower?

To add salt to the injury we do not trust Kenyan Police, there is no way i will go to the police to report of a certain corruption deal if am an ordinary citizen, i know you will agree with me on this one that chances of you leaving that premise are limited, before you know you will be booked for a crime you have no idea of how its committed in the first place.

I believe the motive is good but the government should act on the leads they have now so that we can know they are serious about protecting citizens, if they are really committed to fight corruption how comes no one has been charged with anglo leasing....all the suspects have been reinstated back to the government in one way or the other.

After all this is Kenya, you leak info regarding a scandal and they know who you are chances are you will loose your life, will be implicated in a crime and land in jail for years or if you are lucky just loose your job (if you had any). Its my sincere hope that come Elections this year Kenyans will vote in credentials rather than money minded individuals.


have i jumped the year yet?

Happy new year everyone its is my sincere hope that i have finally jumped the year 2006 and 2007 is even brighter for our beloved country Kenya. I hope we have "jumped" away from corruption through government agencies, it is my sincere hope that we have "jumped" from an year that Kenyans were taken on a ride once again by the government and politicians with non-starter projects. its my hope we have jumped high enough that Kamlesh Pattni, Artur brothers et al cannot make anymore deals with the government on stuff that latter hurts the economy, it is also my prayer that we have "JUMPED" high enough that we will be able to vote and elect leaders based on what they can do rather than how much they have financed their campaign.

I also hope that we have "jumped" high enough to forget about the tribal politics that some people are trying to introduce, through tribal clashes, or through outlawed Mungiki and Taliban WASHINDWE.

Finaly i hope we 'JUMPED' high enough to see who is the silent partner at safaricom, high enough for government to prosecute all of those involved in anglo leasing scandal and high enough for kenyans who have always felt that the politicians control their lives....its a year of change so let us all CHANGAMUKA........


Minister Dzoro needs pay child support

Lets stop politics for a minute and address some of the issues that the Kenyan Politician seems to have forgotten, in today's Daily Nation there is an article about this MP who also happens to be a cabinet minister who does not want to take care of his responsibility. It is a shame how some of the Kenyan Politician want to use their position not to meet the basic obligation, I know there are many women out there who are not able to come out and claim parental responsibility from some of these politicians for fear of their life. The government should also come to the aid of such women and help them get the support needed to raise the kids that they have reproduced with their workers.

If a full cabinet minister of Tourism Mr Morris Dzoro cannot meet his obligation and has to be taken to court, what is he doing in the government? why does he have a leadership role and he has failed from the beginning? Leadership starts from home, and if he had accepted responsibility of the child when the kid was young why should he run away now when the Kid needs him more? I just wish someone could forward Mr.Dzoro an email just to remind him that as a father, the kid needs him more and also needs to be supported so that she can enjoy life just like other kids of cabinet ministers.


Waruinge: Another Kenyan Problem

Waruinge is turning to be a disaster in Kenya, I have blogged in the past about this guy and his intentions to run for a political seat in Langata. Over the weekend we all know what he said, this is a man who has no respect for the law or life of other Kenyans. I have questioned his intentions from day one when he publicly announced about his wishes of running in Langata.
His harsh remarks over the weekend shows that he is not stopping there and he will continue to use force whether we like it or not, he already have his army on the ground and has nothing to loose, if we let this guy take over I would not want to imagine how the country will be like. But on the other hand, I think he has something against Raila, this is more personal than political. To me, Waruinge wants to dismantle the Youth that Raila have been using to disrupt other people's meetings in the city. This is more of Taliban VS Mungiki now on the political side.

We all know Raila is not a saint and he should stop pretending that what is happening in his constituency had nothing to do with him, people on the ground are also blaming Raila's Jeshi for staring the fight to what would have been a peaceful meeting. Both Raila and Waruinge should stop using young unemployed people to achieve their political ambitions. Its the youth that suffer, young families left with out bread winners, etc... and what do politicians do after paying them pennies for dirty jobs, nothing, nothing to support their families when they die in "line of duty". Kenyans youth should be educated to shun out violence no matter who is supporting what because at the end of the day, those politicians are no where to be seen.


The Kenya We Want part 1

As the year winds up, we need to reflect more on Kenyan elections now less than 13 months away. Every Kenyan has a dream of a better Kenya, maybe more that the 2030 dream but for us to achieve this we need to do some sort of cleaning the house for a better future. We know that Kenyans are hardworking with or without aid from IMF we have survived, we have been retrenched from our jobs, totured by the Moi and Company, corruption has become order of the day but we still yearn to see another day. Some of the things we need to do includes
1. Voting for Corrupt Members of Parliament out
We know who is corrupt, we know who was in Moi Government, most of them who are in the current parliament have been included in some sort of corruption deals in their carrer, lets get new blood.
2. Vote for person not Party
We seem to vote as a block, we need to vote for a person based on his development agenda and not based on their political affiliation. we have seen in the last 10 years some of the strongest KANU members (example J.J. Kamotho and Company) start rooting for other parties yet they were the ones who were on the fore front to fight opposition, another example is Raila Odinga who has been in more parties and coalition more than any other sitting member of parliament.
3. Family Name means nothing
One thing we should now understand is that the political seats should not be inherited just because a family member has been holding it down for years, we need to vote based on whether they can perform.
4. Bribery during Campaign season
Politicians have found out away of buying voters during elections, thats why they fight to get their salaries way too high so that they can recover what they spent, Electoral Commission should have high penalties for anyone known to pay voters to influence their decision. Also, Kenyans should understand that the politicians just want their votes and once they get back to parliament there is nothing they do apart from making technical appearances to parliament and spend most of their working days forming coalitions.


Uhuru vs Biwott: Project gone burst

Mr. Biwott, one of supporters for project uhuru finally wants to take control of the failed project and he is using all the force we know him of....from the police officers to Electoral Commission Of Kenya. Earlier on today, Nairobi was like when KANU was in power (should i say when Biwott was in power), those who came to support their beloved KANU were faced by Kibaki's government boys ready to chafua them.

This was all done to protect Mr.Biwott who accidentally happens to be Mr. Kibaki's new found friend, thanks to Daniel Moi for linking them up. The role of Biwott is to take care of project since the creator of it has no idea what has happened. The little boy he trusted is all matured up and can finally think on his own and he has chosen to hang out with people who deserted him when he needed them the most.

This is just the bigining i know Uhuru might have friends in high places (Kaparo and Gedion Moi) but will they be able to get him out of the fix? with the way things are going Mr. Arap Moi might destroy the project like it never existed, if i was Uhuru i would be worried about making it in Gatundu.... for i for see him loosing that seat and if that happens he will die politically


Did Kaparo favor Uhuru?

Despite Uhuru Kenyatta being ousted as Kanu Chairman he remains the Official Leader of Opposition in Parliament thanks to Ole Kaparo. The interesting part that people might not be thinking about is that Kaparo himself has been a Kanu member and it was Kanu that had helped him get the position back in 1992 and since then he has been seen as non partisan in the house. I wonder if this time he decided Uhuru's case based on his feelings and his stand for KANU.

Does this mean that Kaparo is still deep rooted in KANU and at this time he is going against his close friend Daniel Moi? Is this a landmark and a new life for Uhuru? or is he part of Uhuru project that dont want to admit they were wrong giving Kijana all the powers in the party? so the big question is...Is Kaparo in ODM-K or KANU?

However, i am glad he decided the case that way, the whole idea of someone doing a party coup over the weekend and on Tuesday becoming a leader in the parliament should not ever happen. Good Job Kaparo


Who is Behind the Political "Coups"?

Last couple days have been interesting on some kenyan politician, the first one was Raila Odinga claiming that he had helped several MP's to get nominations and thus wanted a favour back by them supporting him. This is absurd when we think that we have democracy and yet those people claiming to be championing democracy are the same ones who are behind rigging.

Then came the Kanu saga, apparently the man who can not even step into the United States soil because of his known corruption deals is now the chairman of KANU. Mr. Biwott financed the whole operation and saw him and his crew take over the party from Uhuru and other ODM-K crew. the sad part is how quick the registrar accepted the changes in the party even after Uhuru and the crew had written to him about the elections. Mr. Biwott had been of late been associated with New Kanu Political party and him going ahead and holding elections for KANU is suspicious, i just wonder whether we will be going back to the dark era if he is elected the president.

On the same not the government is on track to kick Mama Narc out of the party...she will be un wanted person in NARC. I do believe this is because of her flip flopping and her bashing the government that has continued to pay her for being a cabinet minister. ( See Ngilu: Flip Flopper)

With all this going on regarding political coups i wonder if NARC-K who seems to control the government have something to do with this so that they may win the next coming elections. For Raila and ODM-K, have they already designated who will be MP for where since seems like RAILA hooks up friends with "Jobs"? Is this the democracy we are fighting for? more election rigging and fixing of candidates? ODM-K is just another KANU of the 80's.


Musalia: He should stop tribal politics

Over the weekend Mr. Musalia a former vice president and Mr. Jirongo, the main guy from YK92 were on it again, coming to an agreement that they should nominate one of their tribesmen for the presidential seat. This makes me sick because someone like Musalia Mudavadi should know better that Kenya is beyond Luhya land.
As a Young politician (compared to the rest of them, he should be on the front line fighting for unity among Kenyans rather than aligning himself on tribal politics, As for Jirongo, there is nothing i can say about him, i dont think he has a chance of ever leading Kenya again even as an MP.
This is the time that we should start campaigning for a Kenyan to lead Kenya rather than a tribal chief to lead Kenya, we have already seen what the Last two presidents did and what Kibaki is doing by aligning himself with the Mt. Kenya Crew, this is not how its supposed to be i believe every Kenyan regardless of their tribe has an equal opportunity to be the president/leader.


Kenya's Most Corrupt

I have been thinking this for a long time. Should I go ahead and list names of people that i know have been involved in corruption in the last 20 years? someone told me this might be as dangerous as it can ever be but on the other hand i do believe that Knowledge is power and it is good for all of us to know who got what from where from Anglo leasing scandal to Goldberg not to forget all those in between. soon we will compile the top 100 corrupt Kenyans and hope this will surely help Kenyans know whom to vote for. I believe the corruption in Kenya is political and can be eradicated if we want. So who tops the list? lets start counting. Also let me know through email (confidential) or you can use comment tab

Ngilu: A Flip Flopper

I am always amazed by some of the politicians who one month say one thing and the next they say another. Mrs Ngilu, has finally fallen on this category of politicians who say anything to survive in this everchanging environement. One thing i do not understand her is when she says that the governement has failed in so many aspects and she still continues to be part of that government in her position as a cabinet minister.
Back in 1997, we knew her as one strong woman, who could battle other men who were considered as powerful but time has come where she has just become another politician. I do not think beyond her constituency there is anyone who would listen to her anymore. This was once a strong woman, I still admire how she is helping fight corruption and the way she has been devoted to work in the government even though she does not believe in it but time has now come for her to establish herself as a credible politician, if she wants to join ODM-Kenya then she should do it now and not wait for the election wave, is she still wants to be the mama rainbow then she should be more of a uniter between ODM-Kenya and Narc.


NARC Government has done nothing for the youth.

When the youth sang and danced “Yote ya wezekana bila Moi”, they had different perspective of how the new government will be like. Personally being under 30 years of age I expected to see more people of my age or older lets say till age of 45 being promoted to the government and them learning from the older folks for a better tomorrow. It was our sincere hope that the NARC Government under Kibaki’s banner will not only offer youth positions in the government but also come up with a plan to see that they are included in the development of the country.


Am sorry to say but seems the Government has forgotten about the youth, it has forgotten all the struggles we went through with Daniel Moi’s Government and that included and not limited to being jailed, tortured, tear gas chases in the city and surrounding and unlucky ones lost their lives so that we can get the old guards out. We celebrated that we were among the people who brought change to the government and the country as a whole but after the elections its seems like they just forgot about us.


Now the Government is composed of Elite friends, most of them senior citizens or if not just about to. Most of the people in the government are the same ones who were there in the 80’s and 90’s. Even the ones we suspected to be corrupt are being taken back to this government, they are being appointed as ministers. I am not bashing Kibaki and have utmost respect for the Mzee but what about us, you might not know us but we have young ones like us. If we wait till “tomorrow” for our turn and you know so well that during Moi’s time it took 26 years for tomorrow to come when shall we have leaders who are young and energetic to run the country. Maybe this is a trend that has been set and all we have is to follow wait till you are 50 some years to get a leadership position.


On the other hand we have ODM-Kenya, seems to be run by younger crew compared to the Kibaki’s government but at the same time most of the people in ODM K are the same ones that were under Moi, in short ODM is Kanu, Where do we run to now? Or shall we sing “Yote Ya Wezekana “ for the next 20 years before we get a chance?