Uhuru vs Biwott: Project gone burst

Mr. Biwott, one of supporters for project uhuru finally wants to take control of the failed project and he is using all the force we know him of....from the police officers to Electoral Commission Of Kenya. Earlier on today, Nairobi was like when KANU was in power (should i say when Biwott was in power), those who came to support their beloved KANU were faced by Kibaki's government boys ready to chafua them.

This was all done to protect Mr.Biwott who accidentally happens to be Mr. Kibaki's new found friend, thanks to Daniel Moi for linking them up. The role of Biwott is to take care of project since the creator of it has no idea what has happened. The little boy he trusted is all matured up and can finally think on his own and he has chosen to hang out with people who deserted him when he needed them the most.

This is just the bigining i know Uhuru might have friends in high places (Kaparo and Gedion Moi) but will they be able to get him out of the fix? with the way things are going Mr. Arap Moi might destroy the project like it never existed, if i was Uhuru i would be worried about making it in Gatundu.... for i for see him loosing that seat and if that happens he will die politically

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