vote corruption out

Time has come, its now less than 8 days before we get rid of all corrupt officials, this might be hard because they are using their money (the same cash that they stole from electorates) to campaign hard. It's so sad to see how much some of these politicians are dishing out in cash form to entice the voter.

Well, i believe time has come, the voter is more educated and knows what he/she wants. I know there are big things to come and for me to celebrate on this forum, i believe most of the MP's who served either in the 8th or 9th parliament will not make it. If possible am hopping for new blood, lets get new MP's out there and let them learn how to run and manage the parliament as well as the authority that has been placed on them.

So pass the word around, VOTE CORRUPTION OUT........ its not about leadership its about what they will do with authority

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