Did Kaparo favor Uhuru?

Despite Uhuru Kenyatta being ousted as Kanu Chairman he remains the Official Leader of Opposition in Parliament thanks to Ole Kaparo. The interesting part that people might not be thinking about is that Kaparo himself has been a Kanu member and it was Kanu that had helped him get the position back in 1992 and since then he has been seen as non partisan in the house. I wonder if this time he decided Uhuru's case based on his feelings and his stand for KANU.

Does this mean that Kaparo is still deep rooted in KANU and at this time he is going against his close friend Daniel Moi? Is this a landmark and a new life for Uhuru? or is he part of Uhuru project that dont want to admit they were wrong giving Kijana all the powers in the party? so the big question is...Is Kaparo in ODM-K or KANU?

However, i am glad he decided the case that way, the whole idea of someone doing a party coup over the weekend and on Tuesday becoming a leader in the parliament should not ever happen. Good Job Kaparo

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