Waruinge: Another Kenyan Problem

Waruinge is turning to be a disaster in Kenya, I have blogged in the past about this guy and his intentions to run for a political seat in Langata. Over the weekend we all know what he said, this is a man who has no respect for the law or life of other Kenyans. I have questioned his intentions from day one when he publicly announced about his wishes of running in Langata.
His harsh remarks over the weekend shows that he is not stopping there and he will continue to use force whether we like it or not, he already have his army on the ground and has nothing to loose, if we let this guy take over I would not want to imagine how the country will be like. But on the other hand, I think he has something against Raila, this is more personal than political. To me, Waruinge wants to dismantle the Youth that Raila have been using to disrupt other people's meetings in the city. This is more of Taliban VS Mungiki now on the political side.

We all know Raila is not a saint and he should stop pretending that what is happening in his constituency had nothing to do with him, people on the ground are also blaming Raila's Jeshi for staring the fight to what would have been a peaceful meeting. Both Raila and Waruinge should stop using young unemployed people to achieve their political ambitions. Its the youth that suffer, young families left with out bread winners, etc... and what do politicians do after paying them pennies for dirty jobs, nothing, nothing to support their families when they die in "line of duty". Kenyans youth should be educated to shun out violence no matter who is supporting what because at the end of the day, those politicians are no where to be seen.

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