Did we forget Matiba and the rest

Its now 17 years since Matiba and Charles Rubia started the fire for multi-party politics. Matiba, Rubia and the rest sacrificed alot and are still suffering now from the torture they went through under Moi's regime.

But we are a nation that is so forgetful, a nation that dwell more on current politics while forgetting where we came from. I am now wondering when the current government or politicians will ever honor hero's like Matiba and Rubia who sacrificed all that they had for the benefit of the nation.

Do we have to wait for 50 years to recognize modern day hero's just like we remembered Field Marshall Kimathi with a statue a few weeks ago?

What about having a corner with just a name, not a statue, in the middle of the city to recognize such hero's like Matiba and the rest.

You will be surprised that most of the people who are now yelling they want to be president or go back to parliament are the same people who opposed Matiba with his vision of a democratic country.

I just hope that these kind of people would be recognized by the government and accorded with benefits for suffering and giving all their time so that we can be "liberalized"

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