William Kabogo is still the performer

Beginning of this year i did write an article on William Kabogo Gitau (click here to read), I mentioned what he had done for his constituents and that depended on what i have personally heard from people of Juja Constituency and read on MZALENDO.COM. It seems like he is the only MP who in the last five years have been involved in all controversies but at the same time has kept his word that he would support his constituents and improve their living standard.

As Mr Kabogo claimed in parliament that there were some people who are out there to finish him politically, let them know that he has a track record that can never be touched. Some of the old politicians like Michuki, are afraid of this young man ability to talk and inspire the youth. He is the talk of the youth in his constituency.

With all that is going on about him being in Mungiki, I would say like he did....there are some people who want to tarnish his good name.... As much as I am advocating for government to crack down on Mungiki supporters, I think the government already has vendetta on some people who are innocent.

NB: I am not from Juja constituency but have been following the MP's track record. I support him for what he has done for his constituents. Feel free to email me


Mungiki and Politicians

Its becoming like a habit now that every election year, people loose their lives due to some politicians instigating on violence hopping to cause a lower voters turn out so it might be easy for them to make it to parliament.

It is so sad that some youths are just paid or are ill advised to go cause havoc in exchange get paid some money just enough probably to buy drugs and alcohol for a day. Our society has now bred ruthless killers and the government needs to put more pressure especially to its MP's who are known to support these groups.

Politicians are also to blame, for years they have supported Mungiki and other groups of the kind and have used them during their campaign time. Thats why its no wonder a Minister in the government can request for amnesty and dialogue with these killers. If a human being can actually slaughter another man just for the purpose of showing supremacy what kind of talk or discussion would you hold with such a person?

Mungiki problem is within and we believe that the government is aware of its leaders and can do something about it. All we care as citizens at this time is peace. Its disheartening to hear, read or even know that someone has been beheaded.


Does Kibaki need Narc - Kenya?

So What happened to the Flower, Our beloved Narc - Kenya? The only party for some reason showed some class and it leaders to some extent showed unity and working for a common goal. Did the flower wither?

Current wrangles are nothing but a true picture of how our politicians are power hungry. How they want to be leaders of the party that seems to enjoy support of majority of Kenyans. Since these politicians already made Kenyans to be the "Paying spectators of their political game", then may the best person win and we will then see why they all want to be leaders of a party.

Who lied to the current breed of politicians that if they are leaders of the party they will be guaranteed to be elected? This elections will be different, Voters are more educated and aggressive in terms of wanting to know what the aspiring leader will do for the society.

This brings me to the next question. Is Kibaki really going to use Narc - Kenya as the vehicle to his second term as a president? Its only in Kenya that the president does not even know what party he will use come elections. What these politicians are failing to see is that if Kibaki decided to use Democratic Party, the party that he formed over 15 years ago, then Narc - Kenya will be as dead as original Narc and all those fighting for positions in Narc - Kenya will be left wondering what to do next.

Its sad that in an election year, there is no party that we can say has manifesto that unites the people. As we are waiting for minimum reforms I wish they could allow independent candidates to run without having to go through the party wrangles. I believe there are good leaders out there but never get a chance to make it to parliament due to fraud schemes that these parties use to nominate whom they want to be the contender.

Politicians to blame for Mungiki

Why is Mungiki a problem now? Couple of years ago when every one was complaining about Mungiki, none of the senior government officials seemed to care much. They just though that this was a group of idlers who hang out at bus stops and had nothing to do with them. But years have now passed and this group of "unemployed" men who just hanged out at bus stops are now the terror of our country.

For how long shall Kenyans live in fear? if its not the police harassing you then its the thugs and if you get lucky to by pass the two then there is Mungiki. Its sad to know that politicians whom are well known to us have continuously supported Mungiki in their endevours.

With all these going on, how comes none of the politicians who have been aligned to Mungiki in the past have not come out to condemn the killings that are going on. Why should we trust them (politicians) that they have our country in their mind when all they seem to care right now is if they will make it back to parliament to make more millions.

It is also sad to read of the guy who was beheaded in Kiambu for trying to fight Mungiki. If the government wants to root out Mungiki disease then they should start by arresting MP's and senior government officials who have enjoyed support from this young men. Come to think about it, isn't Waruinge (former Mungiki leader now turned pastor) in the Kibaki Narc-K team?