Kenya Police still Corrupt: Its not news

Transparency International (T.I.) should by now know that the Kenyan Police should be put on the category of their own when it comes to corruption.

Earlier in the week, i read about a Lady ( a passenger in a matatu) who was shot by traffic police in Umoja Estate after the matatu driver refused to add another Kshs 20/= to the police officer.

It is a shame that a young lady died this way, in the hands of the police who are supposed to be safeguarding her. We might say that this is a special case but all in all, police are still intimidating citizens for failure to pay bribes, some have been jailed for crimes that they never committed just because they could not bribe their way out.

When government say's its fighting corruption what are they exactly doing? They might fight the big fish but the little ones are the ones that are doing more damage....or is KACC just after those who criticize the government?


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