Artur Margaryan Vs Kenya

Its the Artur's again, this time around its as serious as the first time that they were on press. If its true that he has the evidence in hard copy of senior government officials promising money to him to assassinate other politicians, then he himself should be sought and charged for conspiracy to commit murder.

The Government on the other had needs to release the Kiruki Commission of Inquiry report to the public. I believe that the commission might have never gotten the whole story since seems like the government was kind of interfering with the investigations, however, it will be necessary for us to know what they found out.

If what Artur is claiming is true, then even the girlfriend Wangui Mwai needs to be questioned by law enforcement. It sad that just because of who she is no one can dare touch her, question her or even try to seek information from her regarding Artur.

So if its true that the government had hired foreigners to come and commit such crimes, how many other local people does it have to do just that...kill, kidnap etc.

With that in mind, does it explain why of late there has been cold blood murders where people just walk in to someones house, shoot to kill, then walk out without stealing even a single penny? Does that mean that some people in government are coordinating this kind of illegal activities?


Klara said...

U r so right that gal needs be quizzed how do u go around declarin ur undyin Love 4 aman wanted by Interpol!
N then that report needs be released 2 da people who were payin da commission, who are the taxpayers!!

G. G said...

true to that Klara.... if it was regular wangeshi or atieno who declared that they were in love with Matheri, Wanugu, et al they would be rotting somewhere in indaaah

Unyc said...

Man u r so on point!!
Artur's just come back n make headlines. N wangui...aki that mama. Ni wanaume wamisha ama, she needs help n FAST! Then again love knows no bounds. Waht are they going 2 get ferom detaining the Standard management...ptuh!!

I agree with g. g.

JM said...

Thx 4 visiting with me.