Young Women Aspirants being threatened

Well, you might heard about the Meru incident where a lady aspirant was attacked couple of days ago, well, this is not the only incident. It seems it is now happening almost everyday to Women aspiring candidates from parliament to civic level

Couple of weeks ago, a Kenyan Lady Celebrity whom I will not name for security reasons and an Aspiring Civic candidate in Nairobi were attacked where they were robbed and threatened that the aspiring candidate should quit.

Also, Still in Nairobi another lady aspirant was attacked even though she is taking it as just another robbery, questions are up in the air since it seemed that the attackers knew her well and knew her intentions of trying to have a meet the people tour in coming days.

Seems like male counterparts are afraid especially of these young and upcoming ladies who believe in equality and competitive politics.

I wonder what the Police are doing on such crimes!! Its a shame if these crimes are being orchestrated by aspiring men, Well politics is a dirty game but do not inflict pain/suffering to gain competitive edge

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Sue said...

Days are gone when the woman's place was the kitchen. Woman are now more empowered and can take up any post that was thought to be reserved for men only.

This is a major threat to men who are yet to accept changes that are taking place in the world on women issue.