William Kabogo Gitau: The Performer

Regardless of what you might say about William Kabogo, he is a real hustler and envy of many politicians upcoming and current. He is the only one who single handed managed to win an election that no one even thought he could make it to parliament when the "strong and mighty" were being counted.
Having conversed with several people from Juja, Mr.Kabogo seems to be winning new voters on a daily basis, unlike many politicians who disappear in the big city to show up only during campaign year, Mr. Kabogo has been not only actively contributing towards his constituency development but also has been seen around when not busy on his chopper.
You can read some of the comments from Mzalendo that can justify that he might be among the few MP's who might not have to campaign as hard.

From the beginning, Mr. Kabogo operated his campaign on ground level, not sending emissaries to handle business for him. He is a one man show, a believer and a performer. There are many other MP's who have his kind of money but still don't do as much as he does.
Regardless of what you think of Kabogo, when it comes to doing what his people mandated him to do, he has accomplished and hope other MP's can follow track.....or is it because he is young?


Githongo's audio tape

finally there is a tape floating on the internet for Mr. Githongo (click here) and anglo leasing deal, this is the tape that wako dismissed for being inaudible



Mr.Mwai Kibaki, should be ashamed of not being able to fight corruption and his silence on the issue is nothing but a show of guilt he has considering John Githongo the main guy who gave the dossier on the scandal is a personal friend.

For AG Wako and KACC director Mr. Ringera to dismiss the case based on the audio tape that was provided being in audible is not only a slap in the face for Kenyans but an eye opener that the government supports corrupt leaders if they do support it. Mr Githongo's dossier (click here to read)could not have been more specific and detailed than it was and it is sad that someone went out of his way not only to go against his family friends but also to risk his own life yet all that he did for the country is now in vain.

If Kibaki wants to fight corruption like he had claimed in the beginning then this should be the case that he should see that real JUSTICE is done to his personal friends rather than using the AG and KACC to cover up for him. Plus to make the matter worse Ringera and Wako are also mentioned from the beginning that they were trying to cover up for "Big Guy".


Kamlesh Pattni and Politics

Mr. "Paul" Kamlesh Pattni desire to enter into politics and sponsor candidates in all 210 constituencies makes me wonder whether he is real and "Anajivunia Kuwa Mkenya".

Mr. Pattni is a fundraiser and i believe he can manage to bankroll for his party the amount needed for campaign but what worries me most is the kenyan economy after this years elections. In 1992, Mr. Pattni helped raise funds for the KANU Party and President Moi and we all know what happened to the economy after money was printed out.

Maybe this is a good opportunity for Kenya to get the money Kamlesh Pattni ripped then out through Goldberg International Company that he owned. But God is Great, Kamlesh finally saw the light and i understand that he is a consistent preacher at Nairobi International Casino and maybe he has changed his ways. Am not a preacher man, since Kamlesh is a converted christian don't you think he owes Kenyans apology?

Electoral Comission of Kenya: Still far from democracy

Mwai Kibaki appointing the ECK members acted within the laws of the land and regardless of what we would say; The Kenyan constitution section 41 states that "There shall be an Electoral Commission which shall consist of a chairman, and not less than four and not more than 21 members appointed by the President". Now this is where the problem comes in, how can a president who is a participant of the said elections appoint people who are going to oversee the said elections without favour of who provided them with the job.

I do support minimum reforms before elections and most of the things i would like to see in the new constition will be trimming of presidential powers. The president can appoint the Electoral comissioners but they should pass through parliament for approval before they are confirmed for the job. Talk about separation of powers,doctrine of separation of powers is based on the constitutional dictum that "one shall not be judge in ones own case" or that "one must not be party, prosecutor and arbiter at the same time." This is what Kibaki has done, as much as the law allows him with no question to appoint the ECK comissioners he should have been adviced that the same said laws were the same ones he was against back in 1997 and 1992 if he was sincere about kenyan constitution.

Another part that i believe that the president current and past have consistently abused in Section 24 of the Constitution gives the President absolute powers with respect to constitution and abolition of, appointment to and termination of appointment from key public offices. The offices of the Attorney General, Chief Justice, Head of Civil Service, Chief of General Staff, Commissioner of Police, Members of the Public Service Commission and Judges would fall under this category. In order to assure the independence of these offices, i or majority of kenyans would want to see that presidential appointments and termination of appointment from any of the offices be subjected to confirmation by the majority of the members of the National Assembly. This will assure that no one awards a friend the "perfect job" and firing them whenever they feel like their friendship has soured.

As much as we see that we have progressed, Kenya is still far from democracy that we have been fighting for since Nyayo era, and i do not see any of the current leaders changing the constitution when they are in the office seems like they are using it to protect themselves from being voted out. The opposition namely KANU and ODM argument that they should be given equal slots on the appointment of the 19 members of the Electoral Comission will definately be more of a problem rather than solution. Most of the current politician seems like they care more of making it back to parliament rather than those of national interest and thats why i keep arguing that Kenyans suprise them come election date


Kenya-RE Managers still walking free

Its sad to see that nothing has been done to Kenya-RE managers even after their scandal was exposed to the government. Sources say that the MD Mr Githaka and Amos Kimunya who happens to be the minister in charge of finance ministry happen to be good friends and their friendship extend to the state house no wonder he has all the protection and has not been charged yet.
Why does government spend so much time investigating something that has been paper trailed by the newspaper and if they have to get the information right....why not use the leads that have been provided. To my understanding some of the employees who came to know of this and passed on the information to others right now their jobs are in jeopardy. If the government is serious about fighting corruption then it should ease on employees at Kenya-RE and support them for giving out information rather than trying to seek who talked to the media.


Fr Kaiser

just browsing todays gazetti and saw this article of father kaiser on Daily Nation. Its sad that six years the government has not been able to solve his death. Just like Many Whistle blowers, Fr Kaiser was eliminated to silence him, i dont know why they have to go with the suicide theory, there is no way he could have killed himself, this is the same story line the government had on Ouko.

Kibaki's government should put more effort in trying to solve Kaiser's murder. Time may have passed but i do believe that his spirit as well as that of Robert Ouko do still haunt their murders, may they rest in peace


Witness Protection Program: is this a new begining?

Kibaki has just signed a bill to protect whistle blowers mostly on corruption in Kenya. My only worry for this is how effective it will work. We all know what happens when one person is pinpointed as having "leaked" of a certain corrupt government official.

This is a great step forward to fight corruption but on the other hand how effective will the program be? is this a way of government wanting to know who knows what then action be taken on them (whistle blowers)? What about if the person who information has been leaked is a senior member of the government how do you protect the whistle blower?

To add salt to the injury we do not trust Kenyan Police, there is no way i will go to the police to report of a certain corruption deal if am an ordinary citizen, i know you will agree with me on this one that chances of you leaving that premise are limited, before you know you will be booked for a crime you have no idea of how its committed in the first place.

I believe the motive is good but the government should act on the leads they have now so that we can know they are serious about protecting citizens, if they are really committed to fight corruption how comes no one has been charged with anglo leasing....all the suspects have been reinstated back to the government in one way or the other.

After all this is Kenya, you leak info regarding a scandal and they know who you are chances are you will loose your life, will be implicated in a crime and land in jail for years or if you are lucky just loose your job (if you had any). Its my sincere hope that come Elections this year Kenyans will vote in credentials rather than money minded individuals.


have i jumped the year yet?

Happy new year everyone its is my sincere hope that i have finally jumped the year 2006 and 2007 is even brighter for our beloved country Kenya. I hope we have "jumped" away from corruption through government agencies, it is my sincere hope that we have "jumped" from an year that Kenyans were taken on a ride once again by the government and politicians with non-starter projects. its my hope we have jumped high enough that Kamlesh Pattni, Artur brothers et al cannot make anymore deals with the government on stuff that latter hurts the economy, it is also my prayer that we have "JUMPED" high enough that we will be able to vote and elect leaders based on what they can do rather than how much they have financed their campaign.

I also hope that we have "jumped" high enough to forget about the tribal politics that some people are trying to introduce, through tribal clashes, or through outlawed Mungiki and Taliban WASHINDWE.

Finaly i hope we 'JUMPED' high enough to see who is the silent partner at safaricom, high enough for government to prosecute all of those involved in anglo leasing scandal and high enough for kenyans who have always felt that the politicians control their lives....its a year of change so let us all CHANGAMUKA........