Is this the end of ODM-K?

Is there anything like merger of Kanu and LDP? Is not LDP a baby of Kanu under Raila? Did not they leave Uhuru in Kanu when Daniel Moi opted for Uhuru instead of Raila, had Daniel Moi opted for Raila would there have been ODM? Would there have been NARC?

So this is another end of ODM-K, Some reports are already out regarding Raila being the choice as presidential candidate (if you have not read yet read KUMEKUCHA). If this turns out to be true and he does not pick Kalonzo as the running mate then i do see the problem. The fact that they have already started discussing power sharing plan shows that some of the senior leaders have already started to pulling out of the deal.

Since most of the ODM members seem to be after one position, presidential and parliament, what will happen to then if they do not get the party nominations? Do you think that they will sit on the sidelines and wait for another five years to get back to parliament? ODM Members are some of the most corrupt/ unsatisfied / power hungry leaders in the country. They will do anything to make sure they get to parliament
under all costs.

Give it a couple of days now and see whats going to happen, all i can ask Kenyans is to vote wisely, vote for individual and not for the party, if all kenyans do this then most ODM leaders are in trouble for they are in the party hopping kenyans will vote as a block for the ORANGE

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