90 MP's means 90 new millionaires!

I am still shocked by the news of having new 90 Waheshimiwa's. Well with the way the country is going maybe this is one of the schemes of achieving that 2030 vision, maybe this is poverty eradication because 9o MP's will come with more people being employed, that means 90 more drivers, 180 more body guards, about 360 house helps etc...... but the question is who will pay the 90 MP's?

I guess the tax payers will have to foot the bill, well the current MP's have awarded themselves more salaries and thats not it....they (the MP's ) are already making plans to allocate themselves a perfect golden handshake assuming they don't make it to office after 5 years.

Well i support some constituencies being split to serve the citizens better but i just don't see how 40 more MP's will benefit the country. The current Member of Parliament have done nothing that is worth talking about, actually tell me 5 things that the current parliament have passed and you will see that parliament is just a place where people just chill. be continued


Klara said...

I get u & that burden of paying there hefty allowances will fall back on us!! and to think they are increasing their already too large salos makes me sick!
I also don't support that!

Kipusa said...

there goes my taxes