have i jumped the year yet?

Happy new year everyone its is my sincere hope that i have finally jumped the year 2006 and 2007 is even brighter for our beloved country Kenya. I hope we have "jumped" away from corruption through government agencies, it is my sincere hope that we have "jumped" from an year that Kenyans were taken on a ride once again by the government and politicians with non-starter projects. its my hope we have jumped high enough that Kamlesh Pattni, Artur brothers et al cannot make anymore deals with the government on stuff that latter hurts the economy, it is also my prayer that we have "JUMPED" high enough that we will be able to vote and elect leaders based on what they can do rather than how much they have financed their campaign.

I also hope that we have "jumped" high enough to forget about the tribal politics that some people are trying to introduce, through tribal clashes, or through outlawed Mungiki and Taliban WASHINDWE.

Finaly i hope we 'JUMPED' high enough to see who is the silent partner at safaricom, high enough for government to prosecute all of those involved in anglo leasing scandal and high enough for kenyans who have always felt that the politicians control their lives....its a year of change so let us all CHANGAMUKA........

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