Why Majimbo will never work for Kenya

Majibo (federal) government can never work for Kenya, this is based on the politics of the land and how the nation has been for the last 44 years. The Nationalist government has its down fall but it has kept Kenya politically stable. Federalism suits large countries or those with competing racial or religious identity problems and is widely prescribed for ethnically divided societies in Africa. As of now, any introduction of federalist kind of government is going to push for tribal politics and you know what that will lead to, tribal animosity and a repeat of Molo, Burn Forest and Coast in the 1990's.

In real sense, ordinary Mwananchi has nothing to gain from such setting of government, if the current leaders can not agree among themselves what will happen when one leader has a region and does not get along with the other one? Will not the citizen suffer?

Also, if we are trying to cut the cost of administration, Federal government is expensive since each region will require to have its own administration. At the moment i do not believe the country has that kind of money to establish such kind of government.

Lastly, those leaders who are pushing for Majimbo are looking for a way to be leaders of their own region. They are also trying to secure the region for their own personal gain and not for the community, in most cases they want to create family dynasty. I might be wrong but look around and see who is pushing for such administration and what they seem to gain.


G.G said...

Majimbo is another word for legal tribal politics, hope it never goes through

Kenyanomics said...

I would hate to see Majimbo succeed in Kenya. But some politicians are convinced that federalism is the only cure to Kenya's inter-provincial inequalities.

What worries me more is populism. Majimbo-minded politicians know that their proposals will never sail through the legislature. They have therefore retorted to socialist agendas. Just peek into some presidential visions (Kalonzo, Ruto, Ojiambo). They are all promising "free goodies" that nobody knows where the funds will come from. Some presidential hopefuls have even hinted on de-listing privatized parastatals.

The current administration has its own populist agendas, too. And i dare say that the Youth Fund, CDF, and the promised "free secondary education" are integral parts of the propaganda to win the masses.

Ogola Mike said...

Kenyans are already dived and to legalize a way that would make it more legal to define one as from certain region would not make it worse but will be a catastrophic worse than Bosnia or Rwanda.

What Kenyans should Know is that the leaders just want a podium and a way of making their cash since they know they enjoy regional support but can never be national leaders. This is the most selfish way of getting one elected just to change the rules so that they can maintain personal benefits.

Also, What politicians have not said is how they would benefit from such venture, I agree with you Kenyanomics about politicians promising "free goodies" with no information on how the funds will be raised.

Anonymous said...

We know those who are opposed to Majimbo are selfish and have gained from the unitary government..they have grabbed land in riftvalley and have stolen from the executiev government..majimbo is the way forward..

Anonymous said...

One shouldn't immediately discount Majimbo. There are many ethnic groups like the Giriama who were displaced from their territory by British colonial rule and "appointed" to work as petty laborers to the similarly "appointed" landowning Arabs and Swahili. Ethnic groups like the Giriama are literally praying for Majimbo in order to have their lands and integrity restored to them.