Mr.Mwai Kibaki, should be ashamed of not being able to fight corruption and his silence on the issue is nothing but a show of guilt he has considering John Githongo the main guy who gave the dossier on the scandal is a personal friend.

For AG Wako and KACC director Mr. Ringera to dismiss the case based on the audio tape that was provided being in audible is not only a slap in the face for Kenyans but an eye opener that the government supports corrupt leaders if they do support it. Mr Githongo's dossier (click here to read)could not have been more specific and detailed than it was and it is sad that someone went out of his way not only to go against his family friends but also to risk his own life yet all that he did for the country is now in vain.

If Kibaki wants to fight corruption like he had claimed in the beginning then this should be the case that he should see that real JUSTICE is done to his personal friends rather than using the AG and KACC to cover up for him. Plus to make the matter worse Ringera and Wako are also mentioned from the beginning that they were trying to cover up for "Big Guy".

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