Sad Images from Kenya!

Whats happening in Kenya, from tribal clashes to Mungiki and now another suicide bomb blast? Why on an election year, when we are ready to vote and get new leaders in to run the country for the next five years. Its just sad that when Kenyans are supposed to be enjoying their freedom we are in hiding for fear of everything...including the police who are supposed to protect you. I support the initiative they are doing to flush out Mungiki but do they have to use the excessive force.

Well check out more pictures from one of my favorite blogs African Press in Norway


Mungiki Again? Lets PRAY

.....Mungiki again!!! Am sick, tired and also scared for my fellow country men, brothers and sisters when we all have to undergo the mental torture of Mungiki and its satanic acts. I still do not understand how a human being can actually chop off another humans head and as they say drink the human blood as part of religion. I know its even harder for those of us who want to condemn this act but can not do so for fear of their own lives, fear of their beloved....am afraid too but someone has to say something.

Am angry at politicians who are pointing fingers at each other instead of finding a solution of how this can come to an end.

Above all this, there is The Almighty God (and his son JESUS), and he does not sleep! He is watching and knows everything. He can stop anything, he is more powerful than an army of men, so, Lets all PRAY and remind him of our fears and seek his protection. What Government can not do GOD can do it. Lets PRAY KENYANS!!!!


Mungiki Terror

I have one question! How comes politicians from central province are not condemning Mungiki? Even worse even after the police raided Kosovo slums in the last two days not even the area Member of Parliament has gone out there to console the residents who have been left shaken. The whole Mungiki thing is a nuisance and has made many families lack that basic need (security) that we all need. Its even made worse by the fact that some people are suffering because of these people living in their neighborhood. look at the pictures in standard newspaper and see for your self

The member of parliaments from Nairobi and Central Province should tell us now what their stand is. According to Standard Newspaper, Kigumo MP, Hon Kihara Mwangi, has already been threatened by Mungiki Members because of him being outspoken about their deeds. All MP's should now take heed and support the citizens who can not even go out publicly speaking about Mungiki in any form for fear of being executed.

When Mungiki hit the streets terrorizing women for wearing mini skirts and trousers no one took much interest on them, then they went to control the matatu and bus terminals still no one said much about them, are we going to keep quiet now and wait for them to control us?


Scandals: What did the government know

KACC man justice Ringera has spoken. He has advised you all to forget about ever recovering any money that was looted from the government since in Kenya there is a "statute of Limitations" which says that funds can be recovered within three years incase of theft and six years for fraud cases.

This means that anything that happened under Daniel Moi's watch can never be recovered. If thats is the case why has the government continued to follow up on Kamlesh Pattni knowing that the law does not guarantee that the funds will be returned?

Also, the timing of Ringera's story raises question since we already know that most of the people who have been adversely mentioned in corrupt cases are either senior government officials, political parties/ individual financiers and their family members. This leaves one to wonder whether he is protecting some people just incase the government changes hands. Also, his announcement raises question on how the government will then dispose all those cases that they are holding from NSSF scandal, BIMA insurance, etc etc.
If thats the case, and the government knows of limitations can't they reverse the rules to apprehend the corrupt people? Is that the case why most corruption cases takes years before they are brought for mention in a case of law? does that explain why AG office delays KACC prosecutions?

There is more to this, I believe its a cover-up.