90 MP's means 90 new millionaires!

I am still shocked by the news of having new 90 Waheshimiwa's. Well with the way the country is going maybe this is one of the schemes of achieving that 2030 vision, maybe this is poverty eradication because 9o MP's will come with more people being employed, that means 90 more drivers, 180 more body guards, about 360 house helps etc...... but the question is who will pay the 90 MP's?

I guess the tax payers will have to foot the bill, well the current MP's have awarded themselves more salaries and thats not it....they (the MP's ) are already making plans to allocate themselves a perfect golden handshake assuming they don't make it to office after 5 years.

Well i support some constituencies being split to serve the citizens better but i just don't see how 40 more MP's will benefit the country. The current Member of Parliament have done nothing that is worth talking about, actually tell me 5 things that the current parliament have passed and you will see that parliament is just a place where people just chill. be continued


ODM-K Will not withstand time

With all the conferences they might hold to show unity among ODM-K presidential candidates the party will not with hold, the only reason some politicians are in it right now is because it is the only party that can battle with Mr Kibaki, so basically its ODM-K vs Mwai Kibaki.

It is good to be ambitious and have goals to achieve but seems like all ODM leaders want to be is the president, the power sharing deal that they are talking about will bring nothing but problems for Kenyans if we let it happen. If right now they can not agree on one thing who makes you believe the "president" and "prime minister" not forgetting the four "vice presidents" will get along? The whole idea of having a ceremonial government can not work when we need to be streamlining the government expense. Anyway, where do they have four vice presidents? what will be their roles? With this in mind and having seen how the leaders are operating leaves me to wonder if they can actually sit down and draft a government budget.

One reason why ODM-K will not make it after the general elections is the fact that the leaders not only are they power hungry but these are dis satisfied individuals who will go to any limits to satisfy their own ego. Apart from Raila, who helped fight for second liberation, the rest were deeply in KANU and fought against introduction of multi party politics. They did that so that they can keep their lucrative government appointed positions.

I can assure you that soon we will have ODM-Halisi and et al, also look at the back ground of all ODM front liners, most of them were involved in corrupt deals when they were in KANU, they are just looking for escape routes.

Kenyan Should Demand for Independent candidates

Since 1996 we have been singing the minimum reform song, danced to no reform no elections and last couple years we actually voted for orange and banana all in hope of the government of the day will give Kenyans the reforms they have been seeking since 1963... the year we got the independence.

Well since minimum reforms or "Katiba Mpya" seems will never see the light of the day, its time we pushed for independent candidates to run for political seats. It is now clearer than ever that party nominates those people whom it wants to, its like a cartel of politicians or Mafia's trying to control who will get in parliament and who will not.

The current wrangles with the major political parties clearly do show that leadership is important to ones nomination. You can panga mlolongo all day hoping that the right candidate gets nominated but the real decision comes from the top leaders who as a matter of fact will have their friends fast on line rather that the candidate who has won the nominations.

This will be one of the ways that the young upcoming politicians will be denied a chance to proceed. The seasoned politicians (should i call them the corrupt ones) will make sure that they get the nominations from party of their choice and then the others will be let to scramble for the more favorable parties.

Thats why there seems to be people who are always elected back to parliament.

With Independent candidates running, young and upcoming politicians who have support from the ground can make it without having to worry which party one will be vying with.