Ngilu Tells It All

Earlier on had blogged about Mrs. Ngilu being a flip flopper and the trend seems to be continuing. Her current attack on the government that she is part of makes one wonder whether she has been there trying to Imagine that Baba Jimmy's government is all that but now she has seen the light.

This time Mrs. Ngilu brought to light what most Kenyans have been talking about regarding the current government in her own words she said that the government was comprised of "arrogant and corrupt and back-stabbing members".
As much as she is part of the government and she sounds like she is unhappy about being among the few people left in original NARC party, she does have a point about her colleagues and as much as they are demanding that she steps down for being outspoken, they should try and see whether what Mrs Ngilu said has some truth in it.

If its being Corrupt, Kibaki government promised that they will fight corruption but anglo leasing happened under their watch. Just like Moi's government, Kibaki found a way to push this matter through the legal system so that his friends that are accused of being corrupt can go home free. He might have fought the "small scale" corruption deals but the monster ones are still deeply rooted and he knows about this.

Mrs Ngilu said that the current cabinet members are just arrogant. This was interesting to hear coming from a person who is in the same cabinet with this arrogant ministers. Do we have to list the, we all know who they are. Some of them have taken the task of controlling the government as their own businesses and do not want to be answerable to anyone, so the claim that there is another "kitchen cabinet" within the Kibaki government is not shocking, we have already seen the signs that some decisions are made by MP's then rubber stamped by the president.

She might have said this at the wrong time when announcing her presidential ambitions but she should not apologize. She might be a loner in this male dominated field but she should be strong, not for her but for people who believe what she said was true. Most of us agree with her that we were disappointed by the president appointing Prof Ndungu and rejected Mrs Jecinter Mwatela who had been the acting CBK governer since suspension of Mr Mullei in March last year.


Anonymous said...

Ngilu is right and do respect what she said about her associates in the government, i know for sure she was talking about Michuki who now seems to be the Nassir of Kibaki Government

Anonymous said...

talk about freedom of speach when you are well connected, if it was you Kenyaonly that said about the president and his cabinet in public, i believe they would have got you for seditious charges and you will be gone for a long time if not disappear for life!