The Kenya We Want part 1

As the year winds up, we need to reflect more on Kenyan elections now less than 13 months away. Every Kenyan has a dream of a better Kenya, maybe more that the 2030 dream but for us to achieve this we need to do some sort of cleaning the house for a better future. We know that Kenyans are hardworking with or without aid from IMF we have survived, we have been retrenched from our jobs, totured by the Moi and Company, corruption has become order of the day but we still yearn to see another day. Some of the things we need to do includes
1. Voting for Corrupt Members of Parliament out
We know who is corrupt, we know who was in Moi Government, most of them who are in the current parliament have been included in some sort of corruption deals in their carrer, lets get new blood.
2. Vote for person not Party
We seem to vote as a block, we need to vote for a person based on his development agenda and not based on their political affiliation. we have seen in the last 10 years some of the strongest KANU members (example J.J. Kamotho and Company) start rooting for other parties yet they were the ones who were on the fore front to fight opposition, another example is Raila Odinga who has been in more parties and coalition more than any other sitting member of parliament.
3. Family Name means nothing
One thing we should now understand is that the political seats should not be inherited just because a family member has been holding it down for years, we need to vote based on whether they can perform.
4. Bribery during Campaign season
Politicians have found out away of buying voters during elections, thats why they fight to get their salaries way too high so that they can recover what they spent, Electoral Commission should have high penalties for anyone known to pay voters to influence their decision. Also, Kenyans should understand that the politicians just want their votes and once they get back to parliament there is nothing they do apart from making technical appearances to parliament and spend most of their working days forming coalitions.


Dr. Stephen Kabera Karanja said...


Yes, we need to carry the message on electing clean and accountable leaders to all forums that we participate. Your views on who and how to elect leaders in the next general election are excellent and informative. The electorate should realise that the power of who and how they are ruled rest with them and it is them that can change the corrupt status quo. Keep up the good message.

Anonymous said...

Great Job, this is the information we need to pass to every kenyan if we want to succeed, it seems like we have been tied either to tribal politics/party politics rather than politics that can develop our country. It is my sincere hope that all young people are thinking like you Mr. Mathai, Keep pushing never feel like you are failing, you are the people we need on the front line,