Artur Margaryan Vs Kenya

Its the Artur's again, this time around its as serious as the first time that they were on press. If its true that he has the evidence in hard copy of senior government officials promising money to him to assassinate other politicians, then he himself should be sought and charged for conspiracy to commit murder.

The Government on the other had needs to release the Kiruki Commission of Inquiry report to the public. I believe that the commission might have never gotten the whole story since seems like the government was kind of interfering with the investigations, however, it will be necessary for us to know what they found out.

If what Artur is claiming is true, then even the girlfriend Wangui Mwai needs to be questioned by law enforcement. It sad that just because of who she is no one can dare touch her, question her or even try to seek information from her regarding Artur.

So if its true that the government had hired foreigners to come and commit such crimes, how many other local people does it have to do just that...kill, kidnap etc.

With that in mind, does it explain why of late there has been cold blood murders where people just walk in to someones house, shoot to kill, then walk out without stealing even a single penny? Does that mean that some people in government are coordinating this kind of illegal activities?


Land Clashes: Government needed

Its sad that at this time when majority of politicians are strategically aligning themselves so that they can win the forthcoming elections there are some citizens who are struggling just to make it to see another day.

Mt. Elgon area has been disastrous for too long and Government should come up with a lasting solution. What worries most is that it seems like its an organized army that is doing all this. If this issue is not addressed soon, the situation might get out of hand and spread to other areas of the country. I believe the government can afford to put more security measures in terms of personnel in this area, they need more than just the regular police force, We have an Army that is rarely used and this is the kind of the job they should be assigned to. If the Militia's are the ones fighting regular unarmed citizens, it would only be wise to put military that is better trained to handle the situation.

If its true that the militia are kidnapping young boys and women, don't you think this should be the first thing the government should be "hot" on? Mt. Elgon might sound far for most people and probably thats why they have not been given all the attention, let it be clear that those people there are Kenyan's too, they are human beings and need security from the government. If they let this to continue we might be looking at another Rwanda or Zaire, I agree with Bishop Mwana Nzeki that Internal Security Minister needs to be fired. If the clashes have been going on for more than five months what has he been doing? check out this clip from Red cross dated february 21st 2007

The Situation

The Mt. Elgon crisis continues to claim more lives. The current death toll is 89, of which 59 died directly from the clashes and another 30 from health and other complications arising from the conflict. In addition, over 104 people are currently nursing wounds sustained since the onset of the crisis. Over 1,122 houses have been razed to the ground leaving 32,361 people displaced. The spill over effect has seen the affected people running to the neighbouring districts of Bungoma and partly Busia. As the crisis is still ongoing more people continue to be displaced, while others continue to lose their lives and property. (click here to read rest of the story from relief web)


Project Uhuru 2.0

This Blog advocates for Youth to take leadership and now since Uhuru is still seeking for Presidency for the second time should the youth give him a chance. Mr Uhuru background is clean compared to other presidential candidates but he has failed massively when it comes to Management of a party that was left under his watch that has now come out crumbling.

I do feel like Mr Uhuru was one of those people that get excited about being appointed for a position and he failed to understand what was needed for him since he had been used to be spoon fed and advised on all matters by Daniel Moi. For him to have taken the position he had and misuse it one wonders what would have happened had he been elected the president.

I do believe he has learned from his mistakes and probably given another chance he would still be in Kanu and never would have joined ODM-K. His latest attacks on Daniel Moi for forsaking him and of his support for Kibaki leaves one to wonder why he is winning and he had known Moi's stand from the beginning.

One thing i have never understood Uhuru Kenyatta's of why he joined ODM-K and yet they are the same people who rejected him when he was appointed by the president Moi to go for the top seat. The same people who denied him that chance are the same people he is campaigning for, poor young man seems like he has no stand of his own and at times looks like he is just following the masses to always to a dead end.

Mr Uhuru, you are one of the strongest candidates, believe you are one and stop following the masses. You would have been just fine in Kanu, You would have recruited the youth, you would have built that party up from scratch and repair and fix it where it had been tarnished by Moi and your Dad, but again you failed. You have failed the youth, the same people who believed in you when they were calling you "project" we were calling you "Kamwana" we had seen the potential of new leadership.

For now, can we really take a chance and deploy Project Uhuru 2.0?