Musalia: He should stop tribal politics

Over the weekend Mr. Musalia a former vice president and Mr. Jirongo, the main guy from YK92 were on it again, coming to an agreement that they should nominate one of their tribesmen for the presidential seat. This makes me sick because someone like Musalia Mudavadi should know better that Kenya is beyond Luhya land.
As a Young politician (compared to the rest of them, he should be on the front line fighting for unity among Kenyans rather than aligning himself on tribal politics, As for Jirongo, there is nothing i can say about him, i dont think he has a chance of ever leading Kenya again even as an MP.
This is the time that we should start campaigning for a Kenyan to lead Kenya rather than a tribal chief to lead Kenya, we have already seen what the Last two presidents did and what Kibaki is doing by aligning himself with the Mt. Kenya Crew, this is not how its supposed to be i believe every Kenyan regardless of their tribe has an equal opportunity to be the president/leader.

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Anonymous said...

true that mr k. mathai musalia seems to be looking out for luhya's to support him come General Elections, he has lost credibility of ever leading Kenya. I believe he is the first ex vice president with no credentials