Thank You Kenyans

Thank you Kenyans who voted, supported or advocated for change in Kenya, regardless of what is going on we have shown that we are ready for change and thats what will go down in the books.

We have gotten rid of the most corrupt individuals from the parliament, we have voted for change and we will continue to monitor our politicians to make sure they deliver what they promised during campaigns.

With that in mind, lets now stop the looting, none of the leading leaders own these businesses, lets not be swayed by tribal politics, at the end of the day Kibaki or Raila sleeps in peace with guards watching, why do we want to hurt our neighbors, rob and destroy our place of employment, what are we going to do when its all over? we are the ones who will suffer. Advocate for peace and keep those updates coming via email seems thats the only way we can get information out

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