My two cents on PANU nominations

So its official thats its Raila vs Kibaki, that battle has been taken care of. What about the PANU MP's? Seems like majority of MP's especially those from the Central Province had hopped that the president will be on their party thus making it easier for them to rig their way in through nominations which means automatic re-election.

Thats why they are all around town now trying to figure out how the nominations will be handled. They are not the only one who are seeking mandate and i believe they should not be the only one who should be discussing this issue, every candidate who has declared interest and is a member of the affiliate parties should be invited to the meeting. The sitting MP's are not special and they should stop making decisions that only favor them.

If they come to me and I hope they do, this is what i would say:-

  1. Carry your own cross:- ODM is a threat, do a survey and see what you have done for the country or your constituency then decide to support a member of the affiliate party
  2. Development record pays:- You already have a name out there why are you fighting small battles, by now it should come automatic that people love you regardless of party
  3. Its our Country:- Whatever you decide on nominations process we do not care, we are a smarter and educated country and this time around we know what we want
So, with that i hope they will get their act straight and stop thinking that Kenyans care about party politics, we are beyond that.... we are for individuals who can take us places for the next five years

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