The leakage that Standard Newspaper reminds me of what we had to through when we were doing the Form Four exams atleast then we knew of leakage being in some sort of Mocks exam that some elite schools used to have and we would study hard based on those leakage of hear say. Its sad to know that after all the 4 years of study someone can just but the exam. It is disheartening to the students to know that someone already have access to the paper that they are going to do. It is sad that the government has not yet done anything yet considering the amount of information that is out there that the exam is already being sold.


All in all success to all the candidates and hope this ordeal will make them to be better Kenyans and help avoid this in the future when we take control



Njonjo has no place in Kenyan politics

It is sad to see Sir Charles Njonjo coming back to politics as a mediator while in the real sense its all about a grudge he has with Mr Kibaki. I respect him as an old man and the much I have read in HISTORY of Kenyan politics seems like he was important THEN. But this is a new generation, if he wants to give advice please do it behind closed doors we don’t want to be taken back to “change the constitution” era, I might be wrong but I believe that Sir Charles did play a big role in messing up the country then when he was Powerful. Days and years have passed and so have his political days, I don’t know whether there is anyone out there under 40 years who will listen to him, he has nothing to offer Kenyans if he has then he should have done that then.


Sir Charles, you might be as wealthy as it can ever be, but just enjoy your retirement, watch politics from the sides and wish the country the best don’t take any role because when you had a chance you messed up. As Kenyans we need to move forward, lets get new blood in politics, the more we keep getting Old Guards in politics the more we are not developing. There is so much in the world that we need to catch up and if we keep bringing 60+ old people into politics then we will always be kinda tribal and relying on old skills and techniques to manage the economy. I also believe that the old guards to some extent promote tribalism and are the most corrupt people.

Returning Grabbed land

Its good to see some people returning title deeds for land acquired illegally and more should be encouraged to do so. At the same time I do disagree with Mr Kibwana regarding not disclosing the names of people nor the land that they are returning title for. Since what was acquired was public land I do feel we should be made aware who returned what and of what size, this will not help us know who took what but at the same time cover bases just incase they are holding more lucrative peace of land that they don’t want to let go. Also I do disagree with the way government is ready to cut deals with land grabbers, this is just like making a deal with a thief who has stolen from you on what he should or should not keep.


Also since we already know what has been grabbed why don’t government repossess the land if that’s seems to hard to do then the land should be taxed higher.


Vision 2030 is a dream

I don’t know what to say about the vision 2030 that they are advocating right now, the Kenyan government has made me be the kind of person that believes in seeing. Not in a bad way but seems like every couple years they do come with poverty eradication programs that put us back instead of economically advancing us or should I say the people who are in the right place. Growing up there were so many projects that at that tender age, being a nyayo era kid, we were being told how the country will be so advanced come the year 2000, the government based their projects based on that year and beyond.


Some of the programs included

  1. Nyayo Projects ( the Taxi’s, The Bus, The Apartment deal, Tea Zones, etc)
  2. 8-4-4 system and Jua Kali Sector – The main idea was to make all kids productive and be like a stepping stone to being self reliant
  3. Nyayo Pioneer ---- I was at Nyayo Stadium to see the 1st Kenyan made car and am still waiting for the production
  4. 1997 Youth Harambeee……..Where did this money go? Plus there is more…..Women Devolopment Fund- anybody keeping track of this money???


With this in mind I just hope that vision 2030 is viable and not just another dream


Will ODM-Kenya Survive?

I seriously do hate these collaborations our leaders have tried to introduce to our system. To me this is just another way of the getting back to parliament since they already know that Kenyans vote as a block when it comes to party. However here comes the time that I really wonder if Raila and Kalonzo will work as a team once they decide who will be the torch bearer for the party. To me most of the leaders that have Joined ODM-Kenya are looking for ways to get back to parliament lets wait for party nominations and we will see who the die hard ODM-Kenya followers are.


Its great that ODM-K is trying to emulate ANC – South African and Labour Party – UK but to me these two parties do have a common agenda and seem to know what is going on. I cant write much on them but I do believe their leaders have remained solid even when they have lost party nominations. Our dear Kenyan leaders usually will swing two or maybe three parties so that they can be on the ballot paper…talk about being selfish.


But, If ODM-K will bring the long needed change of one political party that stands by what its advocating then more power to you leaders.



Linking Of Moi to Bribery

Linking of Daniel Moi our former beloved President and his personal Aide that they did receive $2 million Dollars in exchange for the duty free shops is sickening. I know as Kenyans we don’t want to live in the past but if the past affects our future then we need to do something. If this is just one of the Instances that International Court ruled in favor of Kenya, I do believe there many other deals that we might not be aware of just because the deals went through. Its sad that we just sit there and wait for outsiders to come and rescue us from mistakes our own people have benefited from.


The funny thing about it is that Kenyans know of what is happening and yet we don’t act…..I know why we don’t act, Fear of persecution……but for how long shall we be undermined? For how long shall we live in fear that if you say something about the government chances are you will disappear and never to be seen again? Lets keep them Dosier’s coming, the only problem is that even the Prosecutors and most government people, present and past are so deep tied into this corrupt deals one way or the other it seems to be the order of the day when one gets a position

Waruinge VS Raila

We all know Raila and his capabilities and what he has done for the Langata Constituency since 1992, however here comes another one bwana Waruinge who is feared for his Mungiki organization. Seems like he has an agenda for youth empowerment but my question is what kind of empowerment are we looking at here? This guy has made most people have that fear of unknown whenever you mention that his group will be assembling in a specific area, I remember when they started back in mid 90’s and they would hang out at the Nagara round about but that was then, times have changed….Will he use the kind of force he used to gain matatu routes to his command or he is going to be diplomatic? On the other hand we know Raila, apart from Mwenje in Embakasi I believe he also has an army of young men who would live and die for him. It is my sincere hope no matter the situation that may arise they don’t bring a showdown of physical mighty to Langata people, especially Kibera where I believe both parties will have significant support


Make Millions in 90days benefits paid

I don’t want to hate on someone’s luck but, being a Kenyan MP seems to be the in thing, Standard Newspaper gives the number of days that an active MP goes to parliament in a 12 month period is 90days. I know for sure some MP’s have not even made 60days in parliament yet they are the ones that keep complaining of the government not being competent, last time I checked (MPs correct if am wrong) you are the ones who compose the government, that’s why they call you lawmaker.


Just to understand this and again am not hating, there are so many people out there who don’t even get the three weeks off to be with their family, every day they are on the grind and they still don’t make as much and neither do they have the powers to ‘award’ themselves with the substantial paycheck.


Just as by the way what about the MP’s get a clocking card, would love to see them swipe in and out, so that they can get paid for the time they do….and then the weekends that they have to meet the constituents come up with a plan that will be approved and followed up on, I can assure you some MPs make technical appearances in their constituency so that they can keep the name that they are still around.


But am not hating it sounds like a really nice job!