Raila and the Hummer

Raila's Hummer(Like Nothing Else) seems to have brought him what he wanted most...some airtime.... and he has surely gotten that. With the steadmand group opinion polls placing him above Kalonzo, he surely does feel like the battle has been won.

Knowing Raila, he will use the publicity he is getting now to really push Kalonzo out of the way. Seems like he (Raila) has mastered a way that he is always "fresh" when it comes to news and there is no single day that passes without him being on the paper, to me he is more of what Daniel Moi did to the country, always making sure we keep informed of his whereabouts or is it that the media like him more?

But that does not mean thats its end of Kalonzo, since the opinion polls have placed him as the man to beat Kibaki. Since both of them are power hungry lets wait and see what will turn out, Raila has been chasing the presidency for some time now and I do not see him coming close to letting Kalonzo get the nominations easily.

Sometimes i do wonder if Kalonzo should have remained in the Government. Maybe he would have had a better chance of being a VP and eventually going for the big office for if he misses the nominations this time around that would be end of him chasing for accommodation at statehouse


Amos Wako and Corruption

How comes Mr. Wako dismisses all corruption cases that are either high profiled or those accused are presidents men? For the last 15 years or so, none of the high profiled politicians have been successfully been charged in the court of law without Amos Wako interfering.

How can we fight corruption when the AG is stopping such legal proceeding from going on. It just makes no sense for Kenya Anti Corruption Commission to go on with their work if their investigations can not be used against some of the powerful people.

Its no surprise that Wako has been retained by two presidents for his knowledge on covering up corruption cases. They are so many that one wonders why Wako has always got to interfere with high profile cases.

Again, this election year lets do the right thing, get new leaders in and away with the old and those who have overstayed in the offices.


Esther Wahome for Kasarani

Is this Good News or what!!! Good news are flowing from Kenya. What we have been campaigning for is fresh blood and young people to come up and vie for these seats. Kasarani Constituency, which is home to many has finally added one precious person to its list of contenders.

Esther Wahome of Kuna Dawa fame is making it happen and she has taken the next step and will be a contender for the forth coming elections. This is good news to all young people not because of her celebrity status but its time we got young people to power and definitely take our country to another level.

From my understanding and reviews that i have read on line, Esther Wahome is a Go Getter and will be able to run her campaign if given a chance. Maybe this is the ministry she needs to be in, Kasarani is diverse and have some poor areas of Mathare that seem to have been forgotten. Also, the living conditions of some areas are as pathetic as it can ever be and seems like every other MP that has come in always gets in parliament and they do not participate in developments again. Its my sincere hope that she will be able to deliver for the people of Kasarani........More power to you Girl, go get it.......we the young people are with you.

In the same constituency there is a 25 year old lady,
Wambui Mathai, she is a graduate of USIU and Will be vying for a Civic Seat. She is energized and believes that this is the year of change.

"Wamboh" as she is popularly known seem to understand the campaign on the ground having been one of the advisor's for the late Katama Mkangi.

Also she has been actively involved to see that the youths get to vote this coming elections.

Its a challenge for this two young ladies to be in the playing field of the big and mighty but this is the year of change. They will do it....... Hope all you Kasarani people out there take this opportunity seriously, lets get the ladies......

Its Girl Power in Kasarani, Its our hope that they will make it through and bring the much waited change in the constituency. This blog will continue supporting all young people running for the forth coming elections. If you are you can email me at


ODM Kenya true colors

Are you wondering like me whether ODM-Kenya politicians are sincere or just want to take Kenyans for a ride? Are you among the most of us who want "MAISHA BORA"?

Well, so much has been said about ODM-Kenya and seems like even the strongest supporters of the party now realize that ODM-Kenya is just another vehicle that is being used by some of the most corrupt leaders to swing them to power.

Well ODM-K has already started promising "positions" for its financiers and supporters. I just wonder what positions are available for grab. According to African Press Norway (APN), Gilbert Deya has confirmed that he will be appointed High Commissioner in London!!!

Dont give up yet, the presidential hopeful are leaning more towards a federal government, a government that will have a president, prime minister and two deputy vice presidents just does not make sense since if asked, the government should try to streamline on the cabinet and adding three or four more senior posts is not only straining to a developing economy but also grounds of civil calamity assuming the three leaders do not get a long. Thats why ODM-Kenya is being labeled "Power Hungry"

Also ODM-Kenya seems to have the most "influential" corrupt individuals that the country has ever witnessed, maybe the best in the world.....they have looted us and still come back with a straight face asking for our votes..... Most of them are the same people who were in Original Kanu and never wanted anything to do with multi party politics. People of the William Ruto kind should not even be allowed to address the crowd, i just wonder what people see in them.
The same group has people who have been adversely mentioned in corruption, election fraud, tribal clashes, etc. the list is just too long. What worries me most is the fact that some leaders refused to go to London because one of their own aka Mr. Ruto, was denied visa to Britain thus they acted in solidarity. Considering Mr. Ruto was denied visa (if thats true) because of his name being involved in so many corruption deals, then what the are telling us is that they condone corruption.

So Whats ODM- K all about? Making sure that few people and their friends get senior government employment?


Kenyan Bloggers are they a threat?

.....and the struggle continues....... I believe some politicians and powerful businessmen who have over the years enjoyed the fact that they are "Untouchable" by any media house due to the power, money and connections they have are now in fear and hate the mention of the word BLOG.

The way information has been passed down especially the Nation Media Scandal, is way too fast and the sad part to it according to the politicians and the "powerful" people is that its targeting majority of people who influence on making decisions. Their fear is that as technology is becoming more and more available to young people who in turn are using it to better their life and those of the ones they love. By so doing, the role of KBC, when it comes to government matters and that of Nation newspaper has been practically reduced. Kenyans now tend to read or hear information that will benefit and not one sided story.

Now this brings me to the scary part if Blogs are that dangerous is it true they might shutdown some websites from being visited in Kenya? Well, about a week ago, a fellow blogger who has a blog hosted at Wordpress told me that he could not access his site nor the wordpress site for about a day or two......whats scary about this is that the NMG Scandal is hosted at wordpress, was this a trial to see if they can block some internet sites or pretty much pre-approve what Kenyans can access on line?

With that in mind, are bloggers a threat?


Support for Stephen Muiruri

After reading today's Kumekucha Blog, am saddened that police and kenyan government is still harassing people yet claiming there is freedom of expression. As Kumekucha, explains in the article, we Bloggers have become a power to be recognized and government is aware of that especially with forthcoming elections. Lets support Mr Muiruri....

Thanks Kumekucha for the information


Did we forget Matiba and the rest

Its now 17 years since Matiba and Charles Rubia started the fire for multi-party politics. Matiba, Rubia and the rest sacrificed alot and are still suffering now from the torture they went through under Moi's regime.

But we are a nation that is so forgetful, a nation that dwell more on current politics while forgetting where we came from. I am now wondering when the current government or politicians will ever honor hero's like Matiba and Rubia who sacrificed all that they had for the benefit of the nation.

Do we have to wait for 50 years to recognize modern day hero's just like we remembered Field Marshall Kimathi with a statue a few weeks ago?

What about having a corner with just a name, not a statue, in the middle of the city to recognize such hero's like Matiba and the rest.

You will be surprised that most of the people who are now yelling they want to be president or go back to parliament are the same people who opposed Matiba with his vision of a democratic country.

I just hope that these kind of people would be recognized by the government and accorded with benefits for suffering and giving all their time so that we can be "liberalized"


Do Kenyans forget about corrupt leaders?

It now seems like to be corrupt is one way of claiming fame, am not hating on anybody but want to see Kenyans look at the facts then decide for them selves if am wrong or not.

This weekend was supposed to be "bonding" weekend for ODM-Kenya officials but some leaders pulled out when it became clear that Pastor "Miracle Babies" Deya was behind the financing of the meeting. He himself has not denied the fact that he was the major financier and he was doing that because he is an advocate/ staunch supporter of ODM-K. There is nothing wrong with one associating with which ever party they choose but as seems like ODM has too many of them corrupt people that he would have perfectly blended in.

Talk of Ruto, he is a young man but has dubious past. At this time, we keep advocating for young leaders and he perfectly fits that category but should we trust him? This is the man who with Daniel Moi, when he was president, formed Youth for Kanu 92 that was not only the torture arm of KANU but also the sole reason why Kenyan economy is the way it is. When he was leader of YK92 he managed to mobilize youth, paid them handsomely with money that they used to carry in briefcases together with Jirongo. Seems like we have forgotten this fact, that we cant trust our country's economy in his hands, he will just order money to be printed to bankroll his activities without understanding the economics and monetary logistics when it comes to having to much money in circulation. Would i be wrong that he used Moi to acquire the wealth and when he realized that Moi cant help him anymore he went on his own?

Have we forgotten that some of the leaders now also in ODM were mentioned in Kiliku report that they gave material support for ethnic cleansing? Are this the kind of people we want to give mandate over us, hand them power again so that we can be tortured, killed or even become landless just because we do not agree with their ideologies or because we are from a certain tribe or ethnic group?

Not that i trust the current administration but lets look deeper and see whether the same people who were in KANU are the same people now claiming to be fighting for the rights of KENYANS yet they did not see that when they were in power. What we need in Kenya is brand new leadership, lets start afresh and deal with problems of having new leaders in power rather than having all those politicians back for another term then we live in fear again.


Why Majimbo will never work for Kenya

Majibo (federal) government can never work for Kenya, this is based on the politics of the land and how the nation has been for the last 44 years. The Nationalist government has its down fall but it has kept Kenya politically stable. Federalism suits large countries or those with competing racial or religious identity problems and is widely prescribed for ethnically divided societies in Africa. As of now, any introduction of federalist kind of government is going to push for tribal politics and you know what that will lead to, tribal animosity and a repeat of Molo, Burn Forest and Coast in the 1990's.

In real sense, ordinary Mwananchi has nothing to gain from such setting of government, if the current leaders can not agree among themselves what will happen when one leader has a region and does not get along with the other one? Will not the citizen suffer?

Also, if we are trying to cut the cost of administration, Federal government is expensive since each region will require to have its own administration. At the moment i do not believe the country has that kind of money to establish such kind of government.

Lastly, those leaders who are pushing for Majimbo are looking for a way to be leaders of their own region. They are also trying to secure the region for their own personal gain and not for the community, in most cases they want to create family dynasty. I might be wrong but look around and see who is pushing for such administration and what they seem to gain.


ODM-K leaders not going to London

Kalonzo Musyoka, Uhuru Kenyatta, William Ruto and Julia Ojiambo faxed a statement to newsrooms announcing that they will not attend the London trip.

This is because they believe that the meeting has been "hijacked" by some named element.

With them not going, the only person left is Raila Odinga and Balala. Could this be a new coalition within ODM-K? Kalonzo, Uhuru and Ruto against Raila?

I would not be suprised to see LDP and Kanu (ya uhuru) merging again and becoming a force just before elections. Since the "bonding" mission has failed, (or is it some leaders in ODM-K cannot be cleared by British Immigration due to their corrupt background) does that mean that ODM-K is almost dead?

Safaricom MPESA taking Kenya to another level

On this blog i tend to be more political but at this time let me take a step back and talk about safaricom's Mpesa. As much as we have no idea who owns a 5% of the company and also much anticipated IPO sometime this year, this company is going to empower regular citizens who have no access to banks due to high fees that they do charge.

Safaricom and Celtel have realy been trying to win customers but what safaricom has now done will definitely put some banks that have been upcoming on the check. Also the whole idea that a cell phone can transfer money will also open other avenues of e-business that is still considered luxury shopping in this part of the world.

I can also for see safaricom taking place of western union and pushing POSTA both the banking part of it and money transfer business unit further out of the market. Also banks that have benefited from small scale traders might feel the effect of this giant entering the money market.

This is what technology can do for you, empower people directly and indirectly. I hope this will make the government understand that technology does not hurt economy but upgrades the people living in that society. I hope that with new MPESA, people will be able to venture to e-commerce and serve markets and people who would have never had or ever will touch a computer.

When i read Bankelele article regarding money transfer sometime back i could have never though that it will be that soon that majority of Kenyans will start benefiting from the idea of phone banking. I just hope that Safaricom will look into option of sending money on line to a cell phone then i can forget (and so many Kenyans abroad) about that trip to Western Union or Money Gram


ODM-Kenya : The Power Sharing plan

ODM-K leaders are to jet out of the country so that they can discuss the power sharing plan or should we say "bond". As a Concerned citizen, i feel that What ODM is doing behind closed doors is not only unfair to its supporters but to all Kenyans in general. What kind of government will they have if they have to go out of the country to "bond", or is it to structure what position one would get when they come to power?

So how will they decide who gets the most powerful post and who does not? Why do they have to do this and is it necessary? Does this mean they do not trust each other they have to come up with a power sharing plan even before they get nominated? So what happens to those who are not running for presidency yet are fully qualified to be leaders in the already assigned positions? Does this mean that Kenyans Will suffer in the hands of few people who want it all?

This brings up the next question of leadership, we all know Raila and his party hopping in search of presidency, to me i feel he wants nothing less than being a president or have a special prime minister post created just for him. If thats the case, then we need to know for i believe as much as Kenyans want change, very few of us are comfortable with a prime minister position. This is based on the fact that if they (Members of Parliament and Politicians) can never get along what would happen when the president tries to "fire" the prime minister because they have fallen apart? This is a disaster to Kenya and will fight to oppose it to the last drop and i know am not alone.

It would be great for ODM-K to let us know what kind of development, government structure or power sharing scheme they are talking about. After all, Kenya is not for just the selected few people who have the opportunity to mislead others for their own personal gains. We need to know so that we can judge for ourself if "Machungwa" is the right party for us or is just another Vehicle for never satisfied leaders.


Ngilu Tells It All

Earlier on had blogged about Mrs. Ngilu being a flip flopper and the trend seems to be continuing. Her current attack on the government that she is part of makes one wonder whether she has been there trying to Imagine that Baba Jimmy's government is all that but now she has seen the light.

This time Mrs. Ngilu brought to light what most Kenyans have been talking about regarding the current government in her own words she said that the government was comprised of "arrogant and corrupt and back-stabbing members".
As much as she is part of the government and she sounds like she is unhappy about being among the few people left in original NARC party, she does have a point about her colleagues and as much as they are demanding that she steps down for being outspoken, they should try and see whether what Mrs Ngilu said has some truth in it.

If its being Corrupt, Kibaki government promised that they will fight corruption but anglo leasing happened under their watch. Just like Moi's government, Kibaki found a way to push this matter through the legal system so that his friends that are accused of being corrupt can go home free. He might have fought the "small scale" corruption deals but the monster ones are still deeply rooted and he knows about this.

Mrs Ngilu said that the current cabinet members are just arrogant. This was interesting to hear coming from a person who is in the same cabinet with this arrogant ministers. Do we have to list the, we all know who they are. Some of them have taken the task of controlling the government as their own businesses and do not want to be answerable to anyone, so the claim that there is another "kitchen cabinet" within the Kibaki government is not shocking, we have already seen the signs that some decisions are made by MP's then rubber stamped by the president.

She might have said this at the wrong time when announcing her presidential ambitions but she should not apologize. She might be a loner in this male dominated field but she should be strong, not for her but for people who believe what she said was true. Most of us agree with her that we were disappointed by the president appointing Prof Ndungu and rejected Mrs Jecinter Mwatela who had been the acting CBK governer since suspension of Mr Mullei in March last year.


Is this the end of ODM-K?

Is there anything like merger of Kanu and LDP? Is not LDP a baby of Kanu under Raila? Did not they leave Uhuru in Kanu when Daniel Moi opted for Uhuru instead of Raila, had Daniel Moi opted for Raila would there have been ODM? Would there have been NARC?

So this is another end of ODM-K, Some reports are already out regarding Raila being the choice as presidential candidate (if you have not read yet read KUMEKUCHA). If this turns out to be true and he does not pick Kalonzo as the running mate then i do see the problem. The fact that they have already started discussing power sharing plan shows that some of the senior leaders have already started to pulling out of the deal.

Since most of the ODM members seem to be after one position, presidential and parliament, what will happen to then if they do not get the party nominations? Do you think that they will sit on the sidelines and wait for another five years to get back to parliament? ODM Members are some of the most corrupt/ unsatisfied / power hungry leaders in the country. They will do anything to make sure they get to parliament
under all costs.

Give it a couple of days now and see whats going to happen, all i can ask Kenyans is to vote wisely, vote for individual and not for the party, if all kenyans do this then most ODM leaders are in trouble for they are in the party hopping kenyans will vote as a block for the ORANGE