Minister Dzoro needs pay child support

Lets stop politics for a minute and address some of the issues that the Kenyan Politician seems to have forgotten, in today's Daily Nation there is an article about this MP who also happens to be a cabinet minister who does not want to take care of his responsibility. It is a shame how some of the Kenyan Politician want to use their position not to meet the basic obligation, I know there are many women out there who are not able to come out and claim parental responsibility from some of these politicians for fear of their life. The government should also come to the aid of such women and help them get the support needed to raise the kids that they have reproduced with their workers.

If a full cabinet minister of Tourism Mr Morris Dzoro cannot meet his obligation and has to be taken to court, what is he doing in the government? why does he have a leadership role and he has failed from the beginning? Leadership starts from home, and if he had accepted responsibility of the child when the kid was young why should he run away now when the Kid needs him more? I just wish someone could forward Mr.Dzoro an email just to remind him that as a father, the kid needs him more and also needs to be supported so that she can enjoy life just like other kids of cabinet ministers.

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