Did Kaparo favor Uhuru?

Despite Uhuru Kenyatta being ousted as Kanu Chairman he remains the Official Leader of Opposition in Parliament thanks to Ole Kaparo. The interesting part that people might not be thinking about is that Kaparo himself has been a Kanu member and it was Kanu that had helped him get the position back in 1992 and since then he has been seen as non partisan in the house. I wonder if this time he decided Uhuru's case based on his feelings and his stand for KANU.

Does this mean that Kaparo is still deep rooted in KANU and at this time he is going against his close friend Daniel Moi? Is this a landmark and a new life for Uhuru? or is he part of Uhuru project that dont want to admit they were wrong giving Kijana all the powers in the party? so the big question is...Is Kaparo in ODM-K or KANU?

However, i am glad he decided the case that way, the whole idea of someone doing a party coup over the weekend and on Tuesday becoming a leader in the parliament should not ever happen. Good Job Kaparo


Who is Behind the Political "Coups"?

Last couple days have been interesting on some kenyan politician, the first one was Raila Odinga claiming that he had helped several MP's to get nominations and thus wanted a favour back by them supporting him. This is absurd when we think that we have democracy and yet those people claiming to be championing democracy are the same ones who are behind rigging.

Then came the Kanu saga, apparently the man who can not even step into the United States soil because of his known corruption deals is now the chairman of KANU. Mr. Biwott financed the whole operation and saw him and his crew take over the party from Uhuru and other ODM-K crew. the sad part is how quick the registrar accepted the changes in the party even after Uhuru and the crew had written to him about the elections. Mr. Biwott had been of late been associated with New Kanu Political party and him going ahead and holding elections for KANU is suspicious, i just wonder whether we will be going back to the dark era if he is elected the president.

On the same not the government is on track to kick Mama Narc out of the party...she will be un wanted person in NARC. I do believe this is because of her flip flopping and her bashing the government that has continued to pay her for being a cabinet minister. ( See Ngilu: Flip Flopper)

With all this going on regarding political coups i wonder if NARC-K who seems to control the government have something to do with this so that they may win the next coming elections. For Raila and ODM-K, have they already designated who will be MP for where since seems like RAILA hooks up friends with "Jobs"? Is this the democracy we are fighting for? more election rigging and fixing of candidates? ODM-K is just another KANU of the 80's.


Musalia: He should stop tribal politics

Over the weekend Mr. Musalia a former vice president and Mr. Jirongo, the main guy from YK92 were on it again, coming to an agreement that they should nominate one of their tribesmen for the presidential seat. This makes me sick because someone like Musalia Mudavadi should know better that Kenya is beyond Luhya land.
As a Young politician (compared to the rest of them, he should be on the front line fighting for unity among Kenyans rather than aligning himself on tribal politics, As for Jirongo, there is nothing i can say about him, i dont think he has a chance of ever leading Kenya again even as an MP.
This is the time that we should start campaigning for a Kenyan to lead Kenya rather than a tribal chief to lead Kenya, we have already seen what the Last two presidents did and what Kibaki is doing by aligning himself with the Mt. Kenya Crew, this is not how its supposed to be i believe every Kenyan regardless of their tribe has an equal opportunity to be the president/leader.


Kenya's Most Corrupt

I have been thinking this for a long time. Should I go ahead and list names of people that i know have been involved in corruption in the last 20 years? someone told me this might be as dangerous as it can ever be but on the other hand i do believe that Knowledge is power and it is good for all of us to know who got what from where from Anglo leasing scandal to Goldberg not to forget all those in between. soon we will compile the top 100 corrupt Kenyans and hope this will surely help Kenyans know whom to vote for. I believe the corruption in Kenya is political and can be eradicated if we want. So who tops the list? lets start counting. Also let me know through email (confidential) or you can use comment tab

Ngilu: A Flip Flopper

I am always amazed by some of the politicians who one month say one thing and the next they say another. Mrs Ngilu, has finally fallen on this category of politicians who say anything to survive in this everchanging environement. One thing i do not understand her is when she says that the governement has failed in so many aspects and she still continues to be part of that government in her position as a cabinet minister.
Back in 1997, we knew her as one strong woman, who could battle other men who were considered as powerful but time has come where she has just become another politician. I do not think beyond her constituency there is anyone who would listen to her anymore. This was once a strong woman, I still admire how she is helping fight corruption and the way she has been devoted to work in the government even though she does not believe in it but time has now come for her to establish herself as a credible politician, if she wants to join ODM-Kenya then she should do it now and not wait for the election wave, is she still wants to be the mama rainbow then she should be more of a uniter between ODM-Kenya and Narc.


NARC Government has done nothing for the youth.

When the youth sang and danced “Yote ya wezekana bila Moi”, they had different perspective of how the new government will be like. Personally being under 30 years of age I expected to see more people of my age or older lets say till age of 45 being promoted to the government and them learning from the older folks for a better tomorrow. It was our sincere hope that the NARC Government under Kibaki’s banner will not only offer youth positions in the government but also come up with a plan to see that they are included in the development of the country.


Am sorry to say but seems the Government has forgotten about the youth, it has forgotten all the struggles we went through with Daniel Moi’s Government and that included and not limited to being jailed, tortured, tear gas chases in the city and surrounding and unlucky ones lost their lives so that we can get the old guards out. We celebrated that we were among the people who brought change to the government and the country as a whole but after the elections its seems like they just forgot about us.


Now the Government is composed of Elite friends, most of them senior citizens or if not just about to. Most of the people in the government are the same ones who were there in the 80’s and 90’s. Even the ones we suspected to be corrupt are being taken back to this government, they are being appointed as ministers. I am not bashing Kibaki and have utmost respect for the Mzee but what about us, you might not know us but we have young ones like us. If we wait till “tomorrow” for our turn and you know so well that during Moi’s time it took 26 years for tomorrow to come when shall we have leaders who are young and energetic to run the country. Maybe this is a trend that has been set and all we have is to follow wait till you are 50 some years to get a leadership position.


On the other hand we have ODM-Kenya, seems to be run by younger crew compared to the Kibaki’s government but at the same time most of the people in ODM K are the same ones that were under Moi, in short ODM is Kanu, Where do we run to now? Or shall we sing “Yote Ya Wezekana “ for the next 20 years before we get a chance?


Raila Story - Should we believe, part II

Well Raila has named names but all info that has been provided to us is that the people planning to Kill ODM-K Officials are a Cabinet Minister, Two senior police officers, a woman and Atur……yes, Atur the guy Interpol is looking for apparently is in Nairobi. That’s just scary, and I sympathize with Raila and fellow ODM-K. This is so sad considering the information Raila has given but at the same time I wonder whether it is credible and any action will be taken.


But I do have a feeling that he knows that Arturo is in the country and probably knows where he is staying (I would guess he is being hosted by the girlfriend) and has taken the whole issue of assassination for political gain because he will be able to get Arturo out of his hiding and by thus doing, we will consider his story to be credible. I don’t want to play politics on someone’s life but how many of us know that our life is in danger and we have no one to run to? He should be appreciative that he can go to the police and give a statement about his life being in danger, he knows Arturo is in the country and that a woman is involved in this whole saga….if it was me who went to Kilimani police, I guess you already know what would happen to this son of Mathai,


So most of the Blogs I have visited seem to come to this conclusion

1.       Raila is using this whole story for political gain

2.       Raila seems to have waited for the time the country’s security is in question to bring up his story

3.       Police should take action on information provided, if they don’t find it to be useful then son of Adonija should be accommodated by the government either in Kamiti or Industrial Area

4.        Kibaki Should be provided with the same information since it involves members of his cabinet and senior police officers.


But I really want to guess who the senior politician is, who the woman is and the senior police officers are……..can I go ahead or can u all help me with this?


Should we trust Raila on Assasin story

Sometimes politics gets out of hand and as they say it’s a dirty game. As for me it has come a time that I don’t trust the politicians anymore. For Mr. Raila to say that he knows his assassin that are to eliminate him and other ODM-K officials leaves me to wonder if this politicians are real or they are just saying stuff to scare people away and show how the country is insecure. If Mr. Raila cares much of the country then he should have gone to the police first let them investigate and then end up at the press. To me Mr. Raila, is just seeking attention, and I guess this time he has gone to far….but on the other hand, if my life and those of my friends was in danger then maybe I would take his approach, lets wait and hear who the people are, maybe he could have clue on so many murders that have happened in the past.


Mungiki VS Taliban

We have known Mungiki for sometime now, we have had sleepless nights for fear of this group of people, now here comes the time when the government again has slept on the job and here comes Taliban and now they have the fight for supremacy. This has been going on for a while but because the government seems to be one sided or rather supportive of Mungiki, that’s why nothing has been done yet.

Earlier on, on this blog, I had questioned intention of Waruinge and his intention to run in Langata for MP. I am now leaning on the believing side that Waruinge will instill fear on Kibera residents come election time, the government seems to be very aware of this character and are willing to support him no wonder he has a ‘Police cleared license to hold public meeting’ this Saturday in Kibera, I really want to know what he will be saying considering what’s going on in Mathare and latest reports Njiru area still in Nairobi.

I believe if the government does not do anything about these two groups there will be more bloodshed in Nairobi. It’s so sad that Mr. Kibaki, a resident of Nairobi have not said anything about security and in support of his neighbors in Mathare.

Politics aside, something needs to be done seriously to evade such skirmishes in the future, if what the press is reporting that some people in the government are supportive of the ongoing clashes they need to name them just don’t say powerful politician…..if its Michuki supporting Waruinge then say its so or give me the list and will definitely blog it…..coz when it comes to security and innocent people being killed for nothing, just for someone to claim supremacy...its just not fair

Entry of Religious Political Party

I don’t know how to handle this but it is kind of serious, this could be a good thing for Kenya or a divider. Back in the day when Khalid Balala wanted to register Islamic Party of Kenya (IPK) he was faced with opposition for we saw this as one way of trying to bring religion into politics something Kenyans had never thought of before. But now times have changed and Christians in Kenya want to partake in this new venture of politics with their own parties. So far I know of 4 parties Republican Alliance of Kenya, the Agano Party, the Wazalendo Party and the Neno Party.


It is good for us to have religious leaders leading the country in the right direction but I do see a problem where the church and state will never  be separated. There should be that border line where you as a citizen know what the church can do for you and what government role is. I do admire what church has done for Kenyan politics and the support they have given their followers when we were going through the dark era and it should remain so. Rev. Njoya of PCEA was the first person to ever pray for change in Kenyan politics when no one dared discuss of political parties in Kenyan and what he prayed for that January 1st 1990 has eventually been fulfilled. That’s why the church should not engage in elective politics but politics that will unite the country. If we let this to happen we will see every other preacherman that has excelled out in the streets coming up with political party maybe you will see parties like Former Uhuru Park Evangelical (FUPE) party of Kenya, etc


The Church should remain what it has always been for Kenyans, a place where we run for solace.


Kimunya should have tabled the names

There goes the government that is claiming to be fighting corruption not tabling the names of would be fraudsters. What happened with transparency and if that’s the case he is afraid that tabling the names in parliament will hinder investigations why did he bring up the matter in the first place? He should have done what the government is known to do anyway answer Mr Ojode that he will give a ministerial report in a months time. I do feel that the government will try to hide some of the names from the list….he should have given the list anyway since we the judicial system presumes one is innocent until proven guilty. Also by not giving names he is helping those to be fraud masters pay to get their names of the list. I believe there are more than 40 names on that list. Mr. Kimunya as a minister of the government appointed by the president who was elected by the people should have gone ahead and do the necessary without anyfear of persecution or fear that investigation will not be completed, my worry is what other investigation is there if this people have already presented invoices to be paid for work that they have not yet done?


Maybe they should consult Mr. D.T Moi and see whether he can organize a commission of inquiry to oversee the tenders were paid for job done.