Mungiki Again? Lets PRAY

.....Mungiki again!!! Am sick, tired and also scared for my fellow country men, brothers and sisters when we all have to undergo the mental torture of Mungiki and its satanic acts. I still do not understand how a human being can actually chop off another humans head and as they say drink the human blood as part of religion. I know its even harder for those of us who want to condemn this act but can not do so for fear of their own lives, fear of their afraid too but someone has to say something.

Am angry at politicians who are pointing fingers at each other instead of finding a solution of how this can come to an end.

Above all this, there is The Almighty God (and his son JESUS), and he does not sleep! He is watching and knows everything. He can stop anything, he is more powerful than an army of men, so, Lets all PRAY and remind him of our fears and seek his protection. What Government can not do GOD can do it. Lets PRAY KENYANS!!!!


Klara said...

Yeah! Am also thinkin Kenya needs serious prayers! What with all this misfortunates n rising insecurity everyday!!
Jesus Kenya needs u!!!

steve said...

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