Karua has given us the names what next?

At times I want to believe the government is trying to fight corruption, as much as it does this days naming the people it believes have been involved in some scrupulous deals but what amazes me the same people that have been mentioned are the same people we hear on radio, see on TV and read on print media the way they are anti corruption. Since we already know or rather the Government has an idea on who was behind the Anglo-leasing scandal, why don’t they take action? Is the Ksh 2.5m (equivalent $35,000) per month too little of a salary to pay Kenya Anti Corruption Commission chairman so that he can prosecute? If the government official in this case justice minister knew all along of the names of people who have been involved in this scandal alone then why has she kept quiet all this time?


This makes the case more complicated because of the names that she omitted that makes me wonder if the names Githongo gave last time and the ones she has mentioned are doctored, are they for political gain? Is this the way the government is going to fight ODM-Kenya? But still so, is a person like William Ole Ntimama been one of the presidents men earlier in his term? Did the president know what kind of people he was dealing with when he appointed them to cabinet? That’s why I keep on advocating that we DON’T VOTE FOT ANYBODY OVER 45 YEARS, this is serious now, more than ever and if we don’t do anything now when it comes time for us to lead we might be dealing with bankrupt government. With general elections being around the corner its high time we did something…..we need to run everyone running for elections their background and if someone has been in some kind of corrupt deal then we will not vote of the person….this is the time we stopped voting for a party since they are not living to the fulfillment of their manifesto, so why vote for the party? will try to seek more information on all young people under age of 45 that will be running for elections and will help do electronic mobilization and we believe 2007 is the year for young people, lets get the word out….email us if you ill be running for elections at  


Government Vs ODM-Kenya

Surely when will kenya have democracy? I am ashamed of the way the present govenment is handling ODM-Kenya issue, just to make it clear am not a supporter of ODM-Kenya neither do agree on one merging to form a union so as to make it back to parliament. I dont see why government should delay the registration of the party considering the government its self was once in the opposition. It is also a shame for the Vice President "Uncle" Moody to go telling the public that ODM-Kenya will not be registered. I do believe he oversteped his duties and should have let Registrar General address the nation and give reasons of why the movement cum turned party cannot be registered.

My other fear of governement failing to issue registration certificate to the party is the civil unrest that will hit major towns particularly Nairobi and Kisumu. If Narc-Kenya was registered in a day as the ODM-Kenya Officials claim, then why not register Kalonzo and the crew? Is the govenment scared that they might loose voters come elections next year? Mr Kibaki, are you taking us back where we came from (nyayo era)? Are you continuing doing what Moi tought you?

Uhuru's Flip Floping

Project Uhuru has let its creator down again! After what Moi did to Uhuru Kenyatta putting him on the lime light the Kijana has decided he is a Mzee and will make his own decision. I admired the Young Uhuru, even though i felt at the time he was not ready for presidency since chances are he would have been a puppet for the older and experienced politicians, he had a chance of making it but he has proved to be just like othe Kenyan politician switching parties and joining alliances so that they can secure themselves a seat in parliament. Didnt Uhuru learn anything during the last elections that most of those people who switched loyalty are no where now? Havent his friend Musalia Mudavadi advised him on that yet.....Musalia once a promising politician now no one even remembers he was a vice president.

No wonder a project that is not finished by its creator is hard to be completed by second party, because surely what Uhuru is doing is not right ODM already has its bigwigs and by him joining them is a sign that he can not be able to stand on his own, he has let pressure win him. Uhuru, you were one of the leaders we could call young and relate to but......u just acted like old guards, you might be loosing the confidence of young kenyans, am afraid. Talk to the project manager (Daniel Moi) and see if he can get you out of the mess you have put yourself into.


Obama was right about Corruption

I am shocked that the Kenyan Ambassador to the US Bwana Peter Oginga Ogego went ahead and wrote a letter to the Illinois Senator telling him that he was wrong for talking about corruption in Kenya. Bw Ogego should understand that Obama spoke out of his own experience during this visit and prior visit to Kenya. I wonder who Mr Ogego was refering to in his letter which he said and i quote "I hereby wish to communicate to you the displeasure and disappointment of the Government of Kenya, (Kenyan) Embassy in Washington DC, and majority of Kenyans, with regards to your recent utterances while in Kenya"(Standard Newspaper)

First of all :-

  1. Who are the majority of kenyans he is talking about? last time we checked on this we were all glad that he touched the sensitive subject and he said it infront of the right people.
  2. Disapointed? Mr Ogego, trully were you disapointed or this is what your employer has deemed fit for you to say, deep down do you think Senator was wrong? for telling it like it is? Wacha Mchezo
  3. Senator Obama is well loved here in the US as well as Kenya you calling his speech as a way of seeking "cheap publicity" i find that as offensive and YOU need to appologise...Yawa does anyone know you anyway Mr Ogego.... or you are trying to get a name for your self and ride high with Obama's name?
  4. So you thought Obama was being "NAIVE" about the way government has been fighting deeply rooted corruption....lets stop there and look at the Government.....first there was the Road Project....what happenened mheshimiwa? then came the Anglo leasing.... I know you will say the goverment is aware and working on we have the Armenian Case what will you say....and still you claim Obama is Naive?? Wake up boy, its time you came back to your senses and see the bright side Obama is trying to make kenya be
Am not bitter at you Mr Ogego, but next time you put a statement out there saying that "majority of kenyans" did not appreciate do an oppinion poll. But if the Majority of Kenyans are people like you who are connected to the government then i do see your position and sympathise with you

Raila Website

Have you looked have you looked at the resume? is this the man you want to be your president? the man who has been to almost every political party in kenya? even though he is considered King of Luo, is he worth all that hype? I know he has some die hards but do they follow him because of what he went through during Moi's governement or because of his father? I believe the only reason Raila get to be listened to is because there is no one from Nyanza region who has been able to step in his shoes as a leader. I dont believe he is charismatic.

To some extent he seems like he can be a dictator, he sounds ruthless and he has never made any development sense in his speech all along even when he was in the government he has been working and talking about this dream. I think he is self centered, even though he gave Kibaki the chance to run on NARC ticket, he did so expecting something....and that something (prime minister post) never came by. Apart from Nyanza and parts of Kibera in Langata Constituency, Mathare in Kasarani Constituency and maybe part of NEP i dont see where else in the country Raila can get votes from. He should forget about the Orange euphoria because one thing kenyans are good at is forgeting and they have already forgoten that Raila and the team won at that time.

My simple advice to Raila is

  1. to show the country that he is a serious man and dont care about being a leader.
  2. Be of a political party and be supportive even when he is not the Chairman of that party
  3. Accept what you have, accept you can not win all the time....bottom line accept
  4. Dont back bite and be out there looking for alliances to support your selfish ideas
Maybe when he understands that then he will be in a position to lead the country but he has to wait for another 10 years before he can even think of being elected as the president. You would be suprised how many people would prefer Kibaki back as the president than Raila but whom am i to judge..........lets wait for msema kweli