ODM-Kenya : The Power Sharing plan

ODM-K leaders are to jet out of the country so that they can discuss the power sharing plan or should we say "bond". As a Concerned citizen, i feel that What ODM is doing behind closed doors is not only unfair to its supporters but to all Kenyans in general. What kind of government will they have if they have to go out of the country to "bond", or is it to structure what position one would get when they come to power?

So how will they decide who gets the most powerful post and who does not? Why do they have to do this and is it necessary? Does this mean they do not trust each other they have to come up with a power sharing plan even before they get nominated? So what happens to those who are not running for presidency yet are fully qualified to be leaders in the already assigned positions? Does this mean that Kenyans Will suffer in the hands of few people who want it all?

This brings up the next question of leadership, we all know Raila and his party hopping in search of presidency, to me i feel he wants nothing less than being a president or have a special prime minister post created just for him. If thats the case, then we need to know for i believe as much as Kenyans want change, very few of us are comfortable with a prime minister position. This is based on the fact that if they (Members of Parliament and Politicians) can never get along what would happen when the president tries to "fire" the prime minister because they have fallen apart? This is a disaster to Kenya and will fight to oppose it to the last drop and i know am not alone.

It would be great for ODM-K to let us know what kind of development, government structure or power sharing scheme they are talking about. After all, Kenya is not for just the selected few people who have the opportunity to mislead others for their own personal gains. We need to know so that we can judge for ourself if "Machungwa" is the right party for us or is just another Vehicle for never satisfied leaders.

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Joe said...

True to that we need to know what kind of sharing plan they are talking about we do not want to be surprised after elections especially by Raila