Scandals: What did the government know

KACC man justice Ringera has spoken. He has advised you all to forget about ever recovering any money that was looted from the government since in Kenya there is a "statute of Limitations" which says that funds can be recovered within three years incase of theft and six years for fraud cases.

This means that anything that happened under Daniel Moi's watch can never be recovered. If thats is the case why has the government continued to follow up on Kamlesh Pattni knowing that the law does not guarantee that the funds will be returned?

Also, the timing of Ringera's story raises question since we already know that most of the people who have been adversely mentioned in corrupt cases are either senior government officials, political parties/ individual financiers and their family members. This leaves one to wonder whether he is protecting some people just incase the government changes hands. Also, his announcement raises question on how the government will then dispose all those cases that they are holding from NSSF scandal, BIMA insurance, etc etc.
If thats the case, and the government knows of limitations can't they reverse the rules to apprehend the corrupt people? Is that the case why most corruption cases takes years before they are brought for mention in a case of law? does that explain why AG office delays KACC prosecutions?

There is more to this, I believe its a cover-up.

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