Thank You Kenyans

Thank you Kenyans who voted, supported or advocated for change in Kenya, regardless of what is going on we have shown that we are ready for change and thats what will go down in the books.

We have gotten rid of the most corrupt individuals from the parliament, we have voted for change and we will continue to monitor our politicians to make sure they deliver what they promised during campaigns.

With that in mind, lets now stop the looting, none of the leading leaders own these businesses, lets not be swayed by tribal politics, at the end of the day Kibaki or Raila sleeps in peace with guards watching, why do we want to hurt our neighbors, rob and destroy our place of employment, what are we going to do when its all over? we are the ones who will suffer. Advocate for peace and keep those updates coming via email seems thats the only way we can get information out


Biwott & Mwiraria Visa Saga

Its with much welcome we do acknowledge the declaration by the British Embassy that Biwott, Mwiraria and the Charterhouse bank brothers that they are not wanted in the U.K. however, my worry is does this solve anything regarding corruption?

Maybe it does, maybe it will force them to write checks and withdraw all the money they have stashed in united kingdom and transfer somewhere else or bring it back to Kenya. What is really needed for U.K Government is to provide more information regarding financial status of the said individuals there. It is believed that they do hold bank accounts that have millions of shillings that could do wonders if returned to the country.

I sincerely hope that this is just the beginning of good things to come. For so long our country has been robbed by these politicians and they protected their wealth far away from our beloved land, they have continued to immense power around them and therefore have become untouchable by law or man, they have become the "New Law" brandishing new titles like "powerful politician" .



vote corruption out

Time has come, its now less than 8 days before we get rid of all corrupt officials, this might be hard because they are using their money (the same cash that they stole from electorates) to campaign hard. It's so sad to see how much some of these politicians are dishing out in cash form to entice the voter.

Well, i believe time has come, the voter is more educated and knows what he/she wants. I know there are big things to come and for me to celebrate on this forum, i believe most of the MP's who served either in the 8th or 9th parliament will not make it. If possible am hopping for new blood, lets get new MP's out there and let them learn how to run and manage the parliament as well as the authority that has been placed on them.

So pass the word around, VOTE CORRUPTION OUT........ its not about leadership its about what they will do with authority