Raila: Myths Vs Facts

Thanks to you Kenyanomics, for your educative and informative thoughts regarding Raila Odinga (click here to read), well someone else has left a comment, wish they were not anonymous and thought i should share with you. This PERSON gives Raila a C - (minus) on leadership and an F on his parliamentary seat. below is a copy of his thoughts

MYTH:Raila Fans are DIE HARDS - It does not matter what he says, does or wants. They will still be behind him faithfully.
FACT: Maybe his longtime fans but this is yet to be seen.
MYTH:Raila loves Gadgets - This means that the IT and as Country looks forward for to achieve the 2030 vision, he is poised as the best candidate to deliver.
FACT: Loving gadgets doesn't translate automatically the country moving forward, it goes beyond this.
MYTH: Raila has sacrificed - For over 20 years Raila has sacrificed his life, time and desires so that we can achieve the freedom we have today, be it press freedom or freedom of association since MOI and CO. tried to take this away.
Raila is ambitious - well i do not know what else to add here
FACT: A lot of people have sacrificed but we can't reward all of them with the Presidency.
MYTH:Raila would be a good representative abroad - well am not sure about this but he seems to be well connected and knows people who might help the country economically.
FACT: That will depend entirely on his record in governance and style, so far in his parliamentary seat he gets an F and in his ministry of energy he get a C-.


sirya said...

You are wrong about Raila because if it was you you will definetly Retaliate.Dont blame Raila Blame the Shame Emilio Has as an Economics and very Educated He shouldn't have done a stupid thing like that Raila Has not incited any one he has followers and in this case Emilio has to watch out,Emilio should Even thank Raila for making His Dream of Becoming a president come True,Kibaki as you call him has Planted a seed Of TRIBALISM which will never be Weeded It will always Remain ,He has shown how power Hungry he was.Waswahili Husema "amani haiji ila kwa Incha Ya Upanga"Basi asubiri,Kenya never New That this old man Called Kibaki was a very Mean Person like this.

Onduru SB said...

Raila odinga the best leader in the kenyan political scene!may the AlMighty God be with him always!Amen

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