Minister Dzoro needs pay child support

Lets stop politics for a minute and address some of the issues that the Kenyan Politician seems to have forgotten, in today's Daily Nation there is an article about this MP who also happens to be a cabinet minister who does not want to take care of his responsibility. It is a shame how some of the Kenyan Politician want to use their position not to meet the basic obligation, I know there are many women out there who are not able to come out and claim parental responsibility from some of these politicians for fear of their life. The government should also come to the aid of such women and help them get the support needed to raise the kids that they have reproduced with their workers.

If a full cabinet minister of Tourism Mr Morris Dzoro cannot meet his obligation and has to be taken to court, what is he doing in the government? why does he have a leadership role and he has failed from the beginning? Leadership starts from home, and if he had accepted responsibility of the child when the kid was young why should he run away now when the Kid needs him more? I just wish someone could forward Mr.Dzoro an email just to remind him that as a father, the kid needs him more and also needs to be supported so that she can enjoy life just like other kids of cabinet ministers.


Waruinge: Another Kenyan Problem

Waruinge is turning to be a disaster in Kenya, I have blogged in the past about this guy and his intentions to run for a political seat in Langata. Over the weekend we all know what he said, this is a man who has no respect for the law or life of other Kenyans. I have questioned his intentions from day one when he publicly announced about his wishes of running in Langata.
His harsh remarks over the weekend shows that he is not stopping there and he will continue to use force whether we like it or not, he already have his army on the ground and has nothing to loose, if we let this guy take over I would not want to imagine how the country will be like. But on the other hand, I think he has something against Raila, this is more personal than political. To me, Waruinge wants to dismantle the Youth that Raila have been using to disrupt other people's meetings in the city. This is more of Taliban VS Mungiki now on the political side.

We all know Raila is not a saint and he should stop pretending that what is happening in his constituency had nothing to do with him, people on the ground are also blaming Raila's Jeshi for staring the fight to what would have been a peaceful meeting. Both Raila and Waruinge should stop using young unemployed people to achieve their political ambitions. Its the youth that suffer, young families left with out bread winners, etc... and what do politicians do after paying them pennies for dirty jobs, nothing, nothing to support their families when they die in "line of duty". Kenyans youth should be educated to shun out violence no matter who is supporting what because at the end of the day, those politicians are no where to be seen.


The Kenya We Want part 1

As the year winds up, we need to reflect more on Kenyan elections now less than 13 months away. Every Kenyan has a dream of a better Kenya, maybe more that the 2030 dream but for us to achieve this we need to do some sort of cleaning the house for a better future. We know that Kenyans are hardworking with or without aid from IMF we have survived, we have been retrenched from our jobs, totured by the Moi and Company, corruption has become order of the day but we still yearn to see another day. Some of the things we need to do includes
1. Voting for Corrupt Members of Parliament out
We know who is corrupt, we know who was in Moi Government, most of them who are in the current parliament have been included in some sort of corruption deals in their carrer, lets get new blood.
2. Vote for person not Party
We seem to vote as a block, we need to vote for a person based on his development agenda and not based on their political affiliation. we have seen in the last 10 years some of the strongest KANU members (example J.J. Kamotho and Company) start rooting for other parties yet they were the ones who were on the fore front to fight opposition, another example is Raila Odinga who has been in more parties and coalition more than any other sitting member of parliament.
3. Family Name means nothing
One thing we should now understand is that the political seats should not be inherited just because a family member has been holding it down for years, we need to vote based on whether they can perform.
4. Bribery during Campaign season
Politicians have found out away of buying voters during elections, thats why they fight to get their salaries way too high so that they can recover what they spent, Electoral Commission should have high penalties for anyone known to pay voters to influence their decision. Also, Kenyans should understand that the politicians just want their votes and once they get back to parliament there is nothing they do apart from making technical appearances to parliament and spend most of their working days forming coalitions.


Uhuru vs Biwott: Project gone burst

Mr. Biwott, one of supporters for project uhuru finally wants to take control of the failed project and he is using all the force we know him of....from the police officers to Electoral Commission Of Kenya. Earlier on today, Nairobi was like when KANU was in power (should i say when Biwott was in power), those who came to support their beloved KANU were faced by Kibaki's government boys ready to chafua them.

This was all done to protect Mr.Biwott who accidentally happens to be Mr. Kibaki's new found friend, thanks to Daniel Moi for linking them up. The role of Biwott is to take care of project since the creator of it has no idea what has happened. The little boy he trusted is all matured up and can finally think on his own and he has chosen to hang out with people who deserted him when he needed them the most.

This is just the bigining i know Uhuru might have friends in high places (Kaparo and Gedion Moi) but will they be able to get him out of the fix? with the way things are going Mr. Arap Moi might destroy the project like it never existed, if i was Uhuru i would be worried about making it in Gatundu.... for i for see him loosing that seat and if that happens he will die politically


Did Kaparo favor Uhuru?

Despite Uhuru Kenyatta being ousted as Kanu Chairman he remains the Official Leader of Opposition in Parliament thanks to Ole Kaparo. The interesting part that people might not be thinking about is that Kaparo himself has been a Kanu member and it was Kanu that had helped him get the position back in 1992 and since then he has been seen as non partisan in the house. I wonder if this time he decided Uhuru's case based on his feelings and his stand for KANU.

Does this mean that Kaparo is still deep rooted in KANU and at this time he is going against his close friend Daniel Moi? Is this a landmark and a new life for Uhuru? or is he part of Uhuru project that dont want to admit they were wrong giving Kijana all the powers in the party? so the big question is...Is Kaparo in ODM-K or KANU?

However, i am glad he decided the case that way, the whole idea of someone doing a party coup over the weekend and on Tuesday becoming a leader in the parliament should not ever happen. Good Job Kaparo


Who is Behind the Political "Coups"?

Last couple days have been interesting on some kenyan politician, the first one was Raila Odinga claiming that he had helped several MP's to get nominations and thus wanted a favour back by them supporting him. This is absurd when we think that we have democracy and yet those people claiming to be championing democracy are the same ones who are behind rigging.

Then came the Kanu saga, apparently the man who can not even step into the United States soil because of his known corruption deals is now the chairman of KANU. Mr. Biwott financed the whole operation and saw him and his crew take over the party from Uhuru and other ODM-K crew. the sad part is how quick the registrar accepted the changes in the party even after Uhuru and the crew had written to him about the elections. Mr. Biwott had been of late been associated with New Kanu Political party and him going ahead and holding elections for KANU is suspicious, i just wonder whether we will be going back to the dark era if he is elected the president.

On the same not the government is on track to kick Mama Narc out of the party...she will be un wanted person in NARC. I do believe this is because of her flip flopping and her bashing the government that has continued to pay her for being a cabinet minister. ( See Ngilu: Flip Flopper)

With all this going on regarding political coups i wonder if NARC-K who seems to control the government have something to do with this so that they may win the next coming elections. For Raila and ODM-K, have they already designated who will be MP for where since seems like RAILA hooks up friends with "Jobs"? Is this the democracy we are fighting for? more election rigging and fixing of candidates? ODM-K is just another KANU of the 80's.


Musalia: He should stop tribal politics

Over the weekend Mr. Musalia a former vice president and Mr. Jirongo, the main guy from YK92 were on it again, coming to an agreement that they should nominate one of their tribesmen for the presidential seat. This makes me sick because someone like Musalia Mudavadi should know better that Kenya is beyond Luhya land.
As a Young politician (compared to the rest of them, he should be on the front line fighting for unity among Kenyans rather than aligning himself on tribal politics, As for Jirongo, there is nothing i can say about him, i dont think he has a chance of ever leading Kenya again even as an MP.
This is the time that we should start campaigning for a Kenyan to lead Kenya rather than a tribal chief to lead Kenya, we have already seen what the Last two presidents did and what Kibaki is doing by aligning himself with the Mt. Kenya Crew, this is not how its supposed to be i believe every Kenyan regardless of their tribe has an equal opportunity to be the president/leader.


Kenya's Most Corrupt

I have been thinking this for a long time. Should I go ahead and list names of people that i know have been involved in corruption in the last 20 years? someone told me this might be as dangerous as it can ever be but on the other hand i do believe that Knowledge is power and it is good for all of us to know who got what from where from Anglo leasing scandal to Goldberg not to forget all those in between. soon we will compile the top 100 corrupt Kenyans and hope this will surely help Kenyans know whom to vote for. I believe the corruption in Kenya is political and can be eradicated if we want. So who tops the list? lets start counting. Also let me know through email (confidential) or you can use comment tab

Ngilu: A Flip Flopper

I am always amazed by some of the politicians who one month say one thing and the next they say another. Mrs Ngilu, has finally fallen on this category of politicians who say anything to survive in this everchanging environement. One thing i do not understand her is when she says that the governement has failed in so many aspects and she still continues to be part of that government in her position as a cabinet minister.
Back in 1997, we knew her as one strong woman, who could battle other men who were considered as powerful but time has come where she has just become another politician. I do not think beyond her constituency there is anyone who would listen to her anymore. This was once a strong woman, I still admire how she is helping fight corruption and the way she has been devoted to work in the government even though she does not believe in it but time has now come for her to establish herself as a credible politician, if she wants to join ODM-Kenya then she should do it now and not wait for the election wave, is she still wants to be the mama rainbow then she should be more of a uniter between ODM-Kenya and Narc.


NARC Government has done nothing for the youth.

When the youth sang and danced “Yote ya wezekana bila Moi”, they had different perspective of how the new government will be like. Personally being under 30 years of age I expected to see more people of my age or older lets say till age of 45 being promoted to the government and them learning from the older folks for a better tomorrow. It was our sincere hope that the NARC Government under Kibaki’s banner will not only offer youth positions in the government but also come up with a plan to see that they are included in the development of the country.


Am sorry to say but seems the Government has forgotten about the youth, it has forgotten all the struggles we went through with Daniel Moi’s Government and that included and not limited to being jailed, tortured, tear gas chases in the city and surrounding and unlucky ones lost their lives so that we can get the old guards out. We celebrated that we were among the people who brought change to the government and the country as a whole but after the elections its seems like they just forgot about us.


Now the Government is composed of Elite friends, most of them senior citizens or if not just about to. Most of the people in the government are the same ones who were there in the 80’s and 90’s. Even the ones we suspected to be corrupt are being taken back to this government, they are being appointed as ministers. I am not bashing Kibaki and have utmost respect for the Mzee but what about us, you might not know us but we have young ones like us. If we wait till “tomorrow” for our turn and you know so well that during Moi’s time it took 26 years for tomorrow to come when shall we have leaders who are young and energetic to run the country. Maybe this is a trend that has been set and all we have is to follow wait till you are 50 some years to get a leadership position.


On the other hand we have ODM-Kenya, seems to be run by younger crew compared to the Kibaki’s government but at the same time most of the people in ODM K are the same ones that were under Moi, in short ODM is Kanu, Where do we run to now? Or shall we sing “Yote Ya Wezekana “ for the next 20 years before we get a chance?


Raila Story - Should we believe, part II

Well Raila has named names but all info that has been provided to us is that the people planning to Kill ODM-K Officials are a Cabinet Minister, Two senior police officers, a woman and Atur……yes, Atur the guy Interpol is looking for apparently is in Nairobi. That’s just scary, and I sympathize with Raila and fellow ODM-K. This is so sad considering the information Raila has given but at the same time I wonder whether it is credible and any action will be taken.


But I do have a feeling that he knows that Arturo is in the country and probably knows where he is staying (I would guess he is being hosted by the girlfriend) and has taken the whole issue of assassination for political gain because he will be able to get Arturo out of his hiding and by thus doing, we will consider his story to be credible. I don’t want to play politics on someone’s life but how many of us know that our life is in danger and we have no one to run to? He should be appreciative that he can go to the police and give a statement about his life being in danger, he knows Arturo is in the country and that a woman is involved in this whole saga….if it was me who went to Kilimani police, I guess you already know what would happen to this son of Mathai,


So most of the Blogs I have visited seem to come to this conclusion

1.       Raila is using this whole story for political gain

2.       Raila seems to have waited for the time the country’s security is in question to bring up his story

3.       Police should take action on information provided, if they don’t find it to be useful then son of Adonija should be accommodated by the government either in Kamiti or Industrial Area

4.        Kibaki Should be provided with the same information since it involves members of his cabinet and senior police officers.


But I really want to guess who the senior politician is, who the woman is and the senior police officers are……..can I go ahead or can u all help me with this?


Should we trust Raila on Assasin story

Sometimes politics gets out of hand and as they say it’s a dirty game. As for me it has come a time that I don’t trust the politicians anymore. For Mr. Raila to say that he knows his assassin that are to eliminate him and other ODM-K officials leaves me to wonder if this politicians are real or they are just saying stuff to scare people away and show how the country is insecure. If Mr. Raila cares much of the country then he should have gone to the police first let them investigate and then end up at the press. To me Mr. Raila, is just seeking attention, and I guess this time he has gone to far….but on the other hand, if my life and those of my friends was in danger then maybe I would take his approach, lets wait and hear who the people are, maybe he could have clue on so many murders that have happened in the past.


Mungiki VS Taliban

We have known Mungiki for sometime now, we have had sleepless nights for fear of this group of people, now here comes the time when the government again has slept on the job and here comes Taliban and now they have the fight for supremacy. This has been going on for a while but because the government seems to be one sided or rather supportive of Mungiki, that’s why nothing has been done yet.

Earlier on, on this blog, I had questioned intention of Waruinge and his intention to run in Langata for MP. I am now leaning on the believing side that Waruinge will instill fear on Kibera residents come election time, the government seems to be very aware of this character and are willing to support him no wonder he has a ‘Police cleared license to hold public meeting’ this Saturday in Kibera, I really want to know what he will be saying considering what’s going on in Mathare and latest reports Njiru area still in Nairobi.

I believe if the government does not do anything about these two groups there will be more bloodshed in Nairobi. It’s so sad that Mr. Kibaki, a resident of Nairobi have not said anything about security and in support of his neighbors in Mathare.

Politics aside, something needs to be done seriously to evade such skirmishes in the future, if what the press is reporting that some people in the government are supportive of the ongoing clashes they need to name them just don’t say powerful politician…..if its Michuki supporting Waruinge then say its so or give me the list and will definitely blog it…..coz when it comes to security and innocent people being killed for nothing, just for someone to claim supremacy...its just not fair

Entry of Religious Political Party

I don’t know how to handle this but it is kind of serious, this could be a good thing for Kenya or a divider. Back in the day when Khalid Balala wanted to register Islamic Party of Kenya (IPK) he was faced with opposition for we saw this as one way of trying to bring religion into politics something Kenyans had never thought of before. But now times have changed and Christians in Kenya want to partake in this new venture of politics with their own parties. So far I know of 4 parties Republican Alliance of Kenya, the Agano Party, the Wazalendo Party and the Neno Party.


It is good for us to have religious leaders leading the country in the right direction but I do see a problem where the church and state will never  be separated. There should be that border line where you as a citizen know what the church can do for you and what government role is. I do admire what church has done for Kenyan politics and the support they have given their followers when we were going through the dark era and it should remain so. Rev. Njoya of PCEA was the first person to ever pray for change in Kenyan politics when no one dared discuss of political parties in Kenyan and what he prayed for that January 1st 1990 has eventually been fulfilled. That’s why the church should not engage in elective politics but politics that will unite the country. If we let this to happen we will see every other preacherman that has excelled out in the streets coming up with political party maybe you will see parties like Former Uhuru Park Evangelical (FUPE) party of Kenya, etc


The Church should remain what it has always been for Kenyans, a place where we run for solace.


Kimunya should have tabled the names

There goes the government that is claiming to be fighting corruption not tabling the names of would be fraudsters. What happened with transparency and if that’s the case he is afraid that tabling the names in parliament will hinder investigations why did he bring up the matter in the first place? He should have done what the government is known to do anyway answer Mr Ojode that he will give a ministerial report in a months time. I do feel that the government will try to hide some of the names from the list….he should have given the list anyway since we the judicial system presumes one is innocent until proven guilty. Also by not giving names he is helping those to be fraud masters pay to get their names of the list. I believe there are more than 40 names on that list. Mr. Kimunya as a minister of the government appointed by the president who was elected by the people should have gone ahead and do the necessary without anyfear of persecution or fear that investigation will not be completed, my worry is what other investigation is there if this people have already presented invoices to be paid for work that they have not yet done?


Maybe they should consult Mr. D.T Moi and see whether he can organize a commission of inquiry to oversee the tenders were paid for job done.


The leakage that Standard Newspaper reminds me of what we had to through when we were doing the Form Four exams atleast then we knew of leakage being in some sort of Mocks exam that some elite schools used to have and we would study hard based on those leakage of hear say. Its sad to know that after all the 4 years of study someone can just but the exam. It is disheartening to the students to know that someone already have access to the paper that they are going to do. It is sad that the government has not yet done anything yet considering the amount of information that is out there that the exam is already being sold.


All in all success to all the candidates and hope this ordeal will make them to be better Kenyans and help avoid this in the future when we take control



Njonjo has no place in Kenyan politics

It is sad to see Sir Charles Njonjo coming back to politics as a mediator while in the real sense its all about a grudge he has with Mr Kibaki. I respect him as an old man and the much I have read in HISTORY of Kenyan politics seems like he was important THEN. But this is a new generation, if he wants to give advice please do it behind closed doors we don’t want to be taken back to “change the constitution” era, I might be wrong but I believe that Sir Charles did play a big role in messing up the country then when he was Powerful. Days and years have passed and so have his political days, I don’t know whether there is anyone out there under 40 years who will listen to him, he has nothing to offer Kenyans if he has then he should have done that then.


Sir Charles, you might be as wealthy as it can ever be, but just enjoy your retirement, watch politics from the sides and wish the country the best don’t take any role because when you had a chance you messed up. As Kenyans we need to move forward, lets get new blood in politics, the more we keep getting Old Guards in politics the more we are not developing. There is so much in the world that we need to catch up and if we keep bringing 60+ old people into politics then we will always be kinda tribal and relying on old skills and techniques to manage the economy. I also believe that the old guards to some extent promote tribalism and are the most corrupt people.

Returning Grabbed land

Its good to see some people returning title deeds for land acquired illegally and more should be encouraged to do so. At the same time I do disagree with Mr Kibwana regarding not disclosing the names of people nor the land that they are returning title for. Since what was acquired was public land I do feel we should be made aware who returned what and of what size, this will not help us know who took what but at the same time cover bases just incase they are holding more lucrative peace of land that they don’t want to let go. Also I do disagree with the way government is ready to cut deals with land grabbers, this is just like making a deal with a thief who has stolen from you on what he should or should not keep.


Also since we already know what has been grabbed why don’t government repossess the land if that’s seems to hard to do then the land should be taxed higher.


Vision 2030 is a dream

I don’t know what to say about the vision 2030 that they are advocating right now, the Kenyan government has made me be the kind of person that believes in seeing. Not in a bad way but seems like every couple years they do come with poverty eradication programs that put us back instead of economically advancing us or should I say the people who are in the right place. Growing up there were so many projects that at that tender age, being a nyayo era kid, we were being told how the country will be so advanced come the year 2000, the government based their projects based on that year and beyond.


Some of the programs included

  1. Nyayo Projects ( the Taxi’s, The Bus, The Apartment deal, Tea Zones, etc)
  2. 8-4-4 system and Jua Kali Sector – The main idea was to make all kids productive and be like a stepping stone to being self reliant
  3. Nyayo Pioneer ---- I was at Nyayo Stadium to see the 1st Kenyan made car and am still waiting for the production
  4. 1997 Youth Harambeee……..Where did this money go? Plus there is more…..Women Devolopment Fund- anybody keeping track of this money???


With this in mind I just hope that vision 2030 is viable and not just another dream


Will ODM-Kenya Survive?

I seriously do hate these collaborations our leaders have tried to introduce to our system. To me this is just another way of the getting back to parliament since they already know that Kenyans vote as a block when it comes to party. However here comes the time that I really wonder if Raila and Kalonzo will work as a team once they decide who will be the torch bearer for the party. To me most of the leaders that have Joined ODM-Kenya are looking for ways to get back to parliament lets wait for party nominations and we will see who the die hard ODM-Kenya followers are.


Its great that ODM-K is trying to emulate ANC – South African and Labour Party – UK but to me these two parties do have a common agenda and seem to know what is going on. I cant write much on them but I do believe their leaders have remained solid even when they have lost party nominations. Our dear Kenyan leaders usually will swing two or maybe three parties so that they can be on the ballot paper…talk about being selfish.


But, If ODM-K will bring the long needed change of one political party that stands by what its advocating then more power to you leaders.



Linking Of Moi to Bribery

Linking of Daniel Moi our former beloved President and his personal Aide that they did receive $2 million Dollars in exchange for the duty free shops is sickening. I know as Kenyans we don’t want to live in the past but if the past affects our future then we need to do something. If this is just one of the Instances that International Court ruled in favor of Kenya, I do believe there many other deals that we might not be aware of just because the deals went through. Its sad that we just sit there and wait for outsiders to come and rescue us from mistakes our own people have benefited from.


The funny thing about it is that Kenyans know of what is happening and yet we don’t act…..I know why we don’t act, Fear of persecution……but for how long shall we be undermined? For how long shall we live in fear that if you say something about the government chances are you will disappear and never to be seen again? Lets keep them Dosier’s coming, the only problem is that even the Prosecutors and most government people, present and past are so deep tied into this corrupt deals one way or the other it seems to be the order of the day when one gets a position

Waruinge VS Raila

We all know Raila and his capabilities and what he has done for the Langata Constituency since 1992, however here comes another one bwana Waruinge who is feared for his Mungiki organization. Seems like he has an agenda for youth empowerment but my question is what kind of empowerment are we looking at here? This guy has made most people have that fear of unknown whenever you mention that his group will be assembling in a specific area, I remember when they started back in mid 90’s and they would hang out at the Nagara round about but that was then, times have changed….Will he use the kind of force he used to gain matatu routes to his command or he is going to be diplomatic? On the other hand we know Raila, apart from Mwenje in Embakasi I believe he also has an army of young men who would live and die for him. It is my sincere hope no matter the situation that may arise they don’t bring a showdown of physical mighty to Langata people, especially Kibera where I believe both parties will have significant support


Make Millions in 90days benefits paid

I don’t want to hate on someone’s luck but, being a Kenyan MP seems to be the in thing, Standard Newspaper gives the number of days that an active MP goes to parliament in a 12 month period is 90days. I know for sure some MP’s have not even made 60days in parliament yet they are the ones that keep complaining of the government not being competent, last time I checked (MPs correct if am wrong) you are the ones who compose the government, that’s why they call you lawmaker.


Just to understand this and again am not hating, there are so many people out there who don’t even get the three weeks off to be with their family, every day they are on the grind and they still don’t make as much and neither do they have the powers to ‘award’ themselves with the substantial paycheck.


Just as by the way what about the MP’s get a clocking card, would love to see them swipe in and out, so that they can get paid for the time they do….and then the weekends that they have to meet the constituents come up with a plan that will be approved and followed up on, I can assure you some MPs make technical appearances in their constituency so that they can keep the name that they are still around.


But am not hating it sounds like a really nice job!


Karua has given us the names what next?

At times I want to believe the government is trying to fight corruption, as much as it does this days naming the people it believes have been involved in some scrupulous deals but what amazes me the same people that have been mentioned are the same people we hear on radio, see on TV and read on print media the way they are anti corruption. Since we already know or rather the Government has an idea on who was behind the Anglo-leasing scandal, why don’t they take action? Is the Ksh 2.5m (equivalent $35,000) per month too little of a salary to pay Kenya Anti Corruption Commission chairman so that he can prosecute? If the government official in this case justice minister knew all along of the names of people who have been involved in this scandal alone then why has she kept quiet all this time?


This makes the case more complicated because of the names that she omitted that makes me wonder if the names Githongo gave last time and the ones she has mentioned are doctored, are they for political gain? Is this the way the government is going to fight ODM-Kenya? But still so, is a person like William Ole Ntimama been one of the presidents men earlier in his term? Did the president know what kind of people he was dealing with when he appointed them to cabinet? That’s why I keep on advocating that we DON’T VOTE FOT ANYBODY OVER 45 YEARS, this is serious now, more than ever and if we don’t do anything now when it comes time for us to lead we might be dealing with bankrupt government. With general elections being around the corner its high time we did something…..we need to run everyone running for elections their background and if someone has been in some kind of corrupt deal then we will not vote of the person….this is the time we stopped voting for a party since they are not living to the fulfillment of their manifesto, so why vote for the party? will try to seek more information on all young people under age of 45 that will be running for elections and will help do electronic mobilization and we believe 2007 is the year for young people, lets get the word out….email us if you ill be running for elections at  


Government Vs ODM-Kenya

Surely when will kenya have democracy? I am ashamed of the way the present govenment is handling ODM-Kenya issue, just to make it clear am not a supporter of ODM-Kenya neither do agree on one merging to form a union so as to make it back to parliament. I dont see why government should delay the registration of the party considering the government its self was once in the opposition. It is also a shame for the Vice President "Uncle" Moody to go telling the public that ODM-Kenya will not be registered. I do believe he oversteped his duties and should have let Registrar General address the nation and give reasons of why the movement cum turned party cannot be registered.

My other fear of governement failing to issue registration certificate to the party is the civil unrest that will hit major towns particularly Nairobi and Kisumu. If Narc-Kenya was registered in a day as the ODM-Kenya Officials claim, then why not register Kalonzo and the crew? Is the govenment scared that they might loose voters come elections next year? Mr Kibaki, are you taking us back where we came from (nyayo era)? Are you continuing doing what Moi tought you?

Uhuru's Flip Floping

Project Uhuru has let its creator down again! After what Moi did to Uhuru Kenyatta putting him on the lime light the Kijana has decided he is a Mzee and will make his own decision. I admired the Young Uhuru, even though i felt at the time he was not ready for presidency since chances are he would have been a puppet for the older and experienced politicians, he had a chance of making it but he has proved to be just like othe Kenyan politician switching parties and joining alliances so that they can secure themselves a seat in parliament. Didnt Uhuru learn anything during the last elections that most of those people who switched loyalty are no where now? Havent his friend Musalia Mudavadi advised him on that yet.....Musalia once a promising politician now no one even remembers he was a vice president.

No wonder a project that is not finished by its creator is hard to be completed by second party, because surely what Uhuru is doing is not right ODM already has its bigwigs and by him joining them is a sign that he can not be able to stand on his own, he has let pressure win him. Uhuru, you were one of the leaders we could call young and relate to but......u just acted like old guards, you might be loosing the confidence of young kenyans, am afraid. Talk to the project manager (Daniel Moi) and see if he can get you out of the mess you have put yourself into.


Obama was right about Corruption

I am shocked that the Kenyan Ambassador to the US Bwana Peter Oginga Ogego went ahead and wrote a letter to the Illinois Senator telling him that he was wrong for talking about corruption in Kenya. Bw Ogego should understand that Obama spoke out of his own experience during this visit and prior visit to Kenya. I wonder who Mr Ogego was refering to in his letter which he said and i quote "I hereby wish to communicate to you the displeasure and disappointment of the Government of Kenya, (Kenyan) Embassy in Washington DC, and majority of Kenyans, with regards to your recent utterances while in Kenya"(Standard Newspaper)

First of all :-

  1. Who are the majority of kenyans he is talking about? last time we checked on this we were all glad that he touched the sensitive subject and he said it infront of the right people.
  2. Disapointed? Mr Ogego, trully were you disapointed or this is what your employer has deemed fit for you to say, deep down do you think Senator was wrong? for telling it like it is? Wacha Mchezo
  3. Senator Obama is well loved here in the US as well as Kenya you calling his speech as a way of seeking "cheap publicity" i find that as offensive and YOU need to appologise...Yawa does anyone know you anyway Mr Ogego.... or you are trying to get a name for your self and ride high with Obama's name?
  4. So you thought Obama was being "NAIVE" about the way government has been fighting deeply rooted corruption....lets stop there and look at the Government.....first there was the Road Project....what happenened mheshimiwa? then came the Anglo leasing.... I know you will say the goverment is aware and working on we have the Armenian Case what will you say....and still you claim Obama is Naive?? Wake up boy, its time you came back to your senses and see the bright side Obama is trying to make kenya be
Am not bitter at you Mr Ogego, but next time you put a statement out there saying that "majority of kenyans" did not appreciate do an oppinion poll. But if the Majority of Kenyans are people like you who are connected to the government then i do see your position and sympathise with you

Raila Website

Have you looked have you looked at the resume? is this the man you want to be your president? the man who has been to almost every political party in kenya? even though he is considered King of Luo, is he worth all that hype? I know he has some die hards but do they follow him because of what he went through during Moi's governement or because of his father? I believe the only reason Raila get to be listened to is because there is no one from Nyanza region who has been able to step in his shoes as a leader. I dont believe he is charismatic.

To some extent he seems like he can be a dictator, he sounds ruthless and he has never made any development sense in his speech all along even when he was in the government he has been working and talking about this dream. I think he is self centered, even though he gave Kibaki the chance to run on NARC ticket, he did so expecting something....and that something (prime minister post) never came by. Apart from Nyanza and parts of Kibera in Langata Constituency, Mathare in Kasarani Constituency and maybe part of NEP i dont see where else in the country Raila can get votes from. He should forget about the Orange euphoria because one thing kenyans are good at is forgeting and they have already forgoten that Raila and the team won at that time.

My simple advice to Raila is

  1. to show the country that he is a serious man and dont care about being a leader.
  2. Be of a political party and be supportive even when he is not the Chairman of that party
  3. Accept what you have, accept you can not win all the time....bottom line accept
  4. Dont back bite and be out there looking for alliances to support your selfish ideas
Maybe when he understands that then he will be in a position to lead the country but he has to wait for another 10 years before he can even think of being elected as the president. You would be suprised how many people would prefer Kibaki back as the president than Raila but whom am i to judge..........lets wait for msema kweli


Does Kenya need any political party?

Since the scrap of section 2(a) of the Kenyan constitution, i can say i have seen alot and so have sobber minded kenyans. To my belief and the rest of my countrymen if not the world, one joins a political party that best fits one interest as well as belief, its like religion, alot can be said about another religion but one never changes and if they do, chances are they will never convert back.

However, the scenario in Kenya at this time is different. The parliament has become business venture and one has to be associated with the best "product" (in this case party) to be able to make it. The whole MARKET (political atmosphere) is now based on liasons as well as mergers just months now to the next general elections.

I am politicaly confused, politicians whom we thought were against corruption and all dirty deals government officials were doing are the same one who are advocating for mergers and "democratic movements". Whats so sickening is that the same people who are there claiming government has failed and thus need for democratic movement are the same people who were there and forced us to believe that KANU was the best. This are the same people who ruined the economy by awarding themselves contracts to government and never accomplish what they contract to do...and if they do... u already know what i will write.

The whole idea of Kanu (original Kanu), New Kanu (Biwotts Kanu) and LDP (Kamothos Kanu) plus other former government supporters like Raila claiming to unite to form UDM - Kenya is nothing but a scam by this elite politicians. Just look at the lineup of those unions and tell me whats the difference now than 20 years ago.....maybe the only difference is Kibaki is missing on UDM list......he is on the other side with his other supporters.

Now comes the question....why do i have to belong to a political party and the avarage life time of one is turning to be 1 year? When shall we stop being pulled into this political routing where we follow a leader not the principles? What happened to Opposition fighting for the better of the country and being "people's watchman"?

The whole scenario is sickening, NARC-Kenya, UDM-Kenya, Whatever party will come up after the leaders of this party dont agree is at your expense kenyans, this people are on a business mission, check their bank statement and how much they are rolling to keep you fooled.


Why cant i fly the Flag

Is it in Kenya or other african countries are like that? Why cant i show my patriotsm by displaying the kenyan flag when driving down Uhuru highway? aint this one of the freedoms we should be enjoying? Why would a chief arrest me for raising my beloved country flag? What status does one get from riding in a car with a flag? Cant we all enjoy that?

The last couple of years have seen Kenyans start wearing the Kenyan Flag Gear this gives one pride of his/her country mostly for those living abroad.

As they talk of Minimum Constitution, can someone push this one in for me Freedom to fly Kenyan Flag and we shall know then that we are totaly free


Narc-Kenya another KANU?

Its amazing, interesting and heartbreaking to see what extent this politician will do to get back to the parliament and waste another 5years being paid to do nothing. Political parties in kenya have become like a sells when the market share goes down they change the brandname and sell it again to the public. the same people who are now leading Narc-Kenya are the same people who formed Democratic Part (DP) so that they could spoil for FORD that was so popular at the time...roumer has it that Daniel Moi actually planted Kibaki and John Keen to get the Kikuyu and mount Kenya region vote split..enough said of that....the same DP people decided not to follow Kenneth Matiba call that Kenyans boycot the 1997 elections unless we have constitutional reforms, 10 years later DP is in power that has not happened.....The same DP people were the last ones to join the Rainbow coalition so that we could get Moi out of power and when they got in as NARC, Kibaki made sure that his old friends at KANU got the best jobs......he calls it government of national unity thats why he has KANU elected MPs in his cabinet ...look closely at the people who have been apointed to government, they are all from old regime, his financial supporters and best friends.

Now comes Narc-Kenya, just like a product in the supermarket its being advertised as "better and improved" whith them getting exposure they needed in the just concluded elections they have taken another step further just like KANU....announcing Defectors, i guess their big catch would be Kamotho

Young MP's

With just concluded elections that were duped "mini-general elections" thats saw 2 young guys make it to the august house does that mean that Kenyans have finaly realised that we have been taken for a ride for too long by the older crew? Is it a sign that the majority of kenyans who are of age 18-42 finaly agreed to go out and vote or is everyone tired of the majority of MP's who claim to be influential and yet they have achieved nothing for their constituents.

Its amazing what most of this people have promised the country and amount of wealth they have accumulated for themselves in the last year. It is becoming realy hard to trust everyone in the current governement...sometimes i wonder whether its us (commong Mwananchi) that have higher expectation or is it that what ever we want government just cant achieve it.

Kibaki and the crew have realy let the whole nation down, i wish we can get all new leaders lets say from corporate world, college lecturers, local people on the ground who are aware of what is going on and put them on position to lead. It has come to a point that all the leaders we know today were there 20years ago....what does this mean? we are not developing.....the new ideas that they bring is all about division and everyone wanting to be the next president!!! if in 20years they have not brought any development, 20 years they have been accumulating wealth and enjoying luxurious life at expense of other kenyans, 20 years of being driven around...never taken public means to know how people exatly commute or live, 20 years of hanging uptown....never been past Tom Mboya St. towards grogon then we need to get them out.


Vote All MP's OUT

According to Daily Nation a research done by IRI shows that 54.2 current MP's will be jobless. Why cant kenyans get each and every MP out that has not perfomed in the last 5 years, some of the member of parliament already know that they are the favourites in their town and only show up during campaign season and never to be seen again. Its high time we seeked more information from this MP's on what they have done in the last 3 years (so far). some have just enjoyed the sitting allowance and hefty salaries they have set aside for themselves and the only time they get heard doing anything constructive is when they are in Mombasa on a conference talking how they will win the next elections. What happened to the developments you promised? Why are they looking for tenders yet they are among the well paid people in the world, at almost $10,000 a month plus alowances, security and house help+ couple cars to drive you around town since they never make it upcountry is definately not a bad deal. Would like to see development conciuous people get elected. What about we say anyone over age of 50 not to be elected this time round get young people who will take our country to the next level

Anglo Leasing Scandal

So what will will happen to the Scandal, will Artur case overshadow the investigation and prosecution the goverment had assured kenyans will continue...what do you think