Project Uhuru 2.0

This Blog advocates for Youth to take leadership and now since Uhuru is still seeking for Presidency for the second time should the youth give him a chance. Mr Uhuru background is clean compared to other presidential candidates but he has failed massively when it comes to Management of a party that was left under his watch that has now come out crumbling.

I do feel like Mr Uhuru was one of those people that get excited about being appointed for a position and he failed to understand what was needed for him since he had been used to be spoon fed and advised on all matters by Daniel Moi. For him to have taken the position he had and misuse it one wonders what would have happened had he been elected the president.

I do believe he has learned from his mistakes and probably given another chance he would still be in Kanu and never would have joined ODM-K. His latest attacks on Daniel Moi for forsaking him and of his support for Kibaki leaves one to wonder why he is winning and he had known Moi's stand from the beginning.

One thing i have never understood Uhuru Kenyatta's of why he joined ODM-K and yet they are the same people who rejected him when he was appointed by the president Moi to go for the top seat. The same people who denied him that chance are the same people he is campaigning for, poor young man seems like he has no stand of his own and at times looks like he is just following the masses to always to a dead end.

Mr Uhuru, you are one of the strongest candidates, believe you are one and stop following the masses. You would have been just fine in Kanu, You would have recruited the youth, you would have built that party up from scratch and repair and fix it where it had been tarnished by Moi and your Dad, but again you failed. You have failed the youth, the same people who believed in you when they were calling you "project" we were calling you "Kamwana" we had seen the potential of new leadership.

For now, can we really take a chance and deploy Project Uhuru 2.0?


Sue said...

Politics is a dirty game my dear... And our project went into it without actually knowing how dirty it was, so he probably got himself so dirtied.. Am hoping by the time we're in the next elections, he will all armoured..
:.Just Sue .:

Klara said...

Am also into the youth taking over leadership! It's time we took over n supported people like Uhuru who I believe when given a chance can take this country to a different level.
I think It's time the youth embraced the fact that they too are capable of gorvernin this country...
Good Post

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nice site...cant say much about my namesake without reading the post but happens when u dont follow politics.....again nice layout though...