Kibaki should speak of insecurity

2007 being an election year there is so much at stake and government should be more upfront on advising Kenyans on what is going on. Every single day there seems to be major bank robbery, car jerking and cold murders yet their is nothing coming out of the president yet he swore to protect the country. Mr. Kibaki should at least show some concern that he is aware of what is going on in the country.

More emphasis should be put on the witness protection program that was signed to law early this year so that citizens can freely pass information to the police. This is easily said than done for no one trusts the Police, how can you trust them and when you go to report a crime you become a suspect, chances are you will be tortured, framed and locked in. There is need to have total reform for Kenya Police to be effective.

My Condolences to the families of Prof Bwayo of University of Nairobi, Mr. Rageru a businessman in Kiserian and the lady who could not get of her safety belt fast enough. May God give you peace during this difficult time


egm said...

You are too gentle on Kibaki. He shouldn't just show concern. He should ACT. Showing concern will mean nothing to those whose lives are shattered. Heck, acting now won't do a thing either. But acting will ensure others don't have to go through this in future. This whole thing has me foaming mad. Pole for the rant.

kenya imagine said...

violent crimes in Nairobi are part of a bigger problem. Nairobi has one of the widest income gaps in the world explains-- economic disparity among other things

Wambui said...

DAng!!!! I cant even comment on what feelings this stirs inside me! Keep keeping on though @Kenyaonly!