Time for Old Politician to Retire

Why do some people retire from civil service or private sector to join politics? Is it because they have acquired wealth and feel like they can take a chance on politics, is it for social status or a calling?

Well, thats hard to tell but one thing that is for sure is that some of these politicians need to be at home enjoying their retirement and days of hard work. Some of these politicians have been in politics for over 30 years and they have nothing to offer to the country, their ideas and goals do not seem to match that of current world. They might have adviser's but if your adviser is as old as you are what new information are you bringing to the table.

Just like in civil service and private sector, these politicians should retire humbly like what Nyachae has proposed to do at the end of the 9th Parliament term, retire and enjoy time with their grand kids. What happened to the days the elders taught the young one's how to "run the show"? Are our politicians that power hungry or money thirsty? Well, if its money thirsty, how much is enough? People like Biwott and Karume have acquired unmentionable amount of money in the last 30 years and yet they are still fighting to get back to parliament. Well they need to retire: Some of them include:-

  1. Njenga Karume
  2. Nick Biwott
  3. G. G. Kariuki - 1937
  4. John Michuki - 1931
  5. Tobias Ogur - 1937
  6. William Ole Ntimama - 1930
  7. Abdi Sasura - 1928
  8. David Mwiraria - 1938
ETC....ETC....ETC, were it not for development record that Kibaki has had for the last 5 years, he would have been on the list, Am also wondering if people like Saitoti, Raila, etc should retire after 10th parliament term is over


My two cents on PANU nominations

So its official thats its Raila vs Kibaki, that battle has been taken care of. What about the PANU MP's? Seems like majority of MP's especially those from the Central Province had hopped that the president will be on their party thus making it easier for them to rig their way in through nominations which means automatic re-election.

Thats why they are all around town now trying to figure out how the nominations will be handled. They are not the only one who are seeking mandate and i believe they should not be the only one who should be discussing this issue, every candidate who has declared interest and is a member of the affiliate parties should be invited to the meeting. The sitting MP's are not special and they should stop making decisions that only favor them.

If they come to me and I hope they do, this is what i would say:-

  1. Carry your own cross:- ODM is a threat, do a survey and see what you have done for the country or your constituency then decide to support a member of the affiliate party
  2. Development record pays:- You already have a name out there why are you fighting small battles, by now it should come automatic that people love you regardless of party
  3. Its our Country:- Whatever you decide on nominations process we do not care, we are a smarter and educated country and this time around we know what we want
So, with that i hope they will get their act straight and stop thinking that Kenyans care about party politics, we are beyond that.... we are for individuals who can take us places for the next five years


Kibaki and PNU ( Party of National Unity)

Finaly, Kibaki has decamped the party that brought him to power to join Party of National Unity (PNU). With him being the only presidential candidate, it is unclear whether PNU will sponsor any parliamentary or civic seats in forthcoming elections. Basing on information being gathered now, seems like Kibaki might be the only elected leader in the party for others have to fight for their own to get elected to parliament.

To some extent, this is beneficial to many first time politicians for now they can join a party of their own choice and campaign hard without the fear of the electorate voting on a three piece suit.

Even though managing multiple parties will be difficult thanks to the experience from ODM-K (that one of Raila and Kalonzo) and NARC ( when all of them were RAINBOW COALITION), at least the voters will have a better view of the individuals rather than political parties that have for the longest harbored thugs and corrupt officials and have given them a guarantee back to parliament.

I believe that most politicians especially those who were pushing for NARC-Kenya will have a hard time trying to convince the voters that Kibaki is with them, for central, Eastern and Rift Valley Provinces, Kibaki's decision to join a non-partisan party will boost unknown politicians to the limelight for all they have to do is campaign for themselves and in doing so, push for Kibaki Votes.

In real sense, Kibaki will be getting more campaign done by the civic and parliamentary candidates, he might not have to campaign as hard in some regions due to the overwhelming support he is already receiving. Money Wise, best placed, since will have like 16 candidates in almost every constituency campaigning for him, what else could you ask for if you were Kibaki?


Young Women Aspirants being threatened

Well, you might heard about the Meru incident where a lady aspirant was attacked couple of days ago, well, this is not the only incident. It seems it is now happening almost everyday to Women aspiring candidates from parliament to civic level

Couple of weeks ago, a Kenyan Lady Celebrity whom I will not name for security reasons and an Aspiring Civic candidate in Nairobi were attacked where they were robbed and threatened that the aspiring candidate should quit.

Also, Still in Nairobi another lady aspirant was attacked even though she is taking it as just another robbery, questions are up in the air since it seemed that the attackers knew her well and knew her intentions of trying to have a meet the people tour in coming days.

Seems like male counterparts are afraid especially of these young and upcoming ladies who believe in equality and competitive politics.

I wonder what the Police are doing on such crimes!! Its a shame if these crimes are being orchestrated by aspiring men, Well politics is a dirty game but do not inflict pain/suffering to gain competitive edge


Understanding Raila Odinga

Well, last couple of days have been talking with friends about Raila possible potential as a president and there are few important information I gathered from these people and would like to share.

  1. Raila Fans are DIE HARDS - It does not matter what he says, does or wants. They will still be behind him faithfully
  2. Raila loves Gadgets - This means that the IT and as Country looks forward for to achieve the 2030 vision, he is poised as the best candidate to deliver
  3. Raila has sacrificed - For over 20 years Raila has sacrificed his life, time and desires so that we can achieve the freedom we have today, be it press freedom or freedom of association since MOI and CO. tried to take this away.
  4. Raila is ambitious - well i do not know what else to add here
  5. Raila would be a good representative abroad - well am not sure about this but he seems to be well connected and knows people who might help the country economically. Even if he does not make for president i would love to see him placed in a position that he can be able to tap funds from abroad.
What do you think?


RAILA: Still Far From Presidency

First of all let me congratulate Raila Odinga on his nomination as the Presidential Candidate on ODM ticket. It has been a tough year for him trying to get Kalonzo of his back and he finally did what he does best.....start another party.

I have nothing against Raila and actually I do appreciate all he did for Kenyans during the second liberation for democracy. Very few individuals would have undergone what he went through and still dine in the same table as he did with President Moi. However, he still lacks leadership tactics and am still afraid of what would happen if he was the president. His Russia schooling do not scare me much but his failure to accept defeat or challenge makes me wonder what would happen if he was the president.

At times i think he would be better than Moi, sometimes i think he would be worse. I am afraid that he would control every aspect of the government and manipulate the civil servants such that it will be Raila country and anyone who objects would surely suffer.

Also, his style of leadership and what they are proposing with other ODM "pentagon leaders" leaves me to wonder whether our country has that kind of money to pay couple vice presidents and a prime minister if we still want to achieve the 2030 vision. His "Government" seems to forget that there is a budget to be met, but with people like Ruto being proposed as the prime minister ( remember the YK92 and inflation that followed?)...then who cares about the money being circulated. Also, the choice of Musalia Mudavadi as the running mate makes me question the legibility of that government. Musalia Mudavadi was Minister for Finance during Moi Era and yet there is nothing we can talk of him apart from more corruption saga's.

Well, am not like Moi, I haven't decided who will get my support for presidency and am still weighing these politicians. Maybe the 1,000 plus bloggers who visit this blog a month will help me decide.....and maybe i will make it public