Minister Dzoro needs pay child support

Lets stop politics for a minute and address some of the issues that the Kenyan Politician seems to have forgotten, in today's Daily Nation there is an article about this MP who also happens to be a cabinet minister who does not want to take care of his responsibility. It is a shame how some of the Kenyan Politician want to use their position not to meet the basic obligation, I know there are many women out there who are not able to come out and claim parental responsibility from some of these politicians for fear of their life. The government should also come to the aid of such women and help them get the support needed to raise the kids that they have reproduced with their workers.

If a full cabinet minister of Tourism Mr Morris Dzoro cannot meet his obligation and has to be taken to court, what is he doing in the government? why does he have a leadership role and he has failed from the beginning? Leadership starts from home, and if he had accepted responsibility of the child when the kid was young why should he run away now when the Kid needs him more? I just wish someone could forward Mr.Dzoro an email just to remind him that as a father, the kid needs him more and also needs to be supported so that she can enjoy life just like other kids of cabinet ministers.


Waruinge: Another Kenyan Problem

Waruinge is turning to be a disaster in Kenya, I have blogged in the past about this guy and his intentions to run for a political seat in Langata. Over the weekend we all know what he said, this is a man who has no respect for the law or life of other Kenyans. I have questioned his intentions from day one when he publicly announced about his wishes of running in Langata.
His harsh remarks over the weekend shows that he is not stopping there and he will continue to use force whether we like it or not, he already have his army on the ground and has nothing to loose, if we let this guy take over I would not want to imagine how the country will be like. But on the other hand, I think he has something against Raila, this is more personal than political. To me, Waruinge wants to dismantle the Youth that Raila have been using to disrupt other people's meetings in the city. This is more of Taliban VS Mungiki now on the political side.

We all know Raila is not a saint and he should stop pretending that what is happening in his constituency had nothing to do with him, people on the ground are also blaming Raila's Jeshi for staring the fight to what would have been a peaceful meeting. Both Raila and Waruinge should stop using young unemployed people to achieve their political ambitions. Its the youth that suffer, young families left with out bread winners, etc... and what do politicians do after paying them pennies for dirty jobs, nothing, nothing to support their families when they die in "line of duty". Kenyans youth should be educated to shun out violence no matter who is supporting what because at the end of the day, those politicians are no where to be seen.


The Kenya We Want part 1

As the year winds up, we need to reflect more on Kenyan elections now less than 13 months away. Every Kenyan has a dream of a better Kenya, maybe more that the 2030 dream but for us to achieve this we need to do some sort of cleaning the house for a better future. We know that Kenyans are hardworking with or without aid from IMF we have survived, we have been retrenched from our jobs, totured by the Moi and Company, corruption has become order of the day but we still yearn to see another day. Some of the things we need to do includes
1. Voting for Corrupt Members of Parliament out
We know who is corrupt, we know who was in Moi Government, most of them who are in the current parliament have been included in some sort of corruption deals in their carrer, lets get new blood.
2. Vote for person not Party
We seem to vote as a block, we need to vote for a person based on his development agenda and not based on their political affiliation. we have seen in the last 10 years some of the strongest KANU members (example J.J. Kamotho and Company) start rooting for other parties yet they were the ones who were on the fore front to fight opposition, another example is Raila Odinga who has been in more parties and coalition more than any other sitting member of parliament.
3. Family Name means nothing
One thing we should now understand is that the political seats should not be inherited just because a family member has been holding it down for years, we need to vote based on whether they can perform.
4. Bribery during Campaign season
Politicians have found out away of buying voters during elections, thats why they fight to get their salaries way too high so that they can recover what they spent, Electoral Commission should have high penalties for anyone known to pay voters to influence their decision. Also, Kenyans should understand that the politicians just want their votes and once they get back to parliament there is nothing they do apart from making technical appearances to parliament and spend most of their working days forming coalitions.


Uhuru vs Biwott: Project gone burst

Mr. Biwott, one of supporters for project uhuru finally wants to take control of the failed project and he is using all the force we know him of....from the police officers to Electoral Commission Of Kenya. Earlier on today, Nairobi was like when KANU was in power (should i say when Biwott was in power), those who came to support their beloved KANU were faced by Kibaki's government boys ready to chafua them.

This was all done to protect Mr.Biwott who accidentally happens to be Mr. Kibaki's new found friend, thanks to Daniel Moi for linking them up. The role of Biwott is to take care of project since the creator of it has no idea what has happened. The little boy he trusted is all matured up and can finally think on his own and he has chosen to hang out with people who deserted him when he needed them the most.

This is just the bigining i know Uhuru might have friends in high places (Kaparo and Gedion Moi) but will they be able to get him out of the fix? with the way things are going Mr. Arap Moi might destroy the project like it never existed, if i was Uhuru i would be worried about making it in Gatundu.... for i for see him loosing that seat and if that happens he will die politically