Vote All MP's OUT

According to Daily Nation a research done by IRI shows that 54.2 current MP's will be jobless. Why cant kenyans get each and every MP out that has not perfomed in the last 5 years, some of the member of parliament already know that they are the favourites in their town and only show up during campaign season and never to be seen again. Its high time we seeked more information from this MP's on what they have done in the last 3 years (so far). some have just enjoyed the sitting allowance and hefty salaries they have set aside for themselves and the only time they get heard doing anything constructive is when they are in Mombasa on a conference talking how they will win the next elections. What happened to the developments you promised? Why are they looking for tenders yet they are among the well paid people in the world, at almost $10,000 a month plus alowances, security and house help+ couple cars to drive you around town since they never make it upcountry is definately not a bad deal. Would like to see development conciuous people get elected. What about we say anyone over age of 50 not to be elected this time round get young people who will take our country to the next level

Anglo Leasing Scandal

So what will will happen to the Scandal, will Artur case overshadow the investigation and prosecution the goverment had assured kenyans will continue...what do you think