Do Kenyans forget about corrupt leaders?

It now seems like to be corrupt is one way of claiming fame, am not hating on anybody but want to see Kenyans look at the facts then decide for them selves if am wrong or not.

This weekend was supposed to be "bonding" weekend for ODM-Kenya officials but some leaders pulled out when it became clear that Pastor "Miracle Babies" Deya was behind the financing of the meeting. He himself has not denied the fact that he was the major financier and he was doing that because he is an advocate/ staunch supporter of ODM-K. There is nothing wrong with one associating with which ever party they choose but as seems like ODM has too many of them corrupt people that he would have perfectly blended in.

Talk of Ruto, he is a young man but has dubious past. At this time, we keep advocating for young leaders and he perfectly fits that category but should we trust him? This is the man who with Daniel Moi, when he was president, formed Youth for Kanu 92 that was not only the torture arm of KANU but also the sole reason why Kenyan economy is the way it is. When he was leader of YK92 he managed to mobilize youth, paid them handsomely with money that they used to carry in briefcases together with Jirongo. Seems like we have forgotten this fact, that we cant trust our country's economy in his hands, he will just order money to be printed to bankroll his activities without understanding the economics and monetary logistics when it comes to having to much money in circulation. Would i be wrong that he used Moi to acquire the wealth and when he realized that Moi cant help him anymore he went on his own?

Have we forgotten that some of the leaders now also in ODM were mentioned in Kiliku report that they gave material support for ethnic cleansing? Are this the kind of people we want to give mandate over us, hand them power again so that we can be tortured, killed or even become landless just because we do not agree with their ideologies or because we are from a certain tribe or ethnic group?

Not that i trust the current administration but lets look deeper and see whether the same people who were in KANU are the same people now claiming to be fighting for the rights of KENYANS yet they did not see that when they were in power. What we need in Kenya is brand new leadership, lets start afresh and deal with problems of having new leaders in power rather than having all those politicians back for another term then we live in fear again.


Kamanda said...

Its way to sad that we let same people who have continuously hurt us economically, socially and politically continue transversing the country claiming they are reformed and want us to give them the votes.

One way we should start to classify these people is by them first of all declaring how they got the wealth, what investments that have that has made their money multiply by over one million percent between 1990 and 2002.


Keep up the good job you are doing in informing the Kenyans about the crooks who are masquarading as liberators