Politicians to blame for Mungiki

Why is Mungiki a problem now? Couple of years ago when every one was complaining about Mungiki, none of the senior government officials seemed to care much. They just though that this was a group of idlers who hang out at bus stops and had nothing to do with them. But years have now passed and this group of "unemployed" men who just hanged out at bus stops are now the terror of our country.

For how long shall Kenyans live in fear? if its not the police harassing you then its the thugs and if you get lucky to by pass the two then there is Mungiki. Its sad to know that politicians whom are well known to us have continuously supported Mungiki in their endevours.

With all these going on, how comes none of the politicians who have been aligned to Mungiki in the past have not come out to condemn the killings that are going on. Why should we trust them (politicians) that they have our country in their mind when all they seem to care right now is if they will make it back to parliament to make more millions.

It is also sad to read of the guy who was beheaded in Kiambu for trying to fight Mungiki. If the government wants to root out Mungiki disease then they should start by arresting MP's and senior government officials who have enjoyed support from this young men. Come to think about it, isn't Waruinge (former Mungiki leader now turned pastor) in the Kibaki Narc-K team?


Jesse said...

The Kenyan government has a historic and strategic responsibility to rein in the Mungiki menace and those who support it. The same obtains for other similar / related groups around the country and those who back such.

steve said...

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