Mungiki and Politicians

Its becoming like a habit now that every election year, people loose their lives due to some politicians instigating on violence hopping to cause a lower voters turn out so it might be easy for them to make it to parliament.

It is so sad that some youths are just paid or are ill advised to go cause havoc in exchange get paid some money just enough probably to buy drugs and alcohol for a day. Our society has now bred ruthless killers and the government needs to put more pressure especially to its MP's who are known to support these groups.

Politicians are also to blame, for years they have supported Mungiki and other groups of the kind and have used them during their campaign time. Thats why its no wonder a Minister in the government can request for amnesty and dialogue with these killers. If a human being can actually slaughter another man just for the purpose of showing supremacy what kind of talk or discussion would you hold with such a person?

Mungiki problem is within and we believe that the government is aware of its leaders and can do something about it. All we care as citizens at this time is peace. Its disheartening to hear, read or even know that someone has been beheaded.

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steve said...

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