Ngilu: A Flip Flopper

I am always amazed by some of the politicians who one month say one thing and the next they say another. Mrs Ngilu, has finally fallen on this category of politicians who say anything to survive in this everchanging environement. One thing i do not understand her is when she says that the governement has failed in so many aspects and she still continues to be part of that government in her position as a cabinet minister.
Back in 1997, we knew her as one strong woman, who could battle other men who were considered as powerful but time has come where she has just become another politician. I do not think beyond her constituency there is anyone who would listen to her anymore. This was once a strong woman, I still admire how she is helping fight corruption and the way she has been devoted to work in the government even though she does not believe in it but time has now come for her to establish herself as a credible politician, if she wants to join ODM-Kenya then she should do it now and not wait for the election wave, is she still wants to be the mama rainbow then she should be more of a uniter between ODM-Kenya and Narc.

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