Who is Behind the Political "Coups"?

Last couple days have been interesting on some kenyan politician, the first one was Raila Odinga claiming that he had helped several MP's to get nominations and thus wanted a favour back by them supporting him. This is absurd when we think that we have democracy and yet those people claiming to be championing democracy are the same ones who are behind rigging.

Then came the Kanu saga, apparently the man who can not even step into the United States soil because of his known corruption deals is now the chairman of KANU. Mr. Biwott financed the whole operation and saw him and his crew take over the party from Uhuru and other ODM-K crew. the sad part is how quick the registrar accepted the changes in the party even after Uhuru and the crew had written to him about the elections. Mr. Biwott had been of late been associated with New Kanu Political party and him going ahead and holding elections for KANU is suspicious, i just wonder whether we will be going back to the dark era if he is elected the president.

On the same not the government is on track to kick Mama Narc out of the party...she will be un wanted person in NARC. I do believe this is because of her flip flopping and her bashing the government that has continued to pay her for being a cabinet minister. ( See Ngilu: Flip Flopper)

With all this going on regarding political coups i wonder if NARC-K who seems to control the government have something to do with this so that they may win the next coming elections. For Raila and ODM-K, have they already designated who will be MP for where since seems like RAILA hooks up friends with "Jobs"? Is this the democracy we are fighting for? more election rigging and fixing of candidates? ODM-K is just another KANU of the 80's.


Anonymous said...

parliamentary democracy in kenya has failed. - the constitution of kenya declares that kenya is multiparty democracy - and i think its the only one in the thwe world to boldy declare that. its curious that people in kenya were fighting for a parliamnetary system. i cnat imagine the chaos that would reign if kenya currently had a prime minister how would he govern. anyway the current chaos is a good argument for having a strcitly republican democracy with separation of powers. - u know the US constitution makes no reference to political parties. while kenya's declares that we are a multi party democracy when we do not have parties at all.


Anonymous said...

This is true, kenya needs to be democratic rather than multi-party demacratic in the sence that whatever happens politically is based on the leader and not the party. We need a strong government for the people rather than people who are money minded being our leaders. What happened to Dr. Abraham Maslow theory of Self Actualisation? seems like kenyan politics are not based on this heirachy, instead of one becoming a politician since he has achieved all he could in this world they get there to achieve all they can in the world its more of a self esteem to be a politician in kenya.
thats why people like Biwott will pay anything to be able to get more, Raila will run his mouth to get to that seat and Kibaki will ruin everybody's carreer to maintain that position for another term.

Anonymous said...

true dat if u read study maslow kenyas politics will make complete sense