William Kabogo Gitau: The Performer

Regardless of what you might say about William Kabogo, he is a real hustler and envy of many politicians upcoming and current. He is the only one who single handed managed to win an election that no one even thought he could make it to parliament when the "strong and mighty" were being counted.
Having conversed with several people from Juja, Mr.Kabogo seems to be winning new voters on a daily basis, unlike many politicians who disappear in the big city to show up only during campaign year, Mr. Kabogo has been not only actively contributing towards his constituency development but also has been seen around when not busy on his chopper.
You can read some of the comments from Mzalendo that can justify that he might be among the few MP's who might not have to campaign as hard.

From the beginning, Mr. Kabogo operated his campaign on ground level, not sending emissaries to handle business for him. He is a one man show, a believer and a performer. There are many other MP's who have his kind of money but still don't do as much as he does.
Regardless of what you think of Kabogo, when it comes to doing what his people mandated him to do, he has accomplished and hope other MP's can follow track.....or is it because he is young?


Anonymous said...

Mathai, i agree with you. He has been branded names but kabogo has successfully supported his constituents and he is always around. Something that old politicians should learn that they should never be too busy for their constituents

Anonymous said...

This man Hon. Kabogo is truly a darling to many. I am not from Juja but i do support him. He is charismatic, energetic,brainy and development oriented no wonder old guards fear him coz they do not understand how he made it on his own. One more thing, the man is stylish! U should have seen his clad during Prezzo's wedding.

renox said...

my name is mzitoh men kabogo is the man we need

Anonymous said...

hmmm....brainy...a people ? is that wat u claim kabogo is? u r mislead!ask the muslims at the coast they will give you a better description of kabogo they will also tell you more on what he and his brothers did to that CID officer at the coast wen he refused his plis re think on your stand on kabogo he is not wat u think he is.all that image is to hide his real character.DONT VOTE A MURDERER...DONT VOTE A DRUg DEALER.

Anonymous said...

we know kabogos very DARK secrets and we will unleash this space.Drugs,murders,money laundering.he is not vying for the betterment of juja people but to hide his dark dealings.Kabogo we r on ur case!tutakuanika mcana!

carolyne w said...

y'all haters shut the fuck up!!!!its like you dont have your dark side!!!!everybody dpes but it only gets magnified when you have a little more money than than the common mwnanchi!!!now that he got the cash you you can say all nasty shit about him...then go right ahead and write all the trash you can about everyone who has more cash than you!!!!!im a juja constitient and im proud to say kabogo has served us better than any mp has evr mone im take your mail hate to your fellow loosers.

Dum Cunt said...

Carolyne, Ur an Idiot. I am also from Juja and putting Kabogo back in parliament was the worst mistake we made. I see you dont deny that he has a dark side, but yet you claim it is OK as we all do. My dear, IT IS NOT!!! Think about Kamlesh 'Paul' Pattni, I'm sure you'd vote him in too, no qualms, after all 'we all have dark sides'... right! you'd just think were jealous of his cash..
Take a step back and ask yourself, what a career drug dealer would be doing in parliament. Are you naive enough to sincerely think he has gone there purely to serve you?!?

Ask yourself what a person who controls a network of persons involved in the drugs trade would gain from joining the highest offices in the land. Then be very scared. Might as well have put him in the police commissioner’s chair. coz now cops cant plan a drug bust without consulting him. Do you know how much the crooked love to have someone like him as a sitting MP. You know impunity thrives if u drop an MPs name..

Let me put things in perspective, and I do this in the worst possible way so u get the implications. Right now if you get raped in your dear Juja, pray the thug that did it is not linked with our dear MP coz hakuna mahali utampeleka. Which cop will touch that case.. Having a nice day yet? Now multiply that by ur sister, best friend, mom, aunties, nieces. Thats the MP uv just voted in.. Still think were haterz?

Anonymous said...

Electing KABOGO was the best thing that has ever happen to juja,





Anonymous said...

What's your problem? Kabogo, drug dealer or not has served his constituants well. He's been there for them doing what they voted him for. For all who think he's guilty of other crimes - take him to court don't mix issues! You should probably focus on Pastor Dr Wanjiru who shamelessly robs an election then preaches to poor Kenyans on Sunday? Get real!

Anonymous said...

Look, I don't want to sound selfish but he has ignored all our pleas for him to do something about Membley road.How can he allow the Chinese to harass his constituents when doing the northern bypass by disregarding an existing road? Well the votes may be few from this area but the influence may be there.Let him remember the bridge that he promised before he lost the last election.

kabathayu said...

Cry the beloved county of Kiambu. You are about to put a drug dealer and murderer in the highest county office.Remember those who will commit crimes in the area will always go scott free so long as they have links with the big guy.This includes murder, rape, robbery and kidnaps. You, your sons,daughters and relatives could fall victims. And his brothers in crime will always try to gag their rivals. Forget the three piece nonsense and vote wisely.

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