Kamlesh Pattni and Politics

Mr. "Paul" Kamlesh Pattni desire to enter into politics and sponsor candidates in all 210 constituencies makes me wonder whether he is real and "Anajivunia Kuwa Mkenya".

Mr. Pattni is a fundraiser and i believe he can manage to bankroll for his party the amount needed for campaign but what worries me most is the kenyan economy after this years elections. In 1992, Mr. Pattni helped raise funds for the KANU Party and President Moi and we all know what happened to the economy after money was printed out.

Maybe this is a good opportunity for Kenya to get the money Kamlesh Pattni ripped then out through Goldberg International Company that he owned. But God is Great, Kamlesh finally saw the light and i understand that he is a consistent preacher at Nairobi International Casino and maybe he has changed his ways. Am not a preacher man, since Kamlesh is a converted christian don't you think he owes Kenyans apology?

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