Witness Protection Program: is this a new begining?

Kibaki has just signed a bill to protect whistle blowers mostly on corruption in Kenya. My only worry for this is how effective it will work. We all know what happens when one person is pinpointed as having "leaked" of a certain corrupt government official.

This is a great step forward to fight corruption but on the other hand how effective will the program be? is this a way of government wanting to know who knows what then action be taken on them (whistle blowers)? What about if the person who information has been leaked is a senior member of the government how do you protect the whistle blower?

To add salt to the injury we do not trust Kenyan Police, there is no way i will go to the police to report of a certain corruption deal if am an ordinary citizen, i know you will agree with me on this one that chances of you leaving that premise are limited, before you know you will be booked for a crime you have no idea of how its committed in the first place.

I believe the motive is good but the government should act on the leads they have now so that we can know they are serious about protecting citizens, if they are really committed to fight corruption how comes no one has been charged with anglo leasing....all the suspects have been reinstated back to the government in one way or the other.

After all this is Kenya, you leak info regarding a scandal and they know who you are chances are you will loose your life, will be implicated in a crime and land in jail for years or if you are lucky just loose your job (if you had any). Its my sincere hope that come Elections this year Kenyans will vote in credentials rather than money minded individuals.

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Anonymous said...

witness protection program? Since when did the police in kenya offer protection, i can assure you if you went to police today to report of a crime you will be jailed. A friend of mine once told me that he was questioned then framed for the crime he had just reported since when the police went to look for the individual the Gun could not be located so both of them were charged with violence robbery. Another thing is you can never report a government official to the police, seems like they are gods of some sort thats what makes me wonder what kibaki is talking about when it comes to witness protection coz believe me, u dont want police to know your business like that Kenya is rough, its so rough that the policeman who is supposed to protect you is the one that kills you