ODM- K leaders Just Power Hungry

I am a supporter of change in Kenya, and would give anything to see that we are moving forward in the right direction. Yesterdays announcement by ODM-K presidential candidates that they have come up with a power sharing plan assuming they wing the elections for all 6 hopeful presidential candidates is not only a stab on Kenyans but also an eye opener on what these politicians want with our beloved country.

Kenya's politics has now become like a Championship game for the elite and only few members are allowed to play all of us have been made to be spectators with no option of ever joining the game apart from just cheer from sidelines. We need to stand up and VOTE for leaders who have Kenya at heart rather than those who are there just for monetary gain, seems thats the only reason 6 people will come up with a plan to make sure when one of them gets in the office then "ALL OF THEN CAN EAT".

For ODM-Kenya, a party that i had thought had different agenda, has let many people down as much as we are fighting for constitutional reforms, we also want manageable government that is not made up of friends and family members but by people who are devoted to be public servants.

What i do see in ODM-K down the line is MAJIMBO, which will not only divide Kenyan's in the name of every region to have its own president but also will push tribal animosity and lack of development. We are not ready for a federal kind of government until in the next 30 years or so, we need to develop first as a nation before we can support our Majimbo. so Watch out for Akina RAILA, MUSALIA, UHURU, KALONZO ET AL


Insecurity in Nairobi and Surounding areas

Police have now become victims of escalating cold blood murders in Kenya and now the government is offering reward prizes to the citizens to turn in guns. This might be a difficult task to convince an ordinary mwananchi who knows of police brutality when one is trying to pass information to them.

At the same time we cannot dispute the rumor that the current insecurity is politically motivated, this being an election year most government officials will be leaving their jobs and are afraid some people might have more information than required so what they are doing is eliminating them before the time is over and information is passed on. So is current insecurity a result of corruption and inefficiency of the police force to fight the crime underground up? If the police force was not corrupt, and they treated all information they receive from the public with dignity rather than humiliation will things be different know?

This are just some of the questions we ask ourselves on daily basis, there need to be another form of reporting criminal activities to police rather than just calling and then being traced back by CID for further investigations. Also, Police should do their homework and treat everyone equally, so if the Mheshimiwa is the crook, then he should be treated like regular Kamau or Njoroge.

May God protect our country, for the leaders have failed, failed to provide the basic needs.


Kibaki should speak of insecurity

2007 being an election year there is so much at stake and government should be more upfront on advising Kenyans on what is going on. Every single day there seems to be major bank robbery, car jerking and cold murders yet their is nothing coming out of the president yet he swore to protect the country. Mr. Kibaki should at least show some concern that he is aware of what is going on in the country.

More emphasis should be put on the witness protection program that was signed to law early this year so that citizens can freely pass information to the police. This is easily said than done for no one trusts the Police, how can you trust them and when you go to report a crime you become a suspect, chances are you will be tortured, framed and locked in. There is need to have total reform for Kenya Police to be effective.

My Condolences to the families of Prof Bwayo of University of Nairobi, Mr. Rageru a businessman in Kiserian and the lady who could not get of her safety belt fast enough. May God give you peace during this difficult time