Kenya: My Beloved Country

Happy New Year........It's even hard to say happy new year anymore, It's even harder to believe that the voting card that most of us possess is the one that has lead our country to be divided the way it is. On the same point, our beloved neighbors are the one's torching our houses, where are we headed to my dear Kenyan's?

It pains me most is when I see young children in the newspaper, who have no idea what is going on, why they have to end up in a open air field and the most painful part is they don't even have anything to eat just because they belong to a certain ethnic group.

It's true we live in unfair world but why should we let leader's who do not have an idea of being a refugee, insecurity or lack of sleep because you do not know when you will be attacked control our destiny?

We have done a lot together as a community, we have helped each other as colleagues, we have been students in the same schools, we have played the same games, celebrated and cried for the same cause why are we now turning against each other? Who cares what tribe you come from? Why are we letting our leaders divide us? Whoever did or did not do whatever it is, why should they drag us to their mess? Don't we all believe in civil society?

My Dear Kenyans, Lets pass this the end of the day, the politicians will gain what they want and we will have to live our lives, what are we gaining fighting against ourselves? Nothing, ABSOLUTELY nothing.....yet we keep dragging ourselves in their mess.

May peace prevail and we keep singing our national anthem "...... MAY WE DWELL IN UNITY, PEACE AND LIBERTY........."